YouTube Deleted My Channel... (My Reaction)

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    this is not clickbait, my channel got deleted and i filmed my reaction...

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    1. FaZe Rug

      this was the scariest moment of my LIFE.

      1. Emmanuel Torres

        How did u post this

      2. DDANAO GT

        U lost 3million subs have u noticed

      3. DDANAO GT

        U lost 3million subscribers have u noticed?

      4. JordNEdwardz

        @soldiermaanSZN same bro.. I make youtube videos also, and there lit

      5. raees hendricks

        Faze rug is a g

    2. Cover Rauhl

      This should happen to derekdeso because that channel is not family friendly

    3. kierman opk


    4. Landon Terry

      This is how many times he said this is a prank ¦ ¦ ¦ ↓

    5. Jaime Lopez

      I hate youtube now bc they are deleting everyone channels

    6. Luxx Verum

      No, they wanted to see you sweat, they were waiting for you to react like your life was over, unfortunately, you failed, and now they know you're weak.

    7. Bronyfnaf Andfnaf

      It’s COPPA they are taking down 1700000 channel right now and it’s really bad if it continues for no reason

    8. AngelKayla 2021

      Bro you are not the first youtuber to have this happened to... SVsel GET IT TOGETHER!!!

    9. J and R stuff show

      Omg! Glad it was back.

    10. The StormBolt 2019


    11. The StormBolt 2019


    12. YoItsJames


    13. Deelilah Urdiales

      He's cute

    14. Kaye Ess83

      Who else was in the comments trying to go look down in the comments being high asf

    15. JaiSweet

      The way your parents support you is beautiful. You are blessed! ❤️

    16. paperONI_51 [OFFICIAL]

      What I always hear on the video is "Terminated"

    17. Trev2Lit

      Not to bash on faze but this to all the SVselrs that focus on what good benifits SVsel provide (MONEY), but in my opinion SVsel revenue the money that their getting is not going to be forever so go back getting a career job or a side hustle just in case.

      1. Trev2Lit



      SVsel are deleting SVsel channels that are not making enough money (for them) from adds. Edit: SVsel is hurting everyone, but they don't care. They are just gonna become an unwatched TV Channel. I lnow if they delete channels they will litterally never be acknowledged by anyone ever again. I would never let my future kids even know what YT is if they continue on deleting channels. And I know most of YT viewers and channels would do the same. I would never give them a dime from advertismwnt EVER again!

    19. jrvlogs Ignacio vlogs

      Hay rug can you make me a video of cheeses and u

    20. jrvlogs Ignacio vlogs

      I'm sorry rug or brian

    21. NewSallyPurpleYT I’m worried

      This happened to me and I hope I get my SVsel channel back soon and I hope that it wasn’t the FTC and their law COPPA that terminated my channel

    22. Evan Bandy

      whatever happened to lola

    23. james canete

      i think its bcuz of the arrest stuff(last to get arrested

    24. Miquel Sweeting

      This is how many times he said terminated 👇🏾

    25. Minecraft1778 is not cracked

      I’m so happy it’s okay

    26. Farzeen Khan

      Who is watching this after the Collab of infinite and kieara and faze rug

    27. AA

      Omg it was the first time in his life where he felt terror because he might have had to get a job or actually study something. Phew.

    28. Flash Barry

      How did you upload it do...

    29. mario Cardenas

      We are happy and if it was not back we are sorry

    30. an anarchist

      The first victim 2019 this is only the start and 2020 will be the war

    31. Roman Baglin

      I don’t know why but I luv that he hit 10 million subscribers on my 12th birthday

    32. Cliff Kola

      Faze: My SVsel got terminated Faze: I gotta call my mum Dude,when you get a problem you call your mum?? Jeez, be a man

    33. Frost 101

      If it was terminated then why were you recording? 🧐🤔

      1. Frost 101

        @ReZoura Its called a joke

      2. an anarchist

        @ReZoura ohhhhhh cuz I was thinking the same thing as him

      3. ReZoura

        Frost 101 this happened 3 weeks ago...

    34. Dark voyager


    35. Jewel Money

      I’m justed watching this video and I went to your channel and I still see your videos

    36. Boden Hala

      How did you post this vid then

    37. No Face

      You and all your family very need youtube for making money ???? How abiut college and studying million people outthere ????

    38. HANHGOTTI Beats

      click bait im on your channel watching this video

    39. Henry

      How can u post this video

    40. fliGyy Intro Maker

      Rug:MY CHANNEL NOO Papa Rug:CHANNEL? Rug:YES Papa Rug:What Do You Mean? Rug:you'll know soon Papa Rug:when i die Silence *FaZe Rug Ledt The Chat* Papa Rug:yaay time to watch terminated