Eating Only ONE Colored Food for 24 HOURS! **Rainbow Food Challenge**

FaZe Rug

3,1 mil. zhliadnutia3 388

    Today my friends Tanner Fox and Molly Eskam came over to do the one colored food challenge! We got pretty unlucky with the colors...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      subscribe or your favorite color will just disappear

      1. Kate Thompson

        If you make it really thick veggmite

      2. Josh Gebara

        She has a nice rack, get her to strip for us

      3. Bellami Hernandez

        FaZe Rug I love you so much👶🏼👦🏼👧🏽👨🏽👩🏼👱🏼👮🏽👴🏽👵🏼👲🏻👳🏽👷🏽💂🏼🕵🏼🎅🏽👼🏿👸🏽👰🏽🚶🏼🏃🏽

      4. Bellami Hernandez

        Sohamsta your cute

      5. Bellami Hernandez

        FaZe Rug I love you😘😍😻

    2. David Cooper

      Click baiter

    3. Bannister Word

      I love black licrish

    4. jamie cullen

      I’m colour blind with blue and purple like tanner

    5. uzi 69

      yo faze do a truth or dare with your ex

    6. Elijah Garcia

      tanner “take a good bight if the cabbage it’s lettuce

      1. Elijah Garcia

        lol love you gius

    7. Elijah Garcia

      24 hours not 5 min lol

    8. hi world

      Tanner has the best one. Burnt beef and licorice? 😋 mmmmmm

    9. Brandon Dube

      Rug cacao is in French it means black chocolate 😂 lmao

    10. Ayden Cripps

      Ice cream

    11. Gerardo Vasquez Narcizo

      Molly has nice boobys 🥵

    12. Gerardo Vasquez Narcizo


    13. Josefa Guarco

      3:37 Tanner is cheating you can see him in the back

    14. xXSunilXx - Gaming

      i think he only put the colors they want, just saying

    15. fasih rehman

      its albertsons;] the shop name

    16. Sparklez Pig

      Popsicles That r melted 🤨

    17. Sparklez Pig

      I love licorice

    18. Axxess Auraッ

      Well well welll done that shit going to Be BURNT to a crisp

    19. Austan Dillingham

      leave a like on this comment if you like black licorish

    20. Rhian Beatrice Dela Cruz

      faze rug: what's cacao Davao (Phillipines): Am I a joke to you

    21. Jonathan Cruz

      You forgot Oreos faze rug

    22. Brooklynn Carter

      Black beans

    23. Steven And Dom happy

      U forgot the live skunk rug

    24. Ahlam Muntaser

      This vid is dumb because in the being of the vid rug said we are doing this for 24 hours but they did it for 5 minutes😡 like if u agree👍

    25. Ahlam Muntaser

      This vid is dumb

    26. Philippine Vlogging Comunity

      you forgot something dude, a Black dog foods and the charcoal drink you know that?

    27. Andrew Gerken

      You were supposed to eat it for 24 hours no 10 minutes 🤦‍♀️



    29. Fortnite- Mehdi

      Coca cola

    30. Super banana 3421

      Black spaghetti 6:00

    31. EDUGC 04

      Sidemen 2.0

    32. Riley Swereda

      Oreos with no icing

    33. flamingos son

      My butt hole is blue

    34. LZ iGGi

      5:59 your mom

    35. Quin Lester

      Okay faze rug you have to understand me.... Your 23 and like a buck 50 so u dont need to diet all the time u need to eat and bulk son

    36. Little Ninjas

      Who edited this video because Molly got blue in the thumbnail it is red

    37. Olivia Rooney

      You could have had oreos for black

    38. savage41

      Grapes āre black

    39. Jaylen Billingham

      She is so hot

    40. Emma Raukhman

      For the black food you forgot black beans. Big fan!

      1. JDP 13

        Emma Raukhman My god that’s crazy but nobody asked

    41. Natasha Pineda

      Black beans

    42. WavySZN

      Chocolate/Cookies and cream ice cream

    43. Maria Alanis

      Brian you forgot oreos

    44. ShaggyOregano 19

      Look for a black man eset

    45. Rebeca Alvarado

      Hiiiii kiss me faze rug im 22😍😗😘👫👪💏💑👰😙

    46. GoldenDaily


    47. Karin Haugeneder

      Chocolate chips

    48. BALTREX šukys

      Black food is oreos

    49. JoJo Collins

      did you guys see there was a ghost when they show the clip or like a man

    50. Hay Leb

      I know this is weird but her cleavage is big


      U forgot a chocolate cake

    52. Bad Guys book and Juan Rosales 2

      Black licerish is the opposite of twisller because Black licerish is black and Twisller is red

    53. fouad Yazbeck


    54. fouad Yazbeck


    55. Crazy Pineapple

      Blue corn is sorta black

    56. Sarah Morey

      You forgot caviar🐠

    57. Adonai Flores Solis

      Is it me or molly is so pretty



    59. Mahreen Rafiq

      can't believe Brian didn't get sushi

    60. craig m

      you're missing black beans