Last To SHOWER Wins $10,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    This was SO GROSS!!
    We played a bunch of different mini games and the losers had to get disgusting items poured on them. If you shower, you lose.
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    1. FaZe Rug

      if you don’t like & subscribe right now you’ll smell like ketchup FOREVER. Don’t risk it!

      1. BJS Fans

        Nuuu plzz 😢

      2. Dox panda

        Almost throw up for the beans

      3. Bleu Hawley

        FaZe Rug I’d be fine with that but I subbed any way

      4. BODDIED

        Rug should give the camera guy money instead for his hard work🤔 wat u guys think

    2. Eddy Perez

      You should of called this video the nastiest person wins 😂

    3. SN1PER4Ze _YT


    4. Okay

      Damn rug is scrawny😂

    5. Lxoengael Diaz


    6. lucy Lyons

      hi just wondering how do you feel about juice WRLD

    7. Zeeshan Shaikh


    8. xaveria quincy

      Junior is so cute😆

    9. Jayden Revelant

      I haven’t showered in 1 month well I haven’t in 2

    10. Anthony Medina

      Wassent skittles expired

    11. Jamila Hotak

      Holy these people can't do pushups like what

    12. April Rose

      Look at junior’s tan line

    13. Lidia Suarez

      I love your videos.!!!💯

    14. Lidia Suarez

      Come to Santa ana soon.!💯California. Purple is my color

    15. Trevan Dahlgren

      junior gets 4 pushups me in kindergarten gets 11

    16. Bubba Stoll

      I don’t like skittles

    17. Quinn Anderson


    18. Kalifala Kourouma

      He lied said everthing is expired but he ate the Skittles

    19. Kuda Thugwete


    20. RD Kards

      0:28 TRY ME

    21. Landon James

      Surprised he didn’t have molly do this challenge

    22. Blitz Log23

      To be fair Rug had pretty much the most on him

    23. Jesus Torres

      Mines green

    24. osama almustafa


    25. BILAAL123JK

      Junior looks like he got a tan from his elbow going down

    26. Logan Maina

      The tan line on jr

    27. Keegan Springer

      Sense when do skittles expire

    28. Margaret Fournier


    29. Craig. Rau rhymesraig. Rau Rau

      >,1. .,,,;: mM, MMN. .z.

    30. Sinae Brewster

      2 thingz. 1: Don't disrespect my manz Steph Curry. 2: Love yhu FaZe

    31. Fs Youngster

      Like for a part two | \|/

    32. Alex Spettigue

      Just because its expired doesnt mean it's bad. The date is only best before

    33. Hunter Damron

      Red skittle

    34. Ema Tera

      13:08 that Throw tho....sooo amazing!!!! 👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏

    35. Bryan luna

      9:53 😂 😂

    36. Logan Gajewski

      I love your videos

    37. D Ibrahim

      If u love faze rug press the like Horton

    38. Liyana Bari

      Lol Papa Rug lost every single one till the fourth round?

    39. YT-XotiicCahp

      purple skit

    40. XxMXRCYxX_MiNi

      Bruh the food ain't expired