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    * Original Track
    Arranged by ONEWE, Jeon DaWoon(RBW)
    Drum HaRin
    Bass CyA
    Guitar KangHyun
    Keyboard & Synthesizer DongMyeong
    Chorus YongHoon, DongMyeong
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    #ONEWE #원위 #HIP
    #OneweCover #마마무 #힙


    1. goth noodles

      i have a thing for drummers 👉👈

    2. Martha Ebinu

      I love this cover just as much as the original song.

    3. rayn

      huh,,,,,youtube recommendations has done it once again. They're all fucking hot.

    4. mAdiE mAdiE

      they can like..get it

    5. 심장아누

      I enjoy it!!!!!

    6. Ti Ne

      Hip male version we're looking for. Actually, better than we expect.

    7. Retno Indah Karyati

      Fascinated all the way song played.... 😍

    8. Jessica Hassock

      Wow this is such a dope cover of hip!

    9. byun city

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> who is he???

      1. beyond the moo

        He's CYA (pronounced Key🔑-A), the bassist and rapper of ONEWE, he's the youngest in the group (2000 line)

    10. la la


    11. Intaelegend

      Wowwwwwwww I love it a lotttttttt They're soooo talented, I wish they'll get recognized soon, they deserve it & way more than that 😍😍😍

    12. Yibanam Ruiter

      Wait. No wait a minute now I think they did something.

    13. Anishkaa Zstars_Dk_7teen

      Wow they are so good😍 and handsome❤

    14. Alejandra Ximena Porco Rosas


    15. Emily Posada Silva

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> jajaja ame la mano

    16. Clydel Eynne Booc

      Im starting to stan them 😍😍😍 im not into rookies and mostly on my playlist are 5 or more yrs old. ❤❤💙🤗

      1. Ollie

        Well, they actually were together as neighbourhood friends and initially debuted as MAS 0094 in 2015, their Onewe name is their redebut under a different company, so in a way you could say they are still a 5 year group?😋

    17. Jess Atieno

      This band is Soo cool 👌


      Plsss make this band famous they deserve to be appreciated more :)))) love themm

    19. heda lexa

      i know the girls are proud of them! hopefully we'll see them collab soon

    20. 김롯기

      락음악이 세상을 구한다

    21. hikaria luqito

      my gosh, kanghyun you makes me melt!

    22. Снежинка

      Why i like this version more than original? ❤Onewe the best❤ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> i like this moment🥰

    23. ;; FantasticBaby

      _Woooah,this is amazing._

    24. Antoykeyla Principe Sarabia

      Es el mejor cover de HIP que he escuchado:3

    25. bbright777

      oh mama, i've just got a crush.

    26. nel romero

      Harin my bae

    27. Jordyn B


    28. Mon Orlans

      Ay Dios! Me encanto, esto es realmente bueno 👌

    29. unique rainbowdash

      I feel sorry for people who don't know them

    30. Елена Крайсман

      Аааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа ❤️

    31. Alexander Fish

      I have been blessed😍

    32. baby my

      Please eng sub

    33. Dude Yo

      КАКАЯ КРАСОТААААА МОЛОДЦЫ!!!! Oh my god that’s so awesome 👏🏻 I LOVE IT ❤️

    34. zeaneth

      yall help a sister out they obviously ain’t the same group with oneus right??? which one is under rbw?? what are their relationships lmao I’m so confused 😭

      1. desire WeUs

        dong myeong is xion twin.. you should chek i shall debut project by onewe and oneus...

      2. Jia Marcellano

        This is Onewe. Onewe and Oneus are both under RBW

    35. TumunG SijeuniD

      Song Dongmyeong wtf

    36. Estefania Rodriguez

      I just watched this...and I love it!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

    37. Khaira키아라

      still can't move on with this cover!

    38. Socko Destyantissa

      Cya 😍

    39. ERYN

      youtube algorithm tryna drag me back into kpop. now y’all makin me stan k-rock too 💀 (not complaining tho)

      1. Ollie

        Hahah youtube algorithm knows ~~ Srsly though, these guys are damn talented and kind-hearted, I truly recommend giving them a chance. Let me know if you'd like some info about them, recs or anything, I'd love to help ~~

    40. Angeline Magalong

      wait - are they the guys who performed with hwasa in we will rock you + bohemian rhapsody cover??? i need answers ;___;

      1. Cherry Blossom

        Yup, they are! ONEWE is also coming back soon with a song featuring Hwasa.

    41. Chimmy Tata


    42. sour lollipop

      I love this cover ssssooooo muuuuccchhhhhhhh

    43. Paula Andrea

      Uhhh fire 🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻

    44. Maharani Dian

      오와 😱😱😱 대박!!! 수고했다~

    45. micahnahs腐った花

      I'm tagging this on their youtibe page yall should tag as well pls

    46. Bruna Bandeira

      I love it

    47. 아미아야

      who’s the one with light brown hair

      1. desire WeUs

        drum - harin vocalist - yonghoon vocalist/keyboard - dong myeong rap/bassit - cya guitarist - kanghyun

      2. Ollie

        The one at 0:37? He's Dongmyeong, vocalist and pianist/keyboard/keytar player ~

    48. Camilla Nguyen

      Def. the little brothers of Mamamoo

    49. Ryu Naphat

      I’m new fan but drummer is the best.

    50. Caro

      Me encantan sus covers💖 Porque son muy a su estilo👌👌

    51. ISAAC - Official

      Wow so good!

    52. Andrea Ferrell

      I discovered ONEWE through their collab with ONEUS and fell in love with both groups. Can’t wait for their comeback!

    53. 김진주

      솔직히 들으면서 계속 소름끼침...어우 미쳤다 개좋아

    54. SOPE World

      Ok I clicked because I’m a MAMAMOO fan and I’m glad I did, this was an amazing cover by an amazing band! I’ll be following Onewe now! RBW artists are the real deal!

    55. JJGotJams ArmyXBTS

      That was amazing

    56. Anna Kalkman

      this is the cover I didn't know I needed

    57. Ameya Gupta

      Why is Onewe still underrated???? People stop sleeping on them!!! You see them? It's called talent!!!❤❤

    58. Kame Ac

      No, si esto es otra onda... Debo stanear a Onewe :0

    59. Lupita Ñeco

      Que hermoso

    60. Bibian lalala

      Me: Hip can't be better than it already is ONEWE: a Me: all right convinced me THIS IS WONDERFUL OMG

    61. Cherokee Dragon


    62. Aalihya Del real

      im just so thankful this was recommended thats it

    63. Ren A

      I’m stanning

      1. Ollie

        A good choice ~~ Let me know if I can help you get to know them better with some info, links or anything else! ^^

    64. Whaled-Buffalo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> EXCUSE ME SIR--

    65. PK PARK

      They're very talented >\\\

    66. Absolute Yana

      Goddamn....his kaktuhhhhh....

    67. Petra Elek

      they are literally just vibing, especially Harin and Dongmyeong and i'm in love

    68. peaches and cream

      I'm sooo glad I found this

    69. Xavier Wong

      its my first time hearing this grp and they are talented af

      1. Ollie

        They really are! Besides all of their amazing covers that they arrange and perform, they also compose and write their own songs, which I totally recommend ~~ If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to help you get to know them better :)

    70. Syima Azlan

      Let's make it rock!

    71. - layne lee

      Eu estou apaixonada ❤❤❤

    72. 夏依諾 Maureen

      *ONEWE covering Mamamoo: something I know I needed but still got overwhelmed by it* Also I love how everyone is appreciating Harin, Cya and Yonghoon but Dongmyeong’s face expressions and okay his everything is so good ㅠㅠ and did y’all heard Kanghyun’s guitar solo!!! These boys really need to be noticed RIGHT NOW.

    73. YQi :p


    74. Ulamila Taka


    75. Sesam Singh

      This is so cool.

    76. Jazmin Herrera

      Creo que me enamore

    77. attenery Ivanov

      So cute ❤️❤️❤️

    78. Geovana Blan

      da série: pérolas que merecem reconhecimento

    79. Rodalene


    80. LeilahRxse

      Why am I crying-