Last to Leave The House, Keeps It

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    We stayed in the world's smallest house, and the last person to leave, got to KEEP IT!! This challenge got really crazy...
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    1. Khloe Villanueva

      Faze Rug Is Winner,Faze Rug Is Winner,Faze Rug Is Winner Duh!

    2. Abdullah Ravet

      easy like= hard reply=

    3. Mateen Rizq

      But girls go to Jupiter and that's impossible

    4. Richard Bompat

      The cameraman is the last to leave the house😂

    5. Tye money


    6. Matr1x_Blue

      Bruh u need to get Noah in the vids more

    7. Cristian Xxxtachion

      But she found out how to get to Jupiter

    8. Briny Kiser


    9. Mason Davies

      3 mil views but only 107k likes whatttttt

    10. Really Usual

      You guys are getting paid?!?

    11. Bralynn Guady

      Hey faze rug can I be in faze

    12. NeXon Gaming

      This boy in my class wrote about you in a story our teacher told us to write

    13. Cool Kids

      Now do the largest house

    14. Mike Frey

      You called kallen calus

    15. Matt More

      That’s not the worlds smallest house the worlds smallest house is 2m b1 and a half

    16. Seth X Zero

      Mr beast copy

    17. ZinxxGamer

      I laid it100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000200000000000008

    18. brigham samuela


    19. Nigga Toe

      Why did his voice change at 20:00

    20. Shayla. Hernandez.

      I hate you I'm a girl

    21. Jacob Laurel

      That would be easy

    22. Cookie Pro

      Bra there’s something called breathing through your mouth IDIOT!!!

    23. Alexa pokemon


    24. Maxwell Curtis

      I'm not trying to be mean but Kaelyn where's way too much makeup

    25. TSG_SERG

      19:46 actually the camera man won lol!!!

    26. Jude Trujillo

      Anthony getting chubby

    27. Jude Trujillo

      That house still nicer than mine 😕

    28. Marissa Ventura

      Girls don't suck that is why I disliked it

    29. Uly Mendoza

      Wait But how Made it to Jupiter

    30. Hanoon Darjbara


    31. Saniya William

      Boys rule girls drool... haha I think not, pretty sure it’s the other way around

    32. Ember Christophers

      Rug: this is the world's smallest house Me: no mine is

    33. Mason M

      Make this a rental property dawg. Start investing fuck Gucci and all that

    34. Shannon Rose

      Where’s mike!!

    35. Halimo Ibrahim

      i am not your fan anymore

    36. Kd Vlogs xx

      how many times is he gonna says i’m apart of this challenge”

    37. Rhiannon Kulmayer

      U can't think that your going to win u have to know

    38. Kid_Furious_14 YT

      Coping Mr.Beast. Like if u believe he's trying to be like Mr.Beast

    39. BRdark

      Oh yh I wonder why u won yh fuck off u click baiting fuck

    40. jase allenson

      Like he didnt hear them climb the latter