Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 - Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

13 mil. zhliadnutia17 724

    Try not to drop your iPhone off the 100 foot tall bridge... They had to hold their phones with just 2 fingers. This challenge got crazy!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      Who would try this challenge?

      1. Tariq Mahmoud

        @DdominikK me

      2. Veloci6aptor Xslayer


      3. -*sour cookies gacha life -*


      4. West Jordan


      5. Abdalla haji Ali

        come to my home dude

    2. Ricky Ramos

      Bro brawadis reaction was funny


      I go seven hours a day without my phone

    4. Jesus Carino

      I have a theory... What if, they have $10,000 but they use it for every video about $10,000. It is a consistent video. Think about it. Im not saying it is wrong but it makes sense for content.

    5. Waylith

      11:59 i thought i threw his phone off haha

    6. nyc now

      Video lowers peoples brain cells and IQ, what a shame to planet earth these kinds of worthless purposeless videos get so many views.

    7. AJ Seymour

      11:45 it looked like she tossed it 😂

    8. Mustafa Birimo

      Your not rich mrbeast is richer

    9. Grimreaper Will take your soul

      11:42 was so intense and funny

    10. Eunice Sanchez

      The hell is that 7:45

    11. Amaera Battice

      4:41 I thought brian said no switching hands

    12. Rabia Omer

      Why is he not wearing a shirt in public

    13. sam Beast

      I'm in 3rd grade and I now there's 7 contents I'm smarter than Anthony

      1. FranaPeaXD

        it was a joke...


      I love you serenity

    15. Taetae BangtAn

      She did it on purpose

    16. Degina Maharjan

      Now i know how river+man got i phones😒😛😨

    17. Pizza steven Bautista

      Go get the phones

    18. Ethan Osbourn

      I would! 😶

    19. Red Burst

      Kaelyn just literally threw her phone on perpose like if u agree

    20. riky cruz

      She yeeted her phone off the bridge 🌉 bish wa

    21. TTV_JR_YBN Wick

      Brian ask out kaelyn

    22. DaDreamer Jeecil

      Me rn- I want to go down and catch the iphone 😂


      who thinks they copied sis vs bro?

    24. Jacob Krueger

      But did you go get the shit you threw off the bridge? 🙄

    25. Darcy Sherman

      I’m 9 and I 𝐍𝐞𝐰 more history questions then him he sucks as a lower

      1. bruh

        What history questions did he get wrong? The only history question he had been asked was, "Who was the 16th president?" and he got that right. The only question he got wrong was how many continents are there. That's geography not history...

    26. Giuseppe Esposito

      Porco dio ti piace la pucchiacca

    27. Max Fisher

      Who else wanted to see the phones after they had been dropped?

    28. Abdirahman Abdulle

      Kaylen dodo it on purpose

    29. Tekashi _6ix9ine

      9:12 I put it on god I haven't seen the rest of the video(cause I paused it) BUT I think youtube was created 2005 because the first video on SVsel was on 2005 I put that on god I haven't unpaused we'll see.

      1. Tekashi _6ix9ine

        9:34 yes I knew it boiiii I swear I didnt cheated bro on god

    30. Seraphim Peters

      Went without my phone for 8 months

    31. Mason Winell

      9 13continents?! bruh go back to 1 grade

    32. Evangelina Hovsepyan

      Oh my god!

    33. Kane Billingham

      This guy c'mon would be good in I'm a celeb

    34. Skull_ NeoGJX

      I'ma go to that bridge and pick up those iphone n sell it to a recycling phone machine to gets some bucks 😂😂

    35. ArshanTheMartian

      Brian: *blows airhorn* One of the contestants: *falls off*

      1. Alexa Rock


      2. Newbornryu0

        ArshanTheMartian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Isaiah Madrid

      11:48 that was so forced💀💀💀

    37. Curly heady harm

      when he started itching her nose i sneezed

    38. Zain Ali

      You didn’t close your car door😂

    39. Shrek

      The second one was the winner because the winner did not drop their phone and it says LAST TO DROP, so 2nd place was the last to drop Big brain

      1. Ark_Abdullah

        Shrek smart

    40. Tabby Omwenga

      Aaah bruh this is so scripted but it's good