Giving People The iPhone 11 IF They Shave Their Head...

FaZe Rug

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    I went around a college campus with different prizes asking people to do crazy challenges for them, someone let me SHAVE THEIR HEAD for the new iPhone 11!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. hoya jung

      I hate black licorice . not supposed to be dissing

    2. Sebastian Roman

      I would cut my hair because it will grow back soon

    3. GGB MAKO

      Faze rug: does anybody like black licorice Me: 😟😖🤮🤢

    4. ExtraSync

      Only for the pro not the cheap color one

    5. Gacha Luni

      Rug:shaving peoples head and giving them iphone 11 Bald people:Are we a joke to you?

    6. Tonio Salloum

      I want a nintendo switch😢

    7. Tonio Salloum

      Sign me up

    8. jatin sashreek

      Me I will shave my head cuz my dandruff

    9. Murron McElroy

      I love it

    10. Junior and Reads TV

      I would

    11. Julian Haddad

      Honestly, I would love a free haircut.

    12. Megolo 7

      Im half icelandic so i love black licoris. Sry for my bad 🇬🇧english

    13. Alberto Correa

      My hair grows fast

    14. LeoDaBeast YT

      I would

    15. Maria Arce

      Yo that man likes black licorice. He said it doesn’t tast good

    16. Haste Zzzz

      Gotta love that FaZe blaze outro

    17. 05mega05

      Make this blue or you will have bad luck forever⬇️

      1. Kdorjor

        I need to have a bad luck.

    18. rowan E

      I like black licorice

    19. Nerdii

      Heaps of ppl in Australia like black licorice

    20. Matilda Sharpe


    21. Mr Savage

      Ok eat any amount of black licorish to meat faze rug big fan man

    22. bestclipever

      Shave my head just give me the IPhone 11 Pro please

    23. Babylyn Pinpin

      me i would if u give me iphone 11

    24. scooter 6

      I would even know I have one ha

    25. Christian Jasper Miranda

      shave all the hair i have on my fff body for iphone 8. im fine

    26. Josue Alonso Espino

      I love my hair.

    27. Nick Larson

      My dad loves black licorice

    28. Mohammed Kulmiya


    29. OMG_Is_It_DNOYOLA

      I would just shave it for me to see you

    30. Maria Eugenia Batista

      Yes I like that candy.

    31. Maria Eugenia Batista

      Too I am a boy cause I am using my moms account

    32. Maria Eugenia Batista

      Me cause when i cut my hair my hair goes to its normal state in 5 days

    33. Amelia Colliss

      No way

    34. shadow walkers

      I am ready

    35. Chloe Nevaeh11

      I sorta like black liquorish

    36. Zeferino Lopez

      Brian picking up the chair Me: throw it Faze rug: doing crazy sign Him: being crazy and doing crazy shit

    37. James Lasseur

      You can to me

    38. UrgentBanana formula

      I love black licorice

    39. Judith Navarrete

      I like it

    40. Aracelyse Felix

      I have the 11 and I love my hair too so I would never shave my hair ok I would do it for a special cause but for an iPhone nope lol

    41. RafaTOcool 125

      i would shave my head who doesnt want a 11

    42. rebellion rebel1

      I like black licorice

    43. hhxulv_aesthichuh aesthetic vizs

      I would shit

    44. David Quartey

      Did what

    45. Kima K

      Bro you should have gave the girl the speaker anyways and not ask the other girls

    46. Mohd Ali

      Why don’t give online give away who are in the other country

    47. Endrit Gerxhaliu


    48. Maribel Bunnell

      I For the iPhone 11

    49. JoMaCh Gamers


    50. Joshua Andrews

      i would shave my hair off for an i phone product

    51. TTV FlipperOX 21


    52. David Mejia

      I would shave my head

    53. Juan Reyes

      I would it will grow pack

    54. Keepingupwith Myaa

      Brian: Are You Serious? Bro, let me show you how to do it... Also Brian: So I Put My Hands Up An- hahahaha That really made my day lol😂😂😂😂

    55. Lawson Bragg

      Yeessss Absolutely

    56. Mia White Unicorn

      I won’t shave I a👩🏻‍🦰

    57. Denver bro


    58. Oscar Vasquez

      not m i got one cause my dad i am 9

    59. SG shirito


    60. OGAKTysen

      I would