FaZe Rug “Goin’ Live” Official Lyrics & Meaning

FaZe Rug

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    A lot of people were wondering what the lyrics of my song were, so I explained it all in this video! Also yes this was a skit :)
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    1. FaZe Rug

      This was just a skit but it was hilarious hahaha. Day 4 of Vlogmas is a success!

      1. Jose Birueta

        Hi how you doin

      2. GUCCI _clappZ

        I liked the song

      3. Eman Ali Durrani


      4. BALLY guy

        @ambreen zahid yh

      5. ambreen zahid

        I loved it rug 😊

    2. Starr Campbell

      The sun glasses tho😂😂

    3. Rayyano's Channel

      6:45 what's ‏about SKKKRRRTTTtTtTtTTT

    4. Jaden Edwards

      Tehe quit trying just stop

    5. E O


    6. Joel Nystrand

      Haha I'm can't stop laughing

    7. Muks Jamal

      Bro im sorry but that song is kinda dumb like literily

    8. Llama

      7:52 voice crack lol

    9. Juan Carlos Auguayo

      right when he said "I believe that this could really take off" his chain comes off. 2:48

    10. scam likely

      " I qUiT YoU TuBe LiKe 10 MiNds AgO

    11. Gogeta

      I thought he was actually going to pull out a fan like a youtube fan

    12. Gogeta

      Papa rug with the roasts

    13. Alex Ghebru

      Brian says Gucci sandals and then puts his leg up and he’s wearing green balenciaga shoes

    14. Loretta Woods

      Hell no stay to making videos. I mean I love faze rug but no


      At 5:30 there is a typo ..

    16. MST Vex


    17. EpicFlex

      8:32 hmmm it wasn´t a nightmare because if you look really closely at his shoes. he is still wearing his aligators! isn´t that crazy guys ;)

    18. Alex Ghebru

      Did anyone notice how they spelt the

    19. Demetri Garcia Vlogs


    20. Demetri Garcia Vlogs


    21. Demetri Garcia Vlogs


    22. Mustafa Khan

      i dont know if you should become a rapper because your the best youtuber

    23. Mr. Toxic

      Is that fr gake jewelry?

    24. Brian Cramer

      Best song in a long time

    25. Majstor Jedai

      7:11 im like yuh... GOT ME DEAD OF LAUGHING😂😂

    26. IceD_TrAgiiCz

      You just posted Cringe

    27. Al-Je Corpin

      Noah is so funny 😂...I like the music by the way...😍

    28. King Killer2o479

      I thought it was real because I was about to cringe so bad 🙄

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    30. Destiny Gaming

      4:43 1 like =1 prayer for noah

    31. Ayden Angel

      Papa rug in 7:45 was hilarious lol

    32. Angel GNs

      Yo Rug snapped 5 watches in your hand 😂👏

    33. mateen rostami

      fuck those peolpe who's disrespecting you i fuck with you.

    34. Axel Torres

      I fucking lost it when papa rug said “what is that shit” 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Cassandra Bustos

      This video was so funny 😂

    36. Sway -_- Yoda


    37. Tengis Temuulen

      SKKKKKKKKRRTTTTTT thats about it..

    38. Shamik Dandekar

      Thw world

    39. Valorina Hernandez

      “ What is that shit “ I’m fucccken cryinnn 😂😭💀 Lmaoo I can not with this video 💀

    40. Malik Ade

      So fucking funny

    41. ximena sagastume

      I legit can’t 😂😂

    42. Maha Latif

      Bro it is not available in my country

    43. Zurgx Yt

      Me singing around my family 5:53

    44. Adonai Flores Solis

      8:23 lol I’m dead

    45. Adonai Flores Solis

      This video is to fucking funny lol love your vids bro keep it up

    46. Daniel Torres

      I just pulled up in the Lambo scrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

    47. JuNiOr LoCo And

      Songs pretty lit honestly add it on spotify ❤️

    48. Lady Unicorn

      6:27 rug- okay so that was like the last part. and i guess it was preaty self explained noah- okay are we gonna have a fucking problem rug- huh! are you talking right now noah- ya ya rug- dude what the fucks up

    49. YouTube_ Viscous_Z

      Show me what you did in the studio: Noah SkiRrt

    50. Dylan

      Who ever said those comments ur the dog shut ur the dummies ur the person who lives in there parents basement when he’s working making money on his 24mil subscribed

    51. Arcully

      He retired his dad from work to get roasted in singing.

    52. Olivo Viva

      no plz

    53. FISHFOOD 23

      8:10 “what is this is that alligator?”

    54. callum shearer

      Love it


      It sucks damn

    56. vicoco caramel cats

      3:47 BAHAHAHAHA

    57. vicoco caramel cats

      when they read the comment BAHAHAHAHSHAHAHAHA there so funny

    58. Muhammad Luay

      I like when he’s so are we going to have a problem 4:44

    59. Silma Sandoval

      I lost it when papa rug said “look at ur shoes is that a alligator 🐊 “🤣🤣

    60. Andrew Spain

      Just stop men ur trash