We Stayed OVERNIGHT in a Scary TREEHOUSE w/ my Ex-Girlfriend...

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    My friend Kaelyn and I slept in a treehouse and turned it into a halloween themed one! We kept hearing noises all night...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. the two cool dudes

      whos better with brian-like molly-comment kaeylen

    2. Vitta Nirmala

      3:03😂😂 stan it

    3. Boshra Ahmed

      a lot of ppl ship kaelyn and brian... but i think he should date whoever he wants

    4. Itzz lorenzo

      Ok boomer

    5. alyssa seda


    6. Inky The Egg

      If Rug was a pedophile 9:34

    7. Im Nayeonnie

      Why dont you guys back together she's pretty and you guys look good together

    8. Brookes Vibes

      Mercy link?

    9. Kelli Dube


    10. Andrea Osi

      You guys should date againnnn

    11. Andrea Osi

      You guys should date againnnn


      I say 1 out of 10=1,000

    13. Sonikku God


    14. Rogelio Vasquez

      U should do another tree house but this time bigger,with a roof,walls and stuff like that!that tree house was cool tho

    15. Yolo Life

      I. Like. Your. Good moves. Eskarlett

      1. Yolo Life


    16. Angel Solis

      And what is your favorite season of American horror Story

    17. Mega Gabriola

      I really love kaelyn💖

    18. Angel Solis

      Have you seen the new season of American horror Story 1984

    19. Alexis Colton

      Who else thinks that Brian and Kaelyn should get back together

    20. Ethangames5 YT


    21. Nitro_ZXSilver X

      He said that everything got wet 🤔💦

    22. Mya J

      I haven’t been on rugs channel in like a month :(

    23. Angie Gomez


    24. toxic rivery697

      You should do a tree house for the Christmas theme

    25. Ericka Ramos

      U guys should get back toghether

    26. Snpier channel 12236

      1 Jk 10

    27. ICookCereal

      I love her voice and she so cute

    28. Ashok Dhuna

      Can u tell ur ex that I’m interested in her dayum she izz lit 🔥

    29. Ashok Dhuna

      Your x is lit dayum

    30. Jade ANDREWS


    31. hewo Kevin


    32. hewo Kevin

      that’s soooooooop COOL @.@

    33. Neyla Becerril

      I feel like yall should get back together

    34. Samira Sipeunou

      Do a Christmas version of this please

    35. Brett DeWolf

      hope u hit it last night. shes pretty smoking.

    36. Rana Sahraoui

      I'm wondering how did they sleep 🤨

    37. Rana Sahraoui

      5:03 😍😍😍😍

    38. Chimene Wihardja

      molly is tall and yes but i like his first ex because the look like and i miss them because they are cute and perfect together 🙈😩

    39. Chimene Wihardja

      When see you her again i miss the videos together 😩🙈

    40. The secret Of my life