Harry Styles - ‘Adore You’ Official Video Trailer (Eroda)

Harry Styles

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    ‘Adore You’ official video coming Dec 6
    In all the seas, in all the world, there has never been a land quite like the isle of Eroda.
    Shaped unmistakably like a frown, it is home to all but forgotten fishing village that has had perpetual cloud cover for as long as anyone can remember.
    An isle where some still believe that it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub.
    where seeing a minster in the morning, meant you should go home immediately.
    Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck, some say it’s to pay to have your body buried if you die in a strange port.
    It was also frowned upon to be caught whistling in the wind, in fear you might turn a gust into a gale.
    And if ever you leave Eroda, avoid doing so on odd numbered days…
    everyone was always frowning anyway. Which they referred to as Resting Fish Face.
    But then…well something peculiar happened…or I mean…someone peculiar happened.
    The Boy was... peculiar... from the moment he entered the world.
    No one ever meant to be mean towards him, but in a town grown used to way things were, no one knew what to do with something... different.
    They did their very best to ignore it... hoping it would go away... and eventually so did The Boy.
    He had lost his smile and without it the world grew darker, the wind colder, and the ocean more violent.
    The Boy was not alone in his melancholy.
    He wondered what could bring despair to something so beautiful.
    He tried to ignore the fish, but loneliness is an ocean full of travelers trying to find their place in the world.
    But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbor.
    He wondered what cruel twist of fate brought them together, and if fate was indeed involved, what did she have in store.
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    1. gaby

      We need to write (for my English class) about place that we want to visit (my dream trip) and I was thinking about writing about London but then I came up with the idea to write about Eroda.. Should I, I mean I don't know ?

    2. Jayde Blackmar

      This is so fuckin weird I love it

    3. Leylanii Duran

      I'm officially erodian

    4. eve froot

      i love him with all my heart

    5. ReLike Vibes

      Check out the best lyrics vid of this song svsel.info/video/video/1Hi1fYHJoMfal3M.html

    6. Fanclubejonasrodrigues


    7. Gloria Alejandra Juarez Salazar

      Rosalia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8. Love musical theatre


    9. virgO corp izzy_Oggy

      Harry should make a movie..he is a good actor i wud love to make him my role model even if i am 95 years old

    10. virgO corp izzy_Oggy


    11. Ireumeun Disappointment

      I cry.

    12. Celeste G

      La rosalia

    13. Jeyashrri Saravanan

      Who could be more creative than styles??!

    14. someone

      Harry es un nenito :c

    15. maisa abdusamed

      Am i the only one who's loving that *narration*

    16. Melanie Morales

      Is that Rosalia ??? The one narrating

    17. X Mixes

      I lost it at that burning umbrella 😂

    18. sips Tae

      *Resting fish face* I'm choking here.

    19. Rushikesh JADHAV

      I was wondering why eroda sounds familiar Then I spelled adore backwards

    20. katherinemezza

      La RosaliAaaaaa !

    21. Dita Nasution

      Naruto series in a nutshell

    22. Gloria J

      I need..... a *movie*

    23. Tam Batalla

      La Rosalía 💖💖

    24. Sky worth


    25. BriannaJuneau

      does he get a fish friend????

    26. RooAguilar2000

      Her accent is terrible

    27. Heavy Dirty Soul

      He has such a great voice, I was really hoping his music was going to go a different way after he quit One Direction.

    28. Sheri Hladky

      the boy was ~pecULiar~

    29. GiGi Masman

      Voice: Rosalía

    30. Kris ten

      *resting B***CH face*

    31. ProSkillzDragonGal


    32. Florencia Gomez

      I don't want a music video, i need a whole series based on this. And i need it now

    33. Beatriz Vieira

      ily babe 😖

    34. Beatriz Vieira

      meldels, eu tenho tanto orgulho do que vc se tornou 😩💖✨🇧🇷

    35. Justin Jefferson

      "I'd walk through fire for you" "just let me adore you"

    36. Brittan Wawro

      Adore backwards: Eroda 🤯

    37. Alexa camacho

      Harry I love you , you can be my friend don’t worry

    38. Isa Moguel

      Is that la Rosalia

    39. Sara Zandy

      in love with the way you've flourished

    40. Mikha elle

      0:34 Me, be like : (‘◉⌓◉’) hazza ilysm