Letting UBER DRIVERS Decide What I EAT for 24 HOURS!!

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Instead of letting the person in front of me decide what I eat, I let Uber drivers decide for me! They also got a little surprise at the end of each trip :)
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      subscribe and your next uber driver will give you $100

      1. Irie Lewis

        FaZe Rug ok

      2. Baby Boo

        FaZe Rug I agree cause maybe I can take a flight ✈️ to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 or Florida or San Diego

      3. Colethebowltw Yt

        I don’t use uber

      4. Noah Ibrahim

        it worked

      5. Tom CatPlayz

        I wish

    2. Nikolas Lord

      The last guy gave me ocd. He said funner

    3. MMS 707

      Yo the first guys from Iran, obviously from his accent and name

    4. ADIVEN YT


    5. Sxmii

      For some reason it says that he gets no fries 🍟 and then it shows 🍟

    6. Jacob Guerreo

      Like 1000 times getting Taco Bell for breakfast

    7. Victorio Contreras

      sub to lil victor i have 21 subs

    8. Leo Garcia

      At 10:30 rug is naked and u can see his dick

    9. Jathan 420

      She said no fries and stuff like that and then faze rug finnessed her 17:03

    10. Evan Gonzalez

      No dude

    11. Code CMF

      Jane said she was not going odder fries

    12. The Awesome Robloxian


    13. Its_ Shwd.

      4:13 WHOS HAND

    14. Nils Richter

      Atm= A Tm= A Team. has anybody thought about that?🤔😂

    15. Eric Vazquez

      "No fries or nothing like that" "Of course the fries"

    16. Metro Boomin

      5:10 thats bullshit if its healthy why does everybody feel like shit after eating everytime

    17. Yung Aloe

      Is that rugz girl?? Or naaaa

    18. Anahita Namiranian

      um what about desert

    19. Square time 2021 XD

      Bro what were y’all doin he had under wear

    20. ITz Media

      Faze up

    21. ReVeRse_Jay YT

      this videos makes me hungry😂😂

    22. MrCloco

      i love them all

    23. Ethan Turnbaugh

      Ilike anything spicy or hot

    24. Gaminggirl V

      I literally Gessed it would be Jessica

    25. Alex Manalo

      I have drink an energy drink and its monster energy drinks.

    26. Fortnite Mobile god

      I do

    27. xavier stewart

      Did he just say he's never eaten a hot dog? 13:18

    28. KingThePunisher

      Yup I’m a spice addict

    29. Michael Martinez

      How many basketball shots did you air ball before the clip

    30. Messi God

      Whenever I get chick fil A i always get the grilled cool wrap

    31. Brody Mac

      Yeet gang gang 😊👨‍👧🖥😊🖥😊🖥🏩😊😊🖥😊🖥🐈🐌🌅

    32. Charles Nero

      When he said its hot girl summer I was dead.😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Darren Morton

      Look at janes face 15:38

    34. Rexona_Sander :-D

      We dont have fast Food in Denmark

    35. Angie Ferino

      Your making me hungry....

    36. Cole Robarts

      i like any thing spicy

    37. Insxne Markxs

      I live in Denmark so there is no Taco bell i have never tasted taco bell

    38. Iconic Productions

      Is he sunni

    39. Ashley Smith

      She said that she was not getting any fries

    40. Lucky Gaming

      WTF was that chick fila order