PLANTING 20,000,000 TREES IN 24 HOURS! (MrBeast Challenge)

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    I teamed up with MrBeast, Mark Rober, and thousands of other SVselrs to try to save the planet! We need YOUR help now!
    ($1 = 1 tree, anything helps!) #teamtrees
    We went up to random strangers and asked if they wanted to play a game. If they won the game, they had to plant a tree! It was such a fun way to get the whole community involved in trying to save the world! When a tree gets planted, it fights climate change and releases oxygen into the air. Your help is much needed!! I hope you all enjoyed this fun video :) Any chance we get to help change the world, let's do it! I know the Rugrat army is very strong, let's make a difference :)
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. MrBeast

      I love you!!!!!! :)))

      1. TTV TOM

        Who was that girl

      2. Emily Sisneroz

        Sup my beast

      3. -*.FõxįwÕłfįę Potato.*-

        Mrbeast is a savior of Earth uwu ( I'm an furry boi)

      4. Thomas Garcia

        When Mr Beasts dies Let's never forget what he did to our Earth🌍🌳 He will be a legend

    2. TTV TOM

      Who was that girl

    3. Dumb Kid

      Maybe with 20 million trees how about less trash in the ocean or help save pandas convention? Because we love the earth 🌍 ❤️

    4. Buttery Bob

      Rugrats what is your profession Tree! Tree! Tree! I just wanted to write a comment😂

    5. SHOOT LY

      Who rembers HAMMY THE HAMSTER

    6. Shadow

      Live forever

    7. MICAH does stuff

      So close

    8. Aquarius

      Who else donated?

    9. Exotic_Gabriel

      Jeff bezos should donate like if u agree.

    10. Thomas Garcia

      When Mr Beasts dies Let's never forget what he did to our Earth🌍🌳🙏 He will be a legend😎

    11. Hazzy Vlogs

      "Where Is The Dirt" - Faze Rug, 2019

    12. BeamX Gaming

      i just donated 50$ 1 like = 1$ more for my bank account

    13. Laura Velázquez

      Yes 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲

    14. Kittylover

      You should post a story when the trees grow

    15. Isaac 08

      In 24 hours?.... Bruh

    16. Payton Linder

      Who ever disliked it your an idiot get off of his channel if you hate that he is helping the earth

    17. ChaseN Dreams

      That’s dope ♾🎊🙌

    18. TMNT Reaper

      I know its unrelated, but this man grew off of call of duty and hasn't even MENTIONED modern warfare. I just wanna see everyone who doesnt play games and they in faze to get kicked out, because faze is a GAMING clan. Not a VLOGGING clan.

    19. PB&j Squad

      I have this one teacher mr.B.C and omg he amazing and he is doing the same thing as well

    20. Baw Meh

      Dude more trees please donate more money to help us plant more trees please donate more money to help us

    21. Brian C

      Dude you drive a lambo... you will need 20million trees just to counter you driving that thing for a week.. Love your videos tho but hypocrisy like this i can't not respond to...

    22. Teresa Caro


    23. Fierce DEVIL

      2019: people plant trees 2020: earth blows up if nothing happens

    24. Alex Lopez

      I bet 20 dollars that he put a 20 bill under ever tree

    25. Miles Holstein-Rosen

      I donated 10000

    26. •Ivan• 123

      Give me trees to plant GIVE ME THEM TREES BOYYYYYY_YYYYYYY

    27. Baw Meh

      More trees please right now please don't forget about it please do it now please don't forget about it please do it now please do it now please do it now

    28. hello How u doin

      Donated 5

    29. Giovanni Soto

      Or why not plant tree for free the fuck?!?!

    30. Baw Meh

      Dude please plant more trees

    31. Gächa XxKïnjäłxX

      Who gave some money for the fundraiser?

    32. Saber_123 Barzani

      We all love you 😍 ❤️


      I like your video nice

    34. Johnny o Fan

      Those trees are not gonna grow... the soil looks honking, and u need to loosen the roots omg🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️thick

    35. Justin Yeoh

      Did nobody else notice the first guy in the compilation’s shirt

    36. Skid Kev

      Your cousin is hot!!

    37. nikada vise

      It's up to over $15 million as of today 11/12.........get paid in less than two weeks and will donate enough to plant 40 more. Awesome job MrBeast in bringing this cause to youtube/peoples attention!

      1. Johnny o Fan


    38. Wilbert Camilon

      i'm inlove with her voice

    39. Jb berry

      Thank you for planting some trees

    40. Here is a human

      That man seemed so sweet! Also, good on ya for doing this.