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Dolan Twins

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    Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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    1. Joshua J Guzman

      9:13 😂😂

    2. Lizzy Wilson

      homely means ugly lol

    3. Rhett Partington

      Where’s the bathroom

    4. Alexandra Bayer

      Guys, it's HOMEY... not HOMELY.... lol. Homely means ugly.

    5. Mary Nardella

      Anyone notice the gas tank by the food.

    6. Skyss 24

      Where is there beds

    7. Caitlin Maddocks

      Is anyone else incredibly underwhelmed

    8. Cookie LPS

      Umm I love how y’all spent so much time on the bed they forgot the kitchen

    9. Lani Hernandez

      We’re are u guys going to take a shower

    10. Phoebe Mattison

      Right question- where’s the kitchen?!?!

    11. alisha genevieve

      my mum said she loves the names ethan and grayson 🤠

    12. charlotte dagostino

      but where does there food go??

    13. Unknown Joseph

      What happened to the warehouse

    14. Bích nụ

      No bathroom ?????

    15. Rebecca De Arman

      Grayson: you could almost fit.. I shouldn’t say body, we’re two guys in a van..

    16. Baby Moga

      There is no toilet

    17. Ritika Makania

      I really love where this channel is going.

    18. LIL JJ

      But he likes tiny home boiiii

    19. LIL JJ

      I thought grayson was claustrophobic

    20. charcs_7

      Did they forget that volkswagen vans exist... those are the most iconic ugh they should’ve gotten a mint and white one but I guess the Mercedes is cool too

    21. emil wilson

      I like how you put the gas can in with the food 👌😅

    22. Joce D

      I have an idea..... I should store my gasoline with my cereal that’s healthy😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Just V

      With y'all's beards you look like you could be Jason Momoa's cousins or brothers! look Aquaman up!

    24. Patrick Hill

      Were is the toilet 🚽

    25. Jacqueline Chang

      They should’ve put a sink in there:/ especially since they got the bigger van

    26. Deo.

      *3.5 million people was in your cute van :)*

    27. Cup of Tea

      Why are they going to Australia?

    28. AvNî AmYra

      You boTh ArE so Good looking.. Cool guYs 😘🥰 I love the way you both talk .. 🤗 I would be very happy if I would get a chance to talk to you 😘

    29. Nina

      ethan really said sqishy

    30. Sophia Chase

      The speaker part though lol 😂

    31. Ciara Nicole

      No one: Grayson: Piano hinge..

    32. Tootun Button

      I love that they kept their food next to a can of gasoline😂

    33. josie berry

      You can really just lay out, and catch a vibe

    34. hindlesteve


    35. Boot and Z

      And there will no cooking on this trip

    36. sabrinazd219

      Why dont you have a kitchen?

    37. Meryliz Roldos


    38. Filippa Van Gyseghem

      they honestly could have done this so much better, im not trying to be mean but they could have taken the back row of seats down, put a toilet added extra storage etc. ... just watch litterally all the videos on youtube, and dont rush it

    39. Staceyysnow

      The “I am” at 6:00 was the cutest🥺❤️

    40. iInfinARMY Hearteu

      11:08 c u t e

    41. iInfinARMY Hearteu

      “... we shouldn’t say bodies.. were guys in a van..”

    42. Sidonie Grace

      Fuck, I love these videos so much more

    43. Kayli Uwu


    44. alyssa kirk

      ethan: “probably even, like, another friend” grayson: “you could also like, we shouldn’t say a body, we’re guys in a van” 9:45

    45. Jaedyn Berg

      Grayson: I just wanna talk to the stuff. Eathan: then talk to the stuff. *long pause* Greyson: wha- no.

    46. WhitneyNicole


    47. ItsMei

      TWINS: We are very out doorsy ME: *watches their Australia video*

    48. Mackenzie Alexis

      Where are they showering

    49. Ernastine Tapia-Torosian

      I noticed that the cereal was put in with a gas jug and idk if there was gas in there but you never put gas with food bc you never know if it was leak when your driving around. I mean I’m just saying but you do you ✌🏽

    50. Isla Williams

      I love how they are super close and do everything together

    51. Felix Thönnessen

      They vibin'

    52. QueensOfc

      Grayson is my favorite twin x 💙 But Ethan is still great x ily

    53. Lizzy K

      Grayson-“We love the outdoors.” Ethan- *freaks out about a fly* What a mood 😂

    54. Gunoftranquility S

      Where is the fridge

    55. Chaleur

      There’s snow in California?!!

    56. Jihan Henawi

      11:05 that boy looks like Noah schnapp it’s weird

    57. Hind Almaqbaly

      Business in the front party in the back rlly cracked me up

    58. Shanley Gibbs

      I wonder what colour they will make the van

    59. cadence elizabeth

      I swear this world is too crazy. Just a few second Ethan’s ear was attacked by a fly...a fly flew like by my ear bothering me!

    60. cadence elizabeth

      I swear this world is too crazy. Just a few second Ethan’s ear was attacked by a fly...a fly flew like by my ear bothering me!