I got her pregnant...

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    I'm going to be a dad guys... I broke the news to all of my friends to see the advice they would give me. Hope you enjoyed the video!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

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      1. Logic Gaming

        Watch Live PD bro.

      2. Logic Gaming

        Are you white? I'm mad at this point

      3. Logic Gaming

        Are you white tho?

      4. Logic Gaming

        And oh yeah faze rug the internet says your a white boy and but not everything true on the internet type in FaZe Rug Wikipedia BRO.

      5. Logic Gaming

        i don't think soo bro.

    2. kevin garcia

      FaZe Adapt: You stupid Me: IM DEAD

    3. Jennifer Loves

      He should have done the prank to RiceGum

    4. Anisa Shequna

      I miss mike the homeless

    5. Ralph Vhyncent Pesa

      WDY?? what do you mean ?? bro


      Probably cause tree house NOT TO BE RUDEEEEE

    7. Ana Sanchez

      "I got her pregnant" "who"? "My name is Jeff" THATS ALL I HEAR LOL

    8. Head Of Government

      Adapt "you knocked her up" rug "hmm" adapt "you stupid"

    9. bumble playz

      Whyyyyyyy dis prankkkkkk

    10. Spekc38

      Alex is so stoned

    11. Finikera Vlogs

      "Yeah I want him to be a basketball payer"

    12. Oof taker Fortnitegod

      Lol my name is Jeff who my name is jeff

    13. DabosSWORD Yeet

      Me when I saw the title YOU WHAT

    14. Deeper or Bass Boosted

      When i was about to watch this i got a ad for birth control


      Oh for a second I believed it


      Did u really!


      Yoo you got whoop pregnunt waaaaat

    18. Head Of Government

      Lol raze fug

    19. Frosty Boi

      Adapt: "you knocked her up?" Rug: "Yeah..." Adapt: " you stupid..... "

    20. Christopher Gonzales

      Who else want a little rug

    21. Yiyo rito

      Ur name faz fuck that a good name lol

    22. Waxi


    23. Raes Zafran

      *He got Jeff pregnant.*

    24. Keara V.

      "I'm gonna be a dad, me, little baby rug" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Cristofer Ramirez

      Bette knock on wood boii

    26. Angel Magdaleno

      When they ask who u can clearly see that he said kaylan

    27. Ahmed Mohsin

      Rug;like I'm tall Height;am I a joke to you

    28. Gabriela Arteaga

      Does anyone know where fazerug lives?

    29. Izzy Shreko

      Now you know what we want....

    30. Phantom

      12 min 44 there is a gun on blazes table no joke rn

    31. dan delmendo

      They are good friends

    32. Vortex

      The boy who cried wolf

    33. Bluethegamer16

      Raze fug faze rug

    34. Spooky Takes-Walls

      Hey rug ik this is a prank but why didn't you wear a condom

    35. Yaha Blah

      What ACE Family gotta do with this ?

    36. SmilesWithHearts

      Alex is a good friend. I liked how he gave advice

    37. Monica 503

      “ace family type shit huh” damn lol

    38. lol ok

      Rug: “I got her pregnant” Blaze: *stands on chair*

    39. YodelingBuster IOS

      At the time he says its a prank i left the vid

    40. Mama Zee

      New youtubers let's gather here and support each other. I will subscribe to anyone who subscribe to my channel