Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Evlyn Dhum


    2. Lita Metha

      It is impossible to watch this video without smiling :))))

    3. Mitisha Cempron

      Am I the only one who came from Billie's video and came to the others to see if her reaction is in there cuz in her video there's a clip of a few singers reacting too

    4. grxcy

      Taylor, ariana, justin, demi and many more were those whom i grow uo listening to. Im proud of that

    5. 1 D

      I was waiting to saw her singing a song of reputation album.

    6. Kookilena KKK

      How she smiles while singing... I just love that she’s happy!

    7. Rajesh Seth

      I m confuse is this award show or taylor swift's concert?? 😱😱

    8. Catherine Wilson

      I watched her NetFlix doc. I was enlightened. I'm gonna say this, she may not like it, and you-all may not like it, but she is the Queen of Pop music. Transcended from a Country star. She is the closest female artist to ever compare to Michael Jackson's stardom. Her lyrics are SMASHING, her voice is adorable and her personality is infectious. Her songs make me HAPPY and EMPOWERED. Makes me DANCE and SING even though I cannot! Thank you Taylor Swift. Thank you SO much for just being you!!

    9. Krisnel Bangeles

      when you heard the crowd singing with her.... **Goosebumps **❤️🔥

    10. Abhikshit Das

      Literally she sings just so great... Can I also sing like that soon...?

    11. Zahz A

      What an iconic performance

    12. Joe Tekulve

      Gorgeous , 5/29/'20 , <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> am

    13. vek boy

      Taylor Swift is one of my angel girl

      1. Blair Waldorf

        How dare you say that?? She's not an angel.. She's a GODDESS 😍👑❤️💖👑👑

    14. iamsyawal 31

      i miss the old Taylor ..😢

    15. Camille Ong


    16. Brody Contreras

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a>

    17. Ria Khandelwal

      I think Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez should collaborate in a song that song would be kickass with all the talent they have💕

    18. Andrea González Hernández

      Taylor merece un Super Bowl❤️👏🏻

    19. Kelly Lu

      Love you !!!

    20. Nour NF

      Im so in love with the remix version of i knew you were trouble

    21. Melany Félix

      how much has grown 😭❤

    22. Retro Future

      Emmm... Hola? El guiño de Halsey? Me mato que maravilla de mujer, tanto Taylor como ella... Que pedazo de actuación... Una ovación en pie se merece esta señora, que genia

    23. Jasmin Asinas Geli


    24. Carolyn Thacker

      this beautiful lady is an amazing singer, songwriter, and performer......what talent!!! Love you TS

    25. Jaime Chaves

      Nem tudo aquilo que nos fazemos e certo mas se amamos e tudo se encontramos um objetivo

    26. a

      cane back bc this performance was so beautiful ,,, especially the lover performance🥺

    27. Jaime Chaves

      Taylo o amor e a arma que nos.prende neste mundo

    28. Audrey Wang

      It hurts when watching in quarantine cuz I miss her and I don’t know when she’s gonna be recording again😭😭😭😭

    29. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

      Me : Taylor Swift 1 Live at the 2019 American Music... 📼👄💿

    30. Sansa Stark

      All the haters in the comment section should just listen to shake it off

    31. Elie Razzouk

      Love you ❤❤

    32. Melina Loves Demi Lovato

      She deserve it!!!!!!!!

    33. Elva Salgado

      I think Billie elish was there

    34. Rank it Ups

      I Didnt know that A Victoria Secret model can be This Iconic and talented 😍

    35. Heather Wanders

      Is it tooo amazing how taylor changed when he dated joe???? Thank you joe for making our queen sooo happy!!!

    36. Diego

      I think this is so rude. Taylor is giving a concert and so much mean people giving awards. No no, they're interrumpting.

    37. Heather Wanders

      Fvck Kanye Fvck Scooter

    38. ThatOneGirl Deanne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="281">4:41</a> that guy on the left is so cute smiling with his eyes closed that he missed the cue to cover his face 😂

    39. Be Yourself

      Selena sitting next to Her’s parents THE BEST THIS EVER 💕

    40. Lori Drye

      Billie and Finneas rocking out is my favorite part of all of this

    41. Hoài Trần

      Ai nuôi chị tui mát tay ghê béo tròn rùi

    42. karlineous regala

      Been watching this several times now... is this normal?

    43. Brods Lucky

      Lol, i'm so jealous of her legs

    44. sarah

      She has so many hits she couldn’t fit them all in and people still hate on her

    45. Edward Tobie Mejia

      absolutely fantastic performance, but when she got on that beautiful piano, orchestra and ballet accompanying, and used that deep coldish soul quality of her voice, you'd think it must've been an angel singing

    46. Ciara Burke

      Kinda rude that they held an award show in the middle of her concert :/

    47. D Barbour

      What an amazing talent. Bravo Tay Tay!!

    48. - anzi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="691">11:31</a> for selena gomez’s reaction.

    49. Jenny Lab


    50. Thiha Ko Ko


    51. Fadoo_14

      Wished she had performed something from the reputation era ..still perfect 👌🏽

    52. Nick

      I bet u can't bring a better crowd puller than her..!! Naah no chance..🤭 She is just amazing 😍😍❣️

    53. Dana Mae

      the only bad thing about this is WHERE. WAS. BRENDON.

    54. tina 5005

      Umm did I just see camilla on the stage in shake it off?

    55. Abdul Aziz Jamal

      I want to know the names of the first 2 song pls..

      1. Kath

        The Man & Love Story

    56. shambhavi Jha

      The lover performance looked so magical...

    57. Amra Ajward

      Queen 🔥

    58. Shreya Gupta

      The Lover performance always makes me cry.

    59. Kumar Prateek

      Times I've watched this isn't healthy.

    60. Teef Mohammd

      I miss 2019 ...

    61. _ hary

      I watch this every day ..seriously

    62. Irene P

      I have watched this video a lot of times but I still think it's the best ever💜

    63. Kier Lorence De Jesus

      Even the kids is vibing and singing her song

    64. Chloe Vega

      she's so empowering, fierce and so inspiring!

    65. Jimro Carillo

      THIGHS !!!!

    66. Michael angelo Nicolas

      Its look like a concert..love you taylor ❤️

    67. Renu Thakur


    68. Mikayla P

      Never getting over this performance

    69. Honey Loon

      Your not even My Idol,but I know all your songs 🙂😊

    70. ღ Shook ღ

      That performance of Lover was just beautiful...

    71. Mario Vicuña

      Enjoy the last AMA that isn't in a room livestreaming from home.

    72. Nouya Small

      I was not much of a Taylor fan but I do recognize true talent

    73. Lana Ali

      Wow I love you Taylor swift you are amazing

    74. Nayeon rabbit

      Taylor should sing in the Superbowl, everyone will sing her songs.

    75. r o s é


    76. zahwa chairunisa


    77. Aura Ripoll

      jake peralta´s voice: chills, literal chills

    78. Paing Thet

      Favourite one 😍 This inspired me a lot. I love you, Taylor ❣️

    79. Beza Aseffa

      OMFG...Misty Copeland dancing to Lover is a revelation!!! Breath=took

    80. florencia carballo

      who is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a> ???