Most INSANE Games of the Champions League - 2019 #2



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    Four of the most insane knockout games this Champions League season.
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    1. 500 subs with no vids??

      Why does Lucas remind me of Sterling?

    2. Miranda Rowland

      cOrnEr TakeN qUicklYyyyyyy Origiiiiii

    3. Ibrahim Salah

      Liverpool’s comeback against Barcelona was simply surreal. Anfield was lit on fire that day!

    4. DANI2230


    5. DANI2230


    6. DANI2230


    7. Amir

      The way Liverpool beat FC Barcelona in the second leg; even Real Madrid can't do that in their dire dreams. Enthralling game of the year 2019.

    8. Sandra Owen

      I'm a Liverpool Fan

    9. beyond ultragaming

      I was sp happy when sterling scored to make it 5-4 but then it was dissollowed it was a shock

    10. Seba Omo

      My party music at 8:37 right there

    11. Altynshash Kasymova


    12. เดดา นานา


    13. Sargam Mehta

      That messi Free kick

    14. Умар Нальгив

      Я сшитаю что Лука Моура был лутчим в лиге чемпионов

      1. Умар Нальгив


    15. Enjoy ur life

      I will never forgive dembele for missing that goal against Liverpool.

    16. Zaki Saputra

      Atletico vs Juventus ?

    17. Gašper Pozderec

      Just look at the determination of De ligt in Ajax and now when he plays for JuvenBUS..

    18. majid shah

      A guy wearing a barcelona cap was celebrating for Liverpool

    19. Irwan

      we are liverpool this means more🏆

    20. Muhammed Sinera

      Fuck Barca liver since day one

    21. Abdulwaheed Akhtar

      Do not mess with Liverpool

    22. Asrin

      Sensational season to remember, except the final

    23. Andrés Felipe

      Si el Tottenham vs Ajax fuese una película, sería un peliculón

    24. Đặng Tô Vũ

      God origi

    25. Reshma Shanavas

      Ajax vs Liverpool will probably best match in Finals.

    26. silloweet

      Ajax manager celebrating with Ronaldo but looks mad when his team scored lol

    27. Fat Rave

      Only if Dembele scores that goal. 😆

    28. Alifmaw 33

      2:13 the kids so scare

    29. FULL HD 1080

      good goal

    30. Jim GETTO CLUB

      Its so freaking entertaining to watch barcelona - putalona getting demolished every year in chl...

      1. Cristhian O

        Barca the Spanish Champions.

    31. Carlos Tavira

      Me pregunto porque delight no se barrio hay si el yevava la ventaja con la barrida....pero en fin aqui acostado en mi camita se mira más facil jejejejeje

    32. Carlos Tavira

      Barca perdió ese partido en el en su casa cuando dembele fallo el cuarto

    33. Azwad Ameen

      Dembele should have let it through for Pique

    34. Jonathan Morrison


    35. Ndrew Nathanael

      5:51 thats not offside,if the referee good manchester city will through to semifinal

    36. Tristan Yelle

      Wow that beautifeaul football

    37. Craig Fisher

      Ayax players on the floor me:are they dead


      The match when Barcelona lost against looserpool is just ridiculous!

    39. 오늘

      What. an. Unbeilevable . Drama was it. Origi and Moura What. The. Miracle they performed....... I'll never forget 2018-19 CL foerver

    40. Paul Clark

      The champions league is the best with high quality football and entertainment. There’s no tournament that produce what the champions league does. All the underdogs went through this was the best champions league ever.

    41. Adam

      2:15 Liverpool fan celebrates while wearing a Barcelona hat ...

    42. Erny Brown

      8:40 van de beek was offside but totenham still win anyway

    43. Itz_Black Jenny / Gaming and More!

      😤😤😤😤😤😤barselona victory real

    44. TheEnzo Pro


    45. _ImNotJesus _

      Corner taken quickly

    46. Yu Feng Fong

      Divock origi is better than firmino


      Ajax deserved to go through tbh

    48. gautam shetty

      All Messi did was be a spectator in this match, all he could do is see Liverpool players score goals, and still he got the ballan d'or thanks to UEFALONA, he was the least deserving, Cristiano was more deserving cuz he atleast won the series and LEAGUE of NATIONS for portugal, what title did Messi win for Argentina? if you people think Cristiano ws not deserving then the ballan d'or should have gone to any worthy player from LIVERPOOL, but no,

    49. Maxamed Baraale

      Did anyone notice the guy with the Barcelona cap celebrating when wijnaldum scored the third goal

    50. Anirban Deb Goswami

      Liverpool's last corner........😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 That was wrong...

      1. Anirban Deb Goswami

        @acesatina why

      2. acesatina

        No ....... It's not

    51. Tố Quyên

      Messi messi

    52. Tố Quyên

      I love messi

    53. The Random Guy

      2:27 was my hell. As a Barca fan, I question how calm under pressure origi is.

    54. werevermoss554 2

      Dembele it's a big and black SHIT!!!!!!!


      Barcelona =best team ever


      Liverpool =real shit

    57. Grizzly

      6:20 what a ball from Cancelo

    58. Aisyh16

      dont play with liverpool

    59. Eddie Hardaker Tovar

      hi, I am a spurs fan and I went to the Totthenham vs Ajax second round and I cried, this has made me cried a little bit :)

    60. Will Townsend

      2:14 that guy has a Barca hat on and he’s happy Liverpool equalised......