Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video)

Dua Lipa

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    1. EJNFG

      LANY’s Paul Klein wrote about their relationship in their newest album “Malibu Nights”, the song “Run” is about Dua coming back to her Ex and making Paul look like a rebound. Many songs in the album are inspired from their relationship like “Run”,”I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore”, and “Valentine’s Day”. And i think this song is for Paul with the lyrics “Aren’t you the guy who tried to hurt me with the word ‘Goodbye’”

    2. Raiza J

      Me: Are we there yet? Mum: 2:07

    3. Vihar Ankam

      can someone please help me get 1000 subs, pleaseeeeeee

    4. David Jacker

      Who is here from India...??? 👇👍

    5. asldfj234

      Such a good song

    6. oscar siera

      I swear to god, I seriously have this huge crush on you. 💖

    7. Данил Хамитов

      Ищешь русский комментарий?

    8. Sxlcito Min

      Loving Dua😙💙

    9. Aarya Kulkarni

      These are the number of people who love this song ⬇

    10. Baby Girl

      Love the song it's a bop. But for a second I swear she looked like Hailey Baldwin (oops before I get attacked... Hailey Bieber)

    11. tea spilled

      This is literally a H&M kinda vibe lmao

    12. Biswajit Roy

      Dua lipa is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. Ajai Anil


    14. Box Medya

      best syrian singer ever :)

    15. Oscar Leon

      This a dude

    16. Zainab Abbas

      She is talented singer and dancer and her voice is so deep 😍😍🤩

    17. Ellie Kizatonami

      This give me 2020's vibes and it's not even 2020

    18. tiarnan

      kosovan knacker

    19. solo rhythm section

      Awesome! a new pop song with funky bass guitar! More real instruments in pop music please! well done Dua Lipa

    20. Brandon Esqueda

      THAT TOP

    21. n!ck!

      So Cool ❤

    22. Blizzard *

      2:33 and after is literal awesomeness

    23. Cece Danielsen

      This is the best disco dance music I've ever heard 💃💃💃

    24. Rosebert Discipulo

      Berta's Hit Chart 11/18/2019 Top 20 Last: New Peak: 20

    25. Aditya shrivastava

      She reminds me of a porn actress . I don’t know who ? Cud someone help please

    26. Odalys is groovy

      beautiful inside and out

    27. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

      Esta es la que me gustaba a mi segun y yo ya sabia que faltaban casi todos nomas bienen a bailar con el novio en las fiestas grandes y una vez las vinieron sigiendo los terroristas, y a como son los terroristas? Bombas, 🎈 yo me dedique mejor a las supermadas

    28. Fanaticalplel Oof

      Dua lipa is making pretty good music

    29. BennyCR2

      Amo esta canción! Dua Lipa rocks! I can listen to her a thousand times. I love her voice. This so is soooooooo catchy.

    30. Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns

      I didn't like the song very much at first but now it's on replay

    31. Cecilie giovanna Alva izquierdo

      Selena: I will show my new song for my ex Dua: Don't start AGAIN HAHAHA

    32. Nicholas Bennett

      This video was so horning compared to the song

    33. qai ramlan

      this is my ringtone, now.

    34. Blitz Nav

      Who else still comes back at listens to this song

    35. carlos ortegon

      OMG! That bass line is incredible! Thank you for give a reason to believe in the future of music!

    36. Jorge Deathwish

      Uffff rolonon

    37. Henrique correa fonseca

      Omgggg I loved

    38. onlythaking

      She’s so fucking perfect!!! This song is awesome!!!

    39. liotommy

      Critics: There´s no good music anymore... Dua Lipa: Oh, please don´t start now... Hail to the composer of this song! BRILLIANT!

    40. Frander Andrey Hernández Matarrita

      Dua Lipa is the best 😍

      1. yaliso gioouy

        i have the biggest crush on this woman

    41. Roxana Oyarzo

      Te amo bombona

    42. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

      🎥💭 lo mejor para estos casos es se que se te quite lo locochon para que puedas descargar pedos y soplados

    43. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

      Parece que me ve ami 🎥ojala no tenga sue! Os infieles y me gusten generarlas, solo por culpa mia por ver de estos videos y yo me tiro pedos💬 🎥💭y yo me tiro soplados o pedos

    44. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

      Y que tiene yo una vez tambien cai en que la cantante requeria mi baile

    45. el mi moso ratón wason loco por naturaleza

      Somos los simples del video

    46. 50% är the money goes to charity ETM

      Im THE Guy WHO Said goodbye


      Who loves dua Lipa 😍😍😍

    48. Whit 350z

      How the hell Day lips fall off so fast

    49. emily ann reeve

      ok ngl right so her hair ... lets discuss... if i had that hair I WOULD LOOK SO BAD WTF HOW IS sHE RockING It sOMeHOw?

    50. Irene Paramita

      Woww. Is it the new American Boy type of song? They're both stunningly beautiful!!

    51. DemonWolfGacha Cookie

      If u love this song give a like and if u don’t give a thumbs down but I better not see thumbs down bc it’s like one of my fav song!

    52. Frida Hg

      Se ve hinchadita de los párpados o será que ese look de cabello la hace ver así ?

    53. brian cortes diaz

      I love this song

    54. Mali Jackson

      Dua lipa is a hot music genius

    55. tori

      i have the biggest crush on this woman

    56. Gabriel Bourcier Blake


    57. Nada Ibrahim

      Hiii I made an acoustic cover to this song so if you're bored and wanna check out a different rendition then maybe check my cover out? It would make my day! 💕

    58. Peterson abraham

      this video is crazy danmm

    59. Moneeb Khan

      Do u hear that? It’s all the radio stations overplaying the hell out of this 🤦🏻‍♂️

    60. CocoCandii

      Can we be real for a second? Dua Lipa is one of the hottest women on the planet