The Real Side of FaZe Rug...

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    1. Retroz

      anthony and brawadis treat noah like shit cause they think he’s just a camera man only reason why you guys ever made it is cause of brian. fucking dickheads

    2. Frenovi Hype

      Cool videos

    3. Peyton Niklinski

      At the beginning, I thought for a second that Noah was Brian’s Clone then I realized that it’s just Noah

    4. Valerie Castro


    5. goated beast

      They fit perfectly 👌👌👌👌

    6. angeli ne

      Anthony: what do you think about my new tattoo Papa rug: should I say it Papa rug:Stupittity

    7. Adrie Holmes

      Loves how he makes fun of their noses

    8. Dnis azulcrema

      “Well go home” 😂😂😂😂😂💀

    9. Instagram:idisxster follow for a follow back

      He probably rich out of those challenges he always wins

    10. Yira Rodriguez

      Did we just get clickbated like that?

    11. Ahmed & Ali gaming


    12. Fire Laser

      Shermantheverman what if u called the fans The Shermites because since FazeRug has the Rugrats, Brawadis has the Brawadis squad, The Shermites sound awesome!! 😃👍

    13. Maria Zuñiga

      Noah:that hurts my eyes Faze: yaya

    14. Maria Zuñiga

      Faze is so mean to noah

    15. Thecookieman cookie

      i new sub to you bro i love ya videos and i sub to faze rug and his bro to i love all lot off you keep up the good work bro

    16. David Chelliah

      2:15 was awesome

    17. Jai Cantu

      Go rockets

    18. STEEL X GANG

      Love your videos bro I’m from Jamaica nice videos faze clan

    19. ivan perez


    20. Turquoise Dames

      10:07 Well that's a lie.

    21. Martin Stefanoski

      Me 2:48:Jo is that the rake in human form bra

    22. Blayne Toney

      Dude hes smoking weed

    23. German Alvarez

      Brotha you are funny af my guy. Much respect to you and the entire family. Literally watch you and your cousins videos. 🙌🏽 respect to you all. Idk if you have a personal barber already ni i have a babershop right off of Miramar road. Would love to hook you up with the freshest cut you’ve ever had. If you do have a barber no disrespect either just wanted to show love. I’m new to the area

    24. Random Access

      I didnt even know jessica and her bf vaped.

    25. Mona James

      I have your xbox 360 and xbox live to

    26. Dulce Avila

      Hi Sherman I feel bad for you.

    27. CrazyKool-Aid Post

      I wanna smash the girl with the purple jacket soooo badly

    28. kiko ßarbøza

      Why does your profile picture look skinny

      1. Mona James


    29. Angry Mom

      Is it me or is all the goddesses good at basketball

    30. Toxic Zombie

      A lot of subscribers? Have you seen pewdiepie's?

    31. Freddy Suarez

      Prank rug by being drunk and you been texting molly

    32. IcyEddie

      Imagine dating your ex bro make Brandon get a new girl

    33. Rosa Hernandez

      Noah looks like where is mine?

    34. Noha Tv

      Bro I like you and your videos but ur using rug for clout like fr

    35. Gurman Sandhar

      Did you see noahh at the backkkk

    36. Mike Shelikoff

      Omg that guy is vaping

    37. Mike Shelikoff

      Anthony you start making videos

    38. яσиιи TV

      i hate seeing noah sad or jealous

    39. Drama Fulltime

      I love your video bruh keep making them. Try new ideas.

    40. DARE Boii

      Underage drinking,and drunk driving,SVsel has completely allow this,its stupid

    41. Courtney Howell

      I really wish more families were as close as you guys are!

    42. ching chang

      We clothed him???? Bitch put the g7x down and pick up a book. We dressed him*

    43. Spazyy Fr

      Posteee moreeee


      but you are beter than brawdis in b ball

    45. Brangue M

      I like how they listen to stormzy big up

    46. Carlos Benitez

      yo you should do videos with brain

    47. Andrew

      Make Jackie and Brandon do a lie detector Like so Anthony sees

    48. VattiicaN

      Can you like that start making more vlog please I need good content to watch

    49. AK Gamer

      Literally the first clip had me dying 😂

    50. Faith

      Shermantheverman eats ass.

    51. Jordan HawkWing

      Nobody: Papa Rug: "Well go home that's fine" 😂😂

    52. Lil Lokotron

      If u think sherman should follow me on insta @lil_lokotron like dis

    53. husky Alhirz

      Papa rug go away

    54. Michael Montes

      When your sons don’t drink so you gotta drink with your nephew instead lmao.

    55. R!cothefamousk!dz Rico

      Yooo i need one

    56. Baseball Dawg

      I can’t believe rug gave that to him right in front of Noah’s face how disrespectful

    57. K Parker

      This nigga gonna be a bum for the rest of his life with his cousins giving him everything

    58. nikki _d

      Can you ask Ron if the drink was good or not. He made a face like it was junk, said it was good, but continued to make sour faces...

    59. Lisa kim

      Yes the rockets won ㅎ🎉🎉🤗🤗

    60. Deziree Loza

      U need to make more videosssss