This is going to change my life forever...

FaZe Rug

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    I'm very nervous for this change but I'm excited to experience something different, and I hope you guys are excited as well...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      Alright guys here it is!! Please let me know your honest opinions on this new style of vlogging, and the big news at the end of the video! I'm so excited to be trying something new, and most importantly I hope you all are supportive

      1. Taylor Anderson

        Alright guys here it is !! Please let me know your honest opinions on this New style of vlonging, the big news at the end of of the new, and most importantly l hope you all

      2. Hassan Ali

        FaZe Rug did u shag molly eskam

      3. Eliseo Rivera

        Hi faze rug

      4. Saikiran Vuyyuru

        FaZe Rug I have the same dog as you

      5. Shuaib Baig

        @Tyler Watlebock I know in any of his vids he never drives it

    2. Lena Games

      like this for goodluck for the next 50 days..... !

    3. Lola Raneri

      did hammy die?

    4. EthanTube

      Your new hair style is FIRE!

    5. Essa K

      Lit boys

    6. Jason Camilleri

      You do what is best for you rug and nice hair

    7. Robert Smith

      No offence to ur family but I personally love your vlogs with the faze guys more than any other vlog

    8. Hassan Abanur

      Isn’t San Diego close to LA?

    9. Callum Desmond

      Where is lowkey

    10. Lil Beast

      The hair style fire

    11. Lil Beast

      Yo u got nice videos bro keep up the good work

    12. Lil Beast

      Bro thats the beat to my song NY night

    13. Daniel eeder YT

      I don't like it, I love it

    14. blazing saiyan


    15. Santi CRz

      Clot sucker

    16. Ching Chong Strong Wang

      I love it so much I think I will do the same style

    17. Lou Kay

      I love 💟💟💟 ur hair

    18. FatEvil

      Beat name at 12:00?

    19. THRASHER8089 Anthony

      I like the new hair

    20. X D


    21. Medicare Topics

      It looks good

    22. mason and crafts

      Love your hair

    23. Rooeny Rooney

      Buzzly is so cute!!!

    24. Shakeem Fowler

      Now you need a mid fade 💈

    25. Jeffy Paul

      Rug try not to blush Ooooooohh you SEXY

    26. Sultan Alkaabi

      At the first I didn’t notice but its so nice btw I subbed I

    27. sslam4 gaming

      Honestly you should have gotten a man bun and purple waves

    28. InsideOriginal

      Your so cute ;)

    29. Joey gamer YT

      Fire!!! Hair

    30. Jake Boyce

      But if I pause the video during the 5 second time can I hit it after 5 seconds?

    31. Mohamed Khather

      noice Gotti

    32. Not faze_legend

      I LIKE IT

    33. Joel Vazquez


    34. Ethan Contreras

      The highlights were nice but that fade 🤢

    35. UrA Bedge

      I want that dog

    36. vee ml

      I've been watching almost all day your videos! You're a genuine person inside an out. So young yet so ambitious! So awesome keep it up!

    37. SiiK Rococo

      Ayee the Amare Stoudemire jersey thoo. Respect

    38. AJ Mizzi

      it is amazing



      1. Ashton Boehm

        Yeah we’re is Mike😡

    40. anthony rivera

      Faze your nice and your cool