If You Laugh, You Lose $1,000 - TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE

FaZe Rug

2,3 mil. zhliadnutia2 537

    Don't laugh or else...
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    So we decided to do an impossible try not to laugh challenge, but if you do laugh, you lose $1,000... IT WAS SO HARD!! Did you laugh?
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      If you didn’t laugh throughout this video I will give you $10,000

      1. Biane Abdulla

        Why you usin faze rug for likes

      2. Martin Hernandez


      3. Ivan Ortiz

        I didn’t laugh

      4. Antonio Jarbo

        Pay up

      5. blue cotton

        OMG how

    2. DKCGaming •_•

      ononono o

    3. Amani Azema

      None of them like like like like a boss

    4. Aayan Ali

      Faze rug be like 👇👇

    5. King Gucci

      It is not funny

    6. Speed Ball

      one time, i laughed one time. @ 12:40 where the kid goes flying out the window😭

    7. Christos Nouros

      Is not funny

    8. lil spooky lil spooky

      I laughed one time 😁😁😁

    9. Yuvraj Tandon

      Only 2 times😬

    10. Catalina Gonzalez Martínez

      Hi i am big fan

    11. Jonathan Karayanis

      Your so lucky you have so much money and cool shoes😥😥😥

    12. tenchita81

      The VR one

    13. tenchita81

      The very one

    14. LilBrownFella MICHELLE SAMUEL

      The funniest part of this vid is the *Comment section*

    15. Adam F

      He did not make the vid,I already saw it on YT by someone else

    16. Scarleth Guzman

      I laughed 6 times

    17. Lanell Simms

      dude i laughed 8 times so thats 8.000

    18. Nathan ZB26

      That guy that said he going to be a dad is actually not a dad he’s a uncle or he had a kid with his sister

    19. mr cava Juan

      7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times

    20. Myles Naidoo

      I laughed every time

    21. Maja Maciejewska

      i JUST LAUGHED 3 TIMES I promise

    22. George Bouris

      I laughed ZERO times.

    23. Jessica Alonso

      I like how they they took like 4 minutes to start the video

    24. Dom Computer

      What is the video called

    25. Jg Thebeast3


    26. Sasuke Naruto 1 she Koski

      I meant laughed two times

    27. Sasuke Naruto 1 she Koski

      I laugh too tight

    28. Sasuke Naruto 1 she Koski

      I Laughed onets

    29. Priya Nijjar

      I didn't laugh at all!!

    30. Core

      I didn't

    31. Ritika Mukherjee

      9 times 🤣

    32. Family Adventures

      The videos were not funny.

    33. Souzan Gorgers

      I did not laugh

    34. Dk Spewky

      Give me your money i did not laghth

    35. Brooklynn kotara


    36. Nicole Collum

      Plz I downloaded it I really shoes I’m size 6 1/2 plzzz

    37. Noah Draper

      This is like the movie with thanos in it: Thanos: -Snaps fingers-. Superheros: We're okay! Thanos: Hey friends :D! Let's never fight again! Superheros: YAY!

    38. Silvia Martinez


    39. The Funny Bros Vlog


    40. Tiger Vij

      what the heck subscribe can I have a shoutout