Eating ONLY School Lunch for 24 HOURS! **bad idea**

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    So today I took on the challenge to see if I can eat school lunch for a whole entire day.. And let's just say school lunch has changed...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. FaZe Rug

      The school lunch was surprisingly good.. What's your favorite meal?

      1. Maddy Rund

        FaZe Rug my favorite meal depends on how I feel that day because one day I will really like a meal, then the day after I wouldn’t like it.

      2. K-POP_ Multifandom


      3. Gacha_Panda UvU


      4. Charlie Lewis

        Your food is so much better than mine

      5. VALERIE Irwin

        I don't get my school lunch I bring my school lunch

    2. Vannessa Gonzales

      Did you see rugs pricing in his ear

    3. noe martinez

      bye rat rug but im f##

    4. Richard Morris

      My school saves that and I do not like it

    5. [ĻĎȒ]ìƛƋϦϡ gaming

      I mean my school lunch is good and i do not go to private school at all

    6. Dylan Pater

      Its a dutch brand

    7. Melly Bell

      I do

    8. Mina Adeelah

      Why you don’t do an Arabic video

    9. Antonio Torres

      They have those at my school there good

    10. Maiyuran S

      your a really nice kid smash that like button if you agree

    11. Gaming Efe203

      Wtf, if you come to Romania at a school, we eat a small brwad whit milk or a apple whit biuscuits, or you need to go to the minimarket from school to get what you want ( sorry if my emglish is bad, but in my country is not speacking english very good )

    12. Cookie _321

      To me thats like heaven that food looks so good i come frome sweden and in my school we get chit food

    13. Joshua Beard

      We still have the milk in a bag

    14. Aurangzeb Jamil

      Behram is trash

    15. Braeley Craig

      I HATE SCHOOL LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. goonbomb

      I do in my school

    17. Lyna Ma

      I’m sorry but that’s my school it’s straight up crappy food. It tastes like it came from prison. I always starve and that crappy shit ain’t nutritious. You’re hella lucky Faze Rug.

    18. Haider Khawaja

      Do dodkdod

    19. Byggare Bob

      The school lunches are free in Sweden

      1. liil rocky


    20. Nsquare 222

      my school has a legit gift shop and ice cream stand

    21. Ashton Palos


    22. raisin dot

      They don’t ask us but they put mustard on it

    23. Chevo Sierra

      Who has spicy chicken sandwich in school

    24. Chevo Sierra

      Yup I have it

    25. Spinny T

      Why do you get breakfast at your schools we only have lunch at school I was want

    26. Jace Herrera

      Ya we got mozzarella sticks at windermere elementary school lol

    27. NFS Solo Recon

      Nobody: Rug: is orange juice supposed to look yellow?

      1. Fransisca Mejia

        no only og fortnite players know its brown

    28. Mohammad Said

      At 3:23 when he was eating it sounds so wired OMG

    29. SadWRLD Deaths


    30. Jacob Beast

      Do you know royalty fam there kid feran goes there I’m subbed but your way better

    31. YT_ XClover

      My school give about food they found in the trash and use sink water for the water bottles.

    32. Charlie R


    33. edrrkk

      I live in the same city as Faze Rug and most of the food he is eating is the same as my school.

    34. K X Y D E N

      I get packed lunch lol and school lunch at my school is whole wheat bread and a slice of frozen superstore turkey

    35. Shawn Pierce

      i still get mozzarella sticks and im in 8th grade

    36. i love bacon mans


    37. Apple updates

      Why are they eating from where the other person bit

      1. JeffyTheMessi Gaming

        Apple updates I mean they are brothers

    38. jkl_laserd channel

      was the orange juice pee?

    39. Beckham CB BROS

      I like those bagels

    40. Sam L

      Dude snow berry is the best. My opinion