Find the Golden Egg, Win the Car - Egg Hunt Challenge

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    If you find the egg with the car keys inside of it, you win the car!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      Who would win this Easter egg hunt from you all?!

      1. Ayiesha Connelly


      2. Michelle Ellis

        FaZe Rug I love you rug

      3. yovng_drippn

        FaZe Rug you should prank your dad and surprise him

      4. sayida ramouni


      5. Golden Ninja Gaming


    2. Tracy Diaz

      Why is Rug suck an amazing person?

    3. Kaashif Naseer

      Please show your house

    4. Pure Tryhard1

      “Habiby I see glitter “ and this is the 100 time if watched this

    5. Delbert Canterbury

      I am subscribed

    6. Chase Terrones

      Who else got that sad ad about Antwan Rose. Respect and good luck to his family ❤️

    7. Juan Silva

      me myself

    8. Nog_ Ops_K1ng

      F added

    9. Nog_ Ops_K1ng

      Black kitty

    10. Nog_ Ops_K1ng


    11. Nog_ Ops_K1ng

      Lets go

    12. Nog_ Ops_K1ng

      Insane vid

    13. Mr. Blue

      So dope !!

    14. Ayiesha Connelly

      I'm 10 and I'm a SVselr but your better

    15. Ayiesha Connelly

      Hey I think your the best SVselr ever

    16. Jake Aguilera

      This video was posted 3 days before my birthday

    17. The Walker

      Cute pug😀🤩

    18. Fun channel

      Who else fast forwarded the add

    19. Fun channel


    20. ImNerdRager !

      who the hell buys a 500$ gift card to starbucks 😂

    21. KingEricTheBest

      Faze rug is the most predictable guy ever 😂

    22. Cesar Sanchez

      Love your videos make people smile

    23. james gossett

      You don't need to tap ur phone to play idle heroes

    24. Kierstyn Watters

      19:20 "im so exited for this one, Wait how do i drive it".

    25. Hockey-boy02

      Can we talk about this ? 5:37 😂

    26. Laloempz14 Official

      5:38 are we just gonna ignore the fact that his cousin didnt wanna give him a hug ,lol

    27. Carlos Ríos

      Chanel: I am so excited for the lambo Chanel: How do I drive it

    28. yoncefan1 mehmet

      Who else was thinking.... “what if jay gets the car?”

    29. Bryce DeVincentis

      that was a great idea faze rug you are the best youtuber ever i have liked all your vid and have subscribed

    30. Yudit Gaspar

      Faze rug do video of staying hanted house for 24 hours

    31. Yudit Gaspar

      Flore lava 5 4 3 2 1

    32. Mr. Mule

      Who else wishes you were his cousin

    33. DallasTanis

      15:14 jessica: "So, im gonna hold this here to my heart." *then sits on it.* xD

    34. Keara V.

      its crazy how literally all of brians cousin and him look all like siblings

    35. Chase Ramsey

      Who else just skips the part where they talk about there sponsor

    36. Chloe Moudy

      That was really cool. You sure do know how to give out the best gifts.

    37. Eric Cai

      I love sex

    38. Tiger Vij


    39. NodiatisRedeye YouTube

      I love how he edited it out but 5:37 rug goin for the hug but she reaches for the dog. Perfect example of my life 😂