FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    We ended up making REAL LAVA, and then pouring it on some satisfying items! Which one was your favorite?! This was CRAZY!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. Denar Bascoe

      That's not lava

    2. grandinosour

      Short pants and an short sleeved shirt while handling molten metals....MORON!!!

    3. Marcos Mauleon Villasenor

      faze rug can I try it at a park

    4. Mia Contreras

      You vids are good idk 😐 why SVsel does that like Please

    5. mysterymasterking Mystery

      Dry ice

    6. Zid Klifford

      why the lava is metal or white HAHA

    7. Bradley Kal

      That's a dope vedio👌👍

    8. Ahmed Ehsan Addon

      THE LAVA LOOKS ♿♿♿♿

    9. Dexter Chong

      It’s ok that you tried to make REAL lava

    10. Brooklyn Prado

      most satisfying object: Orbeez

    11. CTC_ GoAt

      Hi I am a new content creator if you could subscribe to me that would be appreciated thank you bye

    12. Twisted Lazar

      10:24 checking for mice or rodents

    13. gage. blakley

      The orbees or the coolest one how it lit up.

    14. gage. blakley

      That is not lava real lava would burn thrue stuf in 3 seconds

    15. Richard Richard

      That’s not lava that is gallium

    16. Ivan Check


    17. Amy Harjoche

      Ur reading this cmt when u haven’t even watched the whole vid

    18. Jackson Vlogs

      Dry ice

    19. Zye


    20. [PBA]WILL’s gaming

      faze rug is my favorite faze Member

    21. ekta agarwal

      But the idea was very good

    22. ekta agarwal

      Aluminium cans were not okay bruv

    23. Marco MartinezMendez

      Who is that 6 46

    24. Crispy N

      So mind blowing experiments🤯

    25. Makhi Tillman


    26. Daniel Roldan


    27. Caidin Armstrong

      I’m not gonna try it at home but I will try it at my friends house. 😀can’t wait

    28. Sina Alirezaei


    29. Tyler May

      You have the coolest grandma and grandpa

    30. Ella Williams

      Thank you

    31. Mikah Chiusano

      The tipods

    32. Mikah Chiusano

      The water melion

    33. Faze rug

      My dad traps Coyotes for a livening

    34. sexynessn300


    35. T Family

      Imagine Water balloon bowl: EXPLODES FaZe Rug: Drops 2700 degree cup on foot😂 This is how many F's in chat the orbeez got 👇

    36. Ross Philbrook

      If it was real lava it would burn everything

    37. bluocean2

      Rug: who would make lava in their backyard? only me. The Backyard Scientist: hold my beer

    38. Sean Beach

      tide pods

    39. Lols brother gameing

      You are my favourite SVsel

    40. ZaneGamesZ

      its called molten alluminum