ROASTING YouTuber Coachella Outfits!! (ft. Molly Eskam)

FaZe Rug

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    Today Molly Eskam and I decided to react to SVselr Coachella outfits!! I know we're late, but many of you guys wanted to see it!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      What do you rate my Coachella outfit?! ROAST ME

      1. Isaac Coleman

        you look great


        You look like the Mexican flag hasn’t at for a week

      3. Alexander Sanchez


      4. Cesar Avila

        It’s low key fire rug Guccid out

      5. Brooklyn Wheeler

        FaZe Rug #8, #9, #1,#10, #0 #0

    2. Noor Boy17

      molly has the best of the best outfit like is u think molly has has the best outfit

    3. Gonzz

      Cool girl???

    4. Carson Kee

      My bad day was any day I was at school

    5. David Martinez

      Don’t mean to be rude but bro u are so skinny so it’s bad

    6. Taylor Weeks

      Alissa violet :8/10 Nikkita Dragun:9/10 Tana Mongeau:9/10 James Charles:10/10 David Dabbrik:7/10 Bretman Rock:7/10 The ACE Family ❤ 12/10 ❤ Faze Rug ❤ 11/10❤ Emma Chamberlin 10/10 Chantel Jeffries 9/10 James Charles 10/10 Molly eskam ❤ 13/10❤

    7. rosa martinez

      Love u faze rug!!!

    8. Eddie Fitzgerald

      Alissa:9/10 Nikita:5/10 Tana:9/10 James Charles:8.5/10 David Dobrik:9.5/10 Bretman:3/10 Ace Family:10/10 FaZe Rug:9.9/10 Emma Chamberlin:8/10 Chantel Jeffries:9.5/10 Jason Nash:10/10 James Charles 2.0:9/10 Molly Eskam:10/10

    9. Rachel Bader


    10. Angel Bella68

      Lol I was going to ask what is

    11. Angel Bella68

      Wishes I can put on make up like James’s talent. I’m so stuck in the 80’s

    12. Angel Bella68


    13. Tyler K

      Molly says she is sexy and she is no matter what she’s wearing Same with your rug

    14. Tyler K

      Faze rug gets a 800 gazillion as his rating and Molly gets a 900 gazillion as her rating The rest get like tens 9.9 and 9

    15. Bryan Jockisch

      Faze 8 Molly 10

    16. Magdaneli Gomez

      Did Molly get lip fillers

    17. Nicole D

      Nnnnnonononoooo bretman rock is from Philippines not hawaiii ok PHILIPPINES cuz his/her mother is pilipina ok buuut luv u molly

    18. farrel 09 and K4LONG

      Faze rug give molly eskam bubbies because she is so pretty and I like how she twerk

    19. Kavan Mckay

      For rugs outfit I give an 9.5 because of the short shorts and the shoes were kinda dirty

    20. Sam Pepper

      10 OUT OF 10 BRIAN

    21. Sebastian Rokicki

      You look like a creepy mid 40's guy on a cruise drinking by himself at the bar wearing gucci shoes he found in the trash

    22. Dark Slayer

      I fricking swear if I see one more James Charles curse

    23. Blinera Ratkoceri

      Bruh I hate his vlogs or challenges with Molly

    24. Anthony Roldan

      Can I please clap your boobs

    25. Kateryn Molina

      1. 10/10 2. 9/10 3. 10/10 4. 10/10 5. 10/10 6. 7/10 7. 100000000/10 8. ???/10 9. 8/10 10. 9/10 11. 7/10 12. 9/10 13. 10/10

    26. Kyla Morris

      I do not like the highhills or the sparkle shrit

    27. Kyla Morris

      The straps make her look kinda fat on the third one

    28. Kyla Morris

      I do not like the top of the second one

    29. Brandy Williams

      Faze rug 10/10

    30. Susy Rosas

      I love Nikita’s outfit but in a way it kinda looks like Jesse from Toy Story just got an upgrade No hate...Love you Nikita

    31. Elaine Blanco


    32. ElleOhElle

      molly looks like faze rug's mom

    33. Christopher Sangma

      Tama molly

    34. Poxering -

      James Charles : 10 David Dobrik : 9 LMAO

    35. iberleth


    36. yung Fantasy


    37. yung Fantasy


    38. Brikena Nuriu

      Alisa Violet 10 Nikita dragun 8 Tana Monegau 0 James charles -0 David dobrik 8 Bretman rock hate it - - 0 Ace family 7 Faze rug 10 Ema chamberlian 0

    39. Magdalena Felipe

      6:24 you can see faze rug sticking the middle finger

    40. theo exe

      10/10s were FaZe Rug Emma Chamberlin And best of all was Molly Eskam you were looking 🔥