Legendary Similar Goals


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    👍 Legendary Similar Goals ⚽🔥

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    1. J Rebolledo

      2:20 MAArio

    2. Daniel Blas

      Cállate Warrior maldita sea

    3. Maria Artur

      Gous censsacionais

    4. Jonathan Cieri

      Creeme q el de messi y gotze es una mala comparacion para un argentino

    5. sophia И

      Ha gotze scored agints Argentina and messi was like I need to try that

    6. BoyinredDK

      Rashfords > Ronaldos ⚽️ coming from a huge cr7 fan

    7. Adresse Poubelle

      Stupid flicking cameras, can't see what the hell is going on, can't appreciate a trajectory or a pass, but great job with Movie Maker

    8. Hélio Rapassola

      The first music playing??? The title?

    9. Jeremias Paez

      Falto el de Bebelo Reynoso contra San Martin, fue igual al de Messi contra el Betis

    10. MemesNick

      Suarez and Eto's goals kinda reminded me also of Hazard's goal against Spurs in 2016

    11. Fikri Alaydrus


    12. Lucia del Pilar Simeón Carrasco

      La chilena de Cristiano o la chilena de Bale.

    13. o o

      Todos en inglés alv

    14. saul10milan

      Callate warrior!! Maldita sea!! 🤣

    15. Robson Serafim

      Opa falto a do mbappe pelo PSG foi igual ao do Ronaldinho tbm pelo PSG só não lembro contrabq time foi

    16. José Ignacio Saez Gajardo

      Messi - Maradona 😍⚽

    17. joao peterlini

      E aquele gol do Elias igual do Vagner Love

    18. Guillermo Mejía

      The goal scored by Eto and Suarez is also similar to the goal scored by Faustino Asprilla (Colombia) against Argentina, at the south American Wolrd Cup Qualifiers at 1993

    19. Narek Amirkhanyan

      This is Mkhitaryan in ARMENIA..

    20. Rubi Perez Nazar


    21. Jacobo Conde Cubillos

      El gol de cristiano fue primero que el de bale

    22. Nkem Utomi

      For Eto and Suarez it was both assisted by Messi

    23. archit pareek

      Hindi song in background 🤟🤟

    24. Cauan Neuhaus

      1:28 Messi thought i think i gave that assist once already

    25. حبايب كيك

      Rashi 😍😭❤️

    26. ᄋᄋᄋ

      Do you know nalgangdo?

    27. Mikael Júnior

      Nada a ver

    28. Khushal Khera

      Is he Indian

    29. حيدر محمد


    30. Hoxha Durrsim

      Lol just because they were bicycle goals doesn't mean they are the same lol. Ronaldo and Bale are super different

    31. Jyotishka Ray Choudhury

      I don't know why these 2.5k people gave dislikes. :|

    32. Axel Díaz

      *Calle warrior maldita sea* 😂🇲🇽


      “Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi ancara Messi gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol...” @5:30

    34. Santiago Morales

      Te falto el del pity Martínez con el gol del pity Martínez hizo dos goles iguales

    35. Gustavo Santos

      El mejor gol es el de México vs Messi, en el último minuto argentina logro la victoria y fue súper gracioso las reacciones de los comentaristas ajaja

    36. Toheed Siyal

      Please somebody give me link of first background music

    37. Jemba

      bro i sincerely think Rashford’s FK could be even better than CR7’s, but the think is that Ronaldo’s was way more powerful

    38. Juan Valeber

      El último no jue el mesmo


      que buen video hermano

    40. Fabián andres Lozano

      Te falta el de Messi con James Rodríguez

    41. Reginaldo Garcia

      Nome da segunda música

    42. andrake9channel

      First song pls?

    43. Magnito Phoenix

      Last goal comparison though :( One was a perfect dribble and a delicate chip against wc defender and gk, the other one was a scrappy dribble yet a good finish but against Watford.

    44. Mustapha Abdul Rahim

      That Mario Gotze goal pierced my soul

    45. Bladimir

      02:34 Caaaallate warrior caaaaallate!!

    46. Rahul Mallick

      Nice background song

    47. Ahmed Mujtaba Tanveer

      Am I the only one who noticed that there was a Punjabi song playing in the back.

    48. Aram жизнь Ворам

      0:46 the best

    49. Exilex Gaming

      Hey!! Very nice kick give me the ball

    50. Raissa Santos Lopes

      Tem alguém do Brasil?

    51. FURY X

      Bro aside from the video The song In the video was a Pakistani

    52. tucking fypo

      Maradona and messi similar goal are in a different class altogether. Dribbling whole team without much showboating and yet soo beautiful. Bicycle kicks are overrated.

    53. hmad wld gezar l9biyh


    54. hmad wld gezar l9biyh


    55. TimeOfEliya

      Rashford do it better then ronaldo


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    57. Luis Uriel Juarez Camacho

      Callate guarior

    58. Bryan Duarte

      1st songs name?

    59. Benigno Montoya

      2:33 Shut up warrior!! Shut up warrior!!

    60. Tech IINFO

      Kkkk porra é essa cheio de gringo aqui🤣🤣🤣

      1. lorenzin gaúcho

        Psé kkkk