Max Kellerman wants Tom Brady and Philip Rivers to switch teams | First Take



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    Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody discuss whether New England Patriots QB Tom Brady should continue to play for Bill Belichick after the end of the season.
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    1. Wyatt Winterfeld

      I would love this as a chargers fan.. maybe Phil would get a ring maybe we would get a ring

    2. Leagai Tala

      Chargers have a nonexistent OLINE shut that ish up...

    3. Anthony Armstrong

      Brady to the Packers and Rodgers to the Patriots But to be real I think he'd retire B4 he'd play for another team

    4. Elijah Valentine

      Tom needs to go to the cowboys

    5. WS GS

      Max A New Fool

    6. jsnell743


    7. John Smith

      Max kellerman is an idiot. Stick to boxing

    8. Matthew Thomas-erwin


    9. VNY D

      The Chargers would love it but nobody would except Rivers in NE

    10. Ben K-C

      Max, Tom won’t be here forever. I’m not a pats fan but I know one of the games greatest ever QBs doesn’t deserve all your ish

    11. Claude Williams

      Why does these washed up hasbeens get second third fourth fifth chances???

    12. Nhan Ha

      For the first time ever , I total agree with Max . Then you will see how great TB12 really is . River will throw for more INT then ever . Charger has playmaker on offense

      1. J R

        All Brady does is throw checkdowns and short crossing routes to Edelman.

    13. theruscan

      I don't dislike videos often, but when Max talks that gives me a reason to.

    14. Rari

      Journalist say anything to push a story 😂😂😂

    15. Hector Morales

      Brady will retire a PATRIOT don't argue with me

    16. Tevin Garrett

      The patriots have tricked yall you really think brady doesn't have nice weapons you sick brady has had 6 different 500 receiving yards receivers

    17. Feelz

      Max is trash

    18. robin devily

      qbr is a little overated ryan tannahill is out playing Brady he is winning games not managing them

    19. Marcus Watson

      For all the people saying WhAT DoES BelIChEcK HAve To dO WiTh ThE Offense!? I have one name that shows you why rivers would be better at the patriots. MaTT CASSEL almost won MVP.

    20. SuperJohn12354

      I want Tom Brady and Jimmy to swap , or Tom Brady and Breez, or Tom Brady and Mahomes, Bill Belichick has drafted poorly on the offencive side of the ball.

    21. Nick McCoy

      Tom Brady going to go because he is 44

    22. Kezahrian Thompson

      Max is right cause when it comes down to it coaching matters because Brady is playing bad this year and some how there still 10-2 thats cause of bill not Brady 💯if Brady and rivers changed teams rivers would be successful just cause he has the better coach. And the chargers coach is not good-at all how do u have Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon with still a decent qb like rivers and your 4-8 all you have to do is switch coaches and the chargers just became better 💯

    23. Tom Yamaguchi

      4 years ago max made the first cliff statement. Then the next year , then the next year . At this point , he’s just gonna say it (every week is seems) till he-eventually gets injured and has to retire . St that point max will be like “ seee !!! I told you he was gonna fall off “ and be proude that he ever thought it was possible (lol) very bold statement pretty intellectual assetment and sports science

    24. bambam

      I'm going wherever Tom goes. Without Brady NE becomes one of those boring teams.

    25. ju w

      the Titans lol....i want cam in Tennessee......i want them to sign bo Scarborough and run the triple option with Derrick Henery

    26. Scott Sullivan

      If this happend, as rivers won't make pats champs. Rivers is a losing Qb.

    27. Icecold Glacier

      No one asked to replace jordan this is silly

    28. yea dat

      As a long time chargers fan i can tell you Rivers has been a turnover machine for years people just love a good story

    29. Motley Byron

      Tom Brady has the health and body of a 34 year old man... Phillip Rivers has the body and health of a 38 year old man... maybe that's WHY Max Kellerman has a GAY MAN CRUSH on Tom Brady...sorry Max... Giselle owns that...

    30. Danny Plom

      Lol “siliquey” I swear Stephen A is just making up words now

    31. Trishen Naidoo

      Brady is best for years now just go chill at home

    32. stéphane A

      Riverds pushes the ball like a weight thrower at the Olympics.

    33. Angel Velarde

      Why would Molly appreciate Tom being 42 years old??

    34. Akeem Love

      Max & Stephen A : BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH !!!!! Damien : Can We Just Keep Him In New England ? 😳

    35. MagicKirin1

      Max since Jimmy G gone , how many superbowl apperances? We don't want to see a choker like Rivers in Foxboro

    36. Daniel Manning

      Tom Brady is going to Denver sorry but Peyton did it and he will trust Peyton's decision to go to Denver look at what it did gave him a SB

      1. stéphane A

        The team isn't the same. No sanders, no Thomas, no Decker...

    37. Ben Kenobi

      Why would the PATS even consider Rivers he probably has less time left than Brady. Besides what has he ever done besides choke in the playoffs.

    38. MEISTER1UP

      No thank you

    39. MetalgunSrt4

      Rivers is still good chargers are just cursed been watching them all my life.

    40. Gio Murru

      Stephen A you should drop Max and get him off the show, his ridiculous stubborn takes are turning people off and your own show is losing credibility because of him. Find someone else, Max should do everybody a favor and go back to work boxing-only shows

    41. Jesse Alvarez

      The only thing Max is good for is criticism!

    42. charles cunningham

      Why would you release an aging quarterback....for another aging quarterback

    43. Marcel D

      Tom please retire as a patriot like gronk.

    44. DzOut FoeHarambe

      Dude SAS just blew my mind he right I was thinking somewhere near LA or try san fran cuz he’s loved them but his best chance would be the Titans!

    45. Bailey Carpenter

      I like Max’s thinking on this

    46. ddawgg23

      Unrealistic scenario

    47. Baptiste Dargaud

      The only place I want to see Brady is the bear.

    48. Micah Smith

      The answer to keep our Dynast alive is if we could send Tom Brady down I-95 to Philadelphia and bring Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz up I-95 to Boston. That would keep our Dynasty alive for at least into the 2030's.

    49. Micah Smith

      It was said that Vince Lombardi treated all his players the same. Which was like dogs but guess what they were the first true Dynasty in the NFL and one of the earliest in Sports. Which is exactly the same way Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, and Bill Belichick coach and they also set up powerhouses and also Dynasties.

    50. Jahan Watson

      The patriots offensive struggles have nothing to do with Brady, he’s got a cast of clown to throw the ball to, you can see it on his face every week every play pretty much, he just looks sad and hopeless and defeated, all the pressure is on him because nobody is making plays, it’s all on him to throw the ball and march downfield, it’s clear that even he I’m sure has accepted that he’s not at his prime anymore, but he’s certainly be doing better if it wasn’t pretty much worst case scenario for him, a bad line and nobody to throw to equals a lot of major issues and looking really incompetent

    51. Greg Austin

      Love some Stephen A!// And the Damien dude has been on point several times too!

    52. Jahan Watson

      Max has gone off the deep end I’m starting to think he’s just trolling at this point, get out of here, Philip Rivers is pure and complete garbage

    53. Greg Austin

      Max has become a rediculous race baiter and Brady hater! The majority of the bologna he spits is hate on Brady or acting like he so pro black activists when it’s bull both of them and him! I used to love his boxing commentary, how about Brady on the Browns rite now!?! They would be undefeated rite now! /// whoa Stephen A just blew my mind! He’s rite on the Titans!! They would be the no 1 team in the league too!!!

    54. Goldie Lox

      Brady to Redskins

    55. Purp Bezzy

      Lol Pittsburgh just laughing at the competition. It's hard to beat a team without a blueprint. I love my Steelers.

    56. Jay Grover

      I love Max but this is a terrible take this is like saying MJ 03 season as proof that the championships were Phil Jackson’s credit. It’s a joke...

    57. John Babcock

      Why would the Patriots trade the G.O.A.T. with more records all-time for a 38 year old QB with no accolades of success? Kellerman is an idiot, who has always been an envious hater.

    58. Foul Breeze

      They should retire next year.. That's what they should do.

    59. Jim Carlson

      Max should be called Mini

    60. 1414yorks