FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    Try not to get dunked into the wrong mystery dunk tank.. If you do, you will definitely regret it.. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
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    1. Josias Escobar

      I think the cow sh**t was the worst 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮

    2. JACK-A- BEAST

      HE KILLED THOSE FISH BY THROWING IT!!!!!!!!!! Poor Fish!

    3. Dylan Sarono


    4. jkl_laserd channel

      thanks papa rug

    5. Flame Birdplayz

      Can you like so k i know that how many times he said imagine

    6. Soul Melody Vijay

      anthony have good aim xD

    7. Boxer Khan

      Imagine puttin real fish

    8. Mr. Plays_YT

      Chicken poop

    9. Harvey Gray

      Chicken shit was the worst

    10. Arsenal Rex

      Where do you get these stuff Chinese supermarket

    11. Big boy That one fool joe.

      Did Sherman say grass in eggs he thinks chickens eat grass and eggs

    12. rodolfo tavera

      I got a idea is sub

    13. Kareem Halbouni

      The best SVselr😃😃😔👍👍

    14. Melissa Mendez

      The chicken s**t

    15. Chexkzy_Yeayboiy

      RIP Juice Wrld

    16. Chexkzy_Yeayboiy

      RIP Juice Wrld

    17. Chexkzy_Yeayboiy

      RIP Juice Wrld

    18. Xzuma Void


    19. Guru Nanak Dev Academy, Tarn Taran

      This was the most funniest video that rug made lol hahahhaha.

    20. Ashley Jackson

      are the fish alive

    21. Slay Savage

      The groses one was the chicken menur

    22. Taylor Chastain

      this is how many times hesaid dunk tank|

    23. Doe maar gewoon

      Poor fish 😂😂

    24. Fort- ROBLOX

      How do u get the stuff ou

    25. Khabib TheEagle


    26. Khabib TheEagle

      your a cheater and now i’m never going to like your videos

    27. Peely Lol

      This is how meny👇

    28. Meli Goseva

      I think it was the chicken sh-.. poop 😳

    29. Zaynhedi07

      The chicken Pooh seems gross

    30. Nathan Peralta

      Who goes in the water with socks ANSWER:FAZE RUG

    31. Ryan Gorman

      He wore socks in the water

    32. Anthony Lozeau

      Don’t throw animals like that bro

    33. Joseph Fana

      Chicken shit💩

    34. Marissa Sierra

      When you dumped the worms I thought for my hedgie, "YAAAAAAS" lol 😂

    35. Natasha N Kapoor

      I was like throwing up 🤮 in my mouth the whole time

    36. Natasha N Kapoor

      No one Literally No one This comment section: this is how many times rug said tank 🤦🏻‍♀️

    37. Bill Willson

      The poop was the worst

    38. Galaxy boy playz Jallow

      Eww chicken 💩

    39. The Reuploader

      Papa rug has the funniest reaction

    40. Jeniffer Garcia

      The poop