LeBron was sending a message with his egregious travel - Max Kellerman | First Take



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    Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith react to LeBron James’ uncalled travel in a win for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Utah Jazz.
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    1. Paaskeharen

      this take is absolutely laughable, this show is just getting dumber and dumber


      Double dribble?

    3. Joel Walker

      A lot of players palm the ball for a questionable amount of time so I can understand how it was missed.

    4. UhhKeanan

      Why does it matter its a travel, who cares we blew them out by 30 and thats what we are talking about

    5. nbafns

      LeBron: *6 finals loses* Max: It's because LeBron wants the other the teams to experience a championship. He's the most generous star ever

    6. B Cromartie

      Max is the biggest tool in sports history right next to Marcelus Wiley....i wish they were still on sport nation together so I could avoid listening to their BS just by not watching 1 show

    7. jasonk333

      Max “lebron was trying to send a message with that travel..even if he didn’t know it”

    8. pipercat10

      I have absolutely no respect for douchebags who can dribble a basketball period !

    9. Nicky Macfly

      Lebron James is a front runner

    10. Brett Nickel

      I hate the media on everything. If bron sneezes the media be like “lebron is smarter than we think, hes trying to get everyone ill so he can walk through the league”. Steven A the only media i enjoy

    11. soulistheanswer

      These guys always sound angry....even when he’s saying thanks for watching espn on SVsel 😂

    12. Heartless Monster

      About time yall apologized to Rob

    13. Ronnie Satterwhite

      God dam these dudes will think of the stupidest thinks to say. I can't stand New York cats. He told you MFs what it was.

    14. Mean 15

      Shutup molly

    15. DsLmaNiaC

      Ah, now he was sending a message! Pathetic, just pathetic.

    16. Ray Bugz

      r.i.p nba

    17. Mr. Soxside89

      It’s Brady’s fault Lebron travelled

    18. djctoafn


    19. William Gill

      Stephen A. ( sellout, kiss the MASTER'S ring) Smith does it AGAIN. just when u thought he was going to give Lebron credit, he does a180 and says the dysfunctional management of the lakers....who's been DYSFUNCTIONAL ever since Kobe retired, deserves all the credit?? Nevermind that LEBRON has won a championship in EVERY city that hes played for thus far ( and looks like hes going to win ANOTHER one ) with the Lakers. Never mind that it was reported that LEBRON made the city of Cleveland and the Caveliers over 2 BILLION dollars( out side of his lil measley pay that they gave him for doing it (relative)) while he was there! SAS hates black GREATNESS and will most of time side with NBA, NFL, staff and owners. Hes the BIGGIEST SELLOUT in sports media and now hes getting paid like it. Congrats SAS for the deal you just made for your SOUL....

    20. timothy gander

      Can they fire the white dude? He’s such a tool.

    21. byron lee

      What I'm still having a hard time believing is that these guys make millions of dollars a year making comments about sports figures. They are simply giving their opinions! You can form your own opinions can't you? These assholes don't have any more talent than any of you have but they make millions of dollars because you guys hang on there every word! I'm a big sports fan. I enjoy watching professional sports because the athletes are entertainers who are highly skilled at doing something that the rest of us simply cannot do at their level. The same applies to professional fighters, musicians, singers, magicians, flying trapeze performers, comedians, etc. I couldn't care less about political pundits, movie critics, Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Jason Whitlock, Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless, or any of these other assholes because they have no special skills! None of them can do anything that any of us can do. They simply have OPINIONS!

    22. Dick Brag

      This game is getting absurd and retarded as every other bronsexual JFC

    23. R Ramos

      That white guy needs to shave off that mess he has on his face because he just isnt pulling off that scruffy look. He looks more like a homeless dude.

    24. Karn Liberated

      Takes like this are why when people bring up something Max says to further their opinions, I roll my eyes and laugh. Cant take him seriously.

    25. musicotensai

      Lebron does this every once in awhile. Why is it reported in year 17?

    26. Dave Houston

      Hes the golden boy the nba doesn't do nothing to him.

    27. CJ Abalos

      Start fining the refs and these missed calls will stop.

    28. seth maldonado

      So was Westbrook doing the same when he walked 45 steps ? No this is a dumb take

    29. TEE Lyttle

      Max is such a lame ...

    30. sherry brushey

      Max I like you bro but ur tripping sometimes Bron did that because he sick of no calls when he bodies ppl in the paint or drives down they lane I don't get why it's happening either when James Harden and Gianns get those calls every single game in bunches but the King gets robbed its not his fault God made him a beast other players should take a page from the Kings book take care your body and hit the gym daily if you wanna be a great athlete money didn't ruin this King blessings!

    31. WelcomeTo TheTimes

      I like how he passed it so quick lol

    32. Darrel Hicks

      Excuses excuses LeBron james is over rate he's not the best period the media go by feelings and opinion saying somebody is the best is a opinion not facts pointless debates

    33. lego 11

      Lebron:farts ESPN: he was sending a message with his egregious fart!!

    34. Timo GoHard

      Looks like he was focused on his team getting open for a pass while dribbling. He just was on auto pilot

    35. roberto armstrong

      Come on, Harden’s frequent flyer miles are lyk.. unbeatable, where’s the press on the perks Harden gets in the aiport lounge??

    36. REBELINK

      He didn't walk up the whole court with the ball in his hands, just a few steps. Happens

    37. Myron Jr

      The King does what he want

    38. loomtastic rainbowloom

      Magic is a narcissist. Throwing people under the buss for his short coming

    39. Ray Cornett

      God max has the most smackable face

    40. zefare universe9

      lol..ask harden how to travel w/o call 😂😂😂😂😂

    41. dabmaster420 puff puff pass

      Travel, and a double dribble. KOBE IS THE GOAT!!!

    42. Tryhard116677

      I love how they don’t show the ref watching Lebron literally travel!

    43. Lavish Kay

      Y’all remember when Chris Webber traveled before he passed the ball and they won that game

    44. Incognegroyolady undercoverhero

      I couldn't be a ref. I would call every travel and carry. Lots of fundamentals are missing from the league. The 90's were the golden years of the NBA🤐

    45. Ruben Cadmus Namata

      i think its a double dribble more than a travel

    46. Sound Jam

      It’s an early sign of dementia

    47. MAX AJ

      Every time they bring up rob molly says the same thing "he got draaaaaged" .. I can't be the only one who noticed that lol

    48. Doug Lang

      He's been "Chosen" to win the title this year. Wait for midseason adversity, coaching change, raise trophy.

    49. sean macalister

      can y'all stop using the word "egregious"

    50. P Lamsam

      Lebron james is the king of travel

    51. Newman Soon


    52. L0bl0ow

      can't wait for ESPN to release a 30 for 30 about "The Travel"

    53. Zachary John Gilbert

      ...I think Lebron deserves the credit

    54. BlackFyr

      Kellerman: " This is his league. Everybody's feeling Lebron and the Lakers rn he can do whatever" Stephan A: "you're overreacting, he made a mistake. Now let me proceed to tell you how much I'm feeling Lebron and the Lakers"

    55. 34JROD34

      Max overreacting just like every other topic

    56. Zendrick Nicolas

      Oh but when Harden or any other star does it, y’all dont talk abt it?

    57. Zendrick Nicolas

      Bron breathes* Max Kellerman: I blame the Lakers for LeBron breathing

    58. will liam

      So for Max, a dynasty was eatablished in 23 games. Why are sports guys either biased or dumb?

    59. will liam

      Hia mind has always been Lebron's Weakness

    60. will liam

      SAS: Rob deserves it because he's white while magic is black