Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge

FaZe Rug

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    I went up to everyone at the FaZe House and Clout House and gave them a pen and paper. Anything they draw I HAVE TO BUY!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      One of my favorite videos!! Drop a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE IF YOU’RE NEW!

      1. TJ Waje

        FaZe Rug stay being kind always love lots bro 😍😘

      2. Logan Barclay

        FaZe Rug where the sag at

      3. Mike Wetzel


      4. Mike Wetzel

        Hi FaZe rug

      5. Nitro Ibrahim xd


    2. Carlest Sanders

      The one who got the Oreos look high as hell

    3. X30Yt Snipes

      Faze banks is ungrateful

    4. Lion Heart

      Heyyy what about the Ferrari bruh

    5. Venora Watters


    6. Aayan Shahid

      I was thinking that he draw house

    7. Alex Capocci

      Faze rug: anything u draw I'll buy Banks:draws a dog Faze rug:buys a dog Banks: i don't want a dog Wtf

    8. Andy Kang

      Banks is a such a cold harded person

    9. Zane

      Good drawing

    10. Hayley seppings


    11. Jennifer Mata

      Banks Drew that dog really good

    12. TwiggyTheTurtle 4


    13. Alex Delletro

      I hate banks 😥😥😥😥🐕🐕🐕🐕

    14. Jahzara Mobley

      The dude with the dog was mean and rude

    15. Preston Flint

      Hit that comment button

    16. Angel Lopez


    17. Jake the Rake

      Rug can I have a Nintendo switch

    18. XiFe_Electric xX

      FaZe Rug: Jarvis is the best controller player Sway: Am I a joke to you

      1. Santiago Rios ruiz

        I think that too

    19. Brody Mac

      Yeet gang gang 🐌👨‍👧‍👦🐢⌨️⌨️❤️⌨️⌚️

    20. Ivan Garcia

      I’m unsubscribing from faze banks

    21. Ivan Garcia

      Faze bank cheated

    22. chase millentree

      Adapt 100 percent had the best

    23. Aaden Persuasion

      Rug says he’s tall but he’s pretty much shorter than all of the other faze member

    24. Mango Pineapple

      You know they rich when they have elevators in there house

    25. Kenneth Coloma


    26. Ben Jack

      the ni*ga with the cap on his pen was high af

    27. Ben Jack

      the nigga with the cap on his pen was high af

    28. Nate Dog With cheese

      What did you do with the dog 😭😭😭

    29. Carlene Lever

      I like watching your

      1. Carlene Lever


    30. MID Gamer

      Adapt drew the best duhhhhhh

    31. IceCreamDean10

      Where da dog

    32. Isaac Lotto

      I’m glad Rug took care of the dog because to be honest I think he’ll take better care of the dog then banks would

    33. HDBoomPro

      If you see this faze rug can you plz give me a GoPro that is all I want

    34. Ayiesha Connelly


    35. Stuff

      Adapt drew Oreos anything in the world he chose Oreos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    36. richard landagan

      Faze rug is cool and handsome😍😍

    37. Christian J. Sauska

      If someone did that to me I would do puppy pug or IPhone 11

    38. sxmq

      bro adapt was the best at drawing by far

    39. Taka

      First of all I was like, where’s the dog?

    40. J Dgo

      Art is not just about drawing something good, its about creating a picture in your mind using your imagination