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    My friend Molly Eskam and I decided to go to the worlds biggest INFLATABLE water park, and it was literally in the ocean!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug


      1. RexyYT 33


      2. Bry

        Been subbed since CoD

      3. Taylor Anderson

        Subscribe if you want to come with me next time !!

      4. Samar Ahmad

        Yea but nah because shark

      5. kyijvgvnkkbggfhokjlolg Tg yvjhgkjb un jv kb Varlam

        Faze rug you are the best 🥰😘❤️❤️ I love you

    2. Midget 19

      they have rn his at my canp

    3. lilzay zay robison

      Love you 😘

    4. Benjamin Engell

      In the next. Video can you give 100,000 dollars to a homeless person

    5. Avery Anderson

      kids 1997 dont got phone kids 219 i got 200 phones

    6. Keanu du Plessis

      You are the best youtuber I ever seen before

    7. Matthew Nortrup

      i have been on a way bigger one

    8. Lxmda_CLAN _

      Się sieht aus wie loredana😂

    9. Dezire's Universe

      You should have chosen a different youtuber to go with rug. Maybe one that doesnt fit into the whole "girls are only into makeup and dresses" stereotype

    10. Yenny Medina

      Who else went to the beach in James Madison elementary last year this is the same beach

      1. Marcos Duzman

        No it’s in Newport

    11. Helen Barker

      sub or the grim reaper will come to your house

    12. Fortnite Cwc

      Molly is so sexy

    13. Mollie Steff

      Guys just shut the f**k up you guy just need to leave her alone yea you guy probably don't like her but you don't need to be so mean and so what if she where's a lot of make up but she where's a lot of make up for a reason it's probably because she doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin and you guys just making it worse so take my advice and shut the f**k up

    14. pau santos

      Actually that is not the worlds biggest inflatable park. The boggest one was in the Philippines

    15. Camryn Marsden

      She said my abs you dont have any and shes boring

    16. Jezel kathleen key Agman

      Noah😍😍😍😍 What is the IG of Noah please huhuhu i fell in love

    17. Lylianah Saucedo

      I went to that water park and There was fish and a sting Ray warning

    18. greatest kaden channel

      Noah and molly

      1. greatest kaden channel


    19. Brody Lee

      Please tell me??!!

    20. Brody Lee

      Where is it at?

    21. Brody Lee

      What’s the name of this place?

    22. Jesus Mendez Ortega

      molly is so hot in she bra.

    23. Dennis Bashline

      Right now is thanksgiving

    24. Addy Hernandez

      WOW why is everyone saying "molly just came for the bikini" Are you best friends to know how she feels?....... NO! You guys are just online bullying and she might feel sad and insecure all because you guys are being PRICKS!

    25. I Watch Spongebob

      10:10 13:00

    26. Charles Hoffman


    27. عوض يوسف


    28. Natalia Ramos-Rosa

      You guys should have done try not to get wet challenge lol

    29. Anthony sierra


    30. 1000 subs with no vids? Please Thanks

      I ship Noah and Molly like if u agree

    31. Christy Wolfe

      molly did not go down the slide she fell down the slide.

    32. Rapid The gangster

      I know it was two months ago but Molly is a scaredy-cat and she is so scared trust me I been there before and I wasn’t scared Molly isScared why is Molly scared

    33. Ishrat 2011

      Can Molly ever stop complaining?

    34. Mahdev Patel

      Like an subscribe to join faze

    35. Zac & Rachel

      That is not the biggest in the world

    36. CaptainKnight4618

      I’m late along time but her said 29 51

    37. MikeTanithRowan Poulsen

      Don't be mean to Molly guys she seems really kind

    38. PS4 Jay

      It was so funny when that kid was like I told you!!!!

    39. Asia Perven

      This is so fun and cool 🤯💋💕😍🤩🤡👻☠️

    40. Charley Kite

      Stop hating on molly she has control of her own life!!!!!!