Like Mike - Best Friend (ft. Bhavi)

Like Mike

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    In recent times the ascent of Like Mike’s career has seen him create musical masterstrokes out of his Ibiza and Los Angeles studios. This creative spell has been a truly inspirational one with the rising solo artist finding fueled rhythm to his rhyme. With his latest studio offering Like Mike aims for his ‘Best Friend’ (featuring Bhavi) and hits the mark.

    Coursing through Latin influences and dancehall flavors, Like Mike has found a sound within a downtempo vibe that complements that distinctive low-slung approach of his, which is becoming ever popular with his gang of fans. The poignant honesty infused in his music is something that has been at the very core of his solo material since his first single and with ‘Best Friend’, Like Mike once again melodiously breathes sentiment into his music.
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    1. ramesh yadav

      Fucking awesome

    2. Felipe Neves

      Support from Brazil baby. Mike, my GOD. Thanks for this.

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    4. Pame Garcia

      Buenarda dou con esta la rompes

    5. knownbad

      Hi sir , I'm shahbaz ,you're songs inspired me alot , thank you for your tune.

    6. Clarence Pesodas

      the 1st english comment ! ..ahaha

    7. Riccardo Caria

      i love's very beautiful😄

    8. Lambari TV

      I Love ♡

    9. Guillermo Gomez

      Is big like mike 😍😍👊👊❤❤

    10. M L

      luv this song sooooo much 😍

    11. Cristy Pi

      Amoooooooo esta canción

    12. Sr_Milos

      Ando bien pedo me dijo el chilo que me iba a vender una arma :v

    13. vangogh valath

      this song brings me peace...

    14. Dini Melani

      This song remind me to my ex bf:(

    15. istiisti

      love like mike

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    17. Luis alberto Cauich gevara

      Is paul van dyk?


      Quien canta en ingles el bhavi?

    19. Entegx

      un kpo el gord0 bhavi

    20. Jhair Barra Lazo

      I need more of this kind of songs

    21. Tage beevolve

      Where dimitri vegas ?

    22. istiisti


    23. jayden sabanayagam sabanayagam

      Where the english comments at?

    24. Barba Tops

      ese compa ya esta muertooooo nomas no le han avisado :v

    25. WAWART TV

      Like Mike Is legend ❤

    26. WAWART TV

      Like Mike Is legend ❤

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      Check the song with lyrics Give a comment if you like it

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      🔥 Like Mike feat. Bhavi - Best Friend [2019] 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *3.600 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

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    31. Susana Ter

      Me encanta....🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤

    32. Ruben Neves

      Who is Sonia?

    33. Brandon Parra

      LEGEND!!! LIKE MIKE 🔥😎❤🔥

      1. MusicCharts TV

        🔥 Like Mike feat. Bhavi - Best Friend [2019] 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *3.600 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

    34. Rodrigo Van Asten

      Me encanta esta cancion!!!

    35. Sergioekify

      The Perfect Chill melody

    36. Dhruv Prakash

      So touchy song... Cheers to you..Please play this song and "Lies" when you are visiting India this November 2019. Can't wait to see you both performing live.

    37. Elizabet Robell

      Sin dudas el numero 1😍me encanta esta cancion

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    39. V Purushotham

      👌 song bro

    40. Amit Singh

      For this song I am all yours best friend 😊

    41. Moana

      just her for Like Mike the goat 🔥 he killed this 🔥

    42. Eduardo Villa

      Quien lo diría, alta colaboración

    43. raghav Dabra

      Waiting to meet you on Nov 9♥️♥️ your event will make my whole year the best year I ever wish for ♥️♥️

    44. silla umang

      Your swag is awesome 👌👌

    45. ElectroMania BJ

      congratolations exelent song

    46. Octavio Rivero Carbajal

      Por eso deberían ser los DJ's #1 del mundo

      1. MusicCharts TV

        🔥 Like Mike feat. Bhavi - Best Friend [2019] 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *3.600 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

    47. Facundo Rojas

      Kana pana yo nose Pussi moha

    48. RYM

      Can’t stop listening😍

    49. Bishakha Mazumdar

      I show you my best friend Like Mike my best friend

    50. Bishakha Mazumdar

      Like mike best friend love this song in india í love you like mike😶

      1. MusicCharts TV

        🔥 Like Mike feat. Bhavi - Best Friend [2019] 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : ❤️ *3.600 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

    51. Omkar Juyal

      Love from India 🇮🇳😊

    52. FAILS ¡

      where is DYMITRI? >:v

    53. Braian Arce

      Ufff la rompió el niño *Uiuiuiui*

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    55. Joel Torres

      Son los mejores me encanta su música esta esta genial, saludos de MEXICO

    56. Isabella Diaz

      El mejor

    57. Mariana Arambula

      Amo este hombre!!😍😍

    58. andres alban

      Por los panas y la fiesta loca

    59. // CR3CS

      Its great!!! Love it

    60. LIL KETA