Custom VANS!! 🎨👟for FaZe Rug! (SatiSfying)



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    1. Emine Saka


    2. Anahi Hernandez

      This is so amazing i loveee it

    3. Candy_Gangster

      they are really cute. anybody els get Emma chamberlain vibes from him???

    4. EL_BLANCO 5151

      Marko Is Justin bieber

    5. Nafi Ahsan

      Be honest U didn't search this

    6. Danielle Dowling

      how do you make both shoes look identical?? I'm so confused loll

    7. Danielle Dowling

      omg u posted this on my birthdayyy

    8. 김태현

      Can you tell me the color of the paint you used on these shoes?

    9. Donut Gamer

      I would totally wear those

    10. Donut Gamer

      Those shoes are lowkey 🔥

    11. JESSE XZN

      what app did you use to put that moving kinda glowing effect on the shoe

    12. CrackedInHalf

      Can't even tell how good faze rug thinks it is because he reacts to everything the same, lol

    13. diannvs []

      I am very envious of those who have the soul of art.

    14. cloudie thoughts

      i really want you to partner up with vans or a some shoe brand to make a style cause i wanna buy some of you ur shoes sometimes i swear

    15. wng girl

      Omg I want them Too ❤

    16. Soumik Banerjee

      Can anyone please tell me the colours that he used?

    17. jullian crader

      202o and yeah i would rock them

    18. pierre gillis

      Are you eating watermelon because I love watermelon

    19. Please Don't I'm 8

      is it best to do these with the leather or clothes versions of the shoes

    20. Christian Ramirez

      Shoes were lacking my a** , faze rugs shoes were pretty good no cap 4:20

    21. THeNeCtAr 006

      Marko looks gay

    22. Tommy Vitols


    23. noob ;-;

      I have question what are u going to put to make the paint stay on the shoe

    24. chicho yi


    25. Avacados & Pirates

      Omg these are beautiful, i want them so much

    26. Black Kat

      Ok if y'all think Marco should do his favorite tv show or series when he was younger on something he likes very much if you think yes put a like on this if don't des like and tell me why...!!

    27. KidPlayz

      Can you please paint a ps 4 with crayola markers

    28. KidPlayz

      Is water melon your favorite fruit

    29. [Bye Hi]

      He missed a triangle at the bottom right at 1:50 and I was like :0

    30. Laterrance Clips

      Yes I will

    31. Lucci USA

      I folllow you on instagram

    32. Crucial Rug49

      Did anybody else notice that he said the colors wrong

    33. Tristan Scott

      wanna make me those?

    34. Tuff Poggione

      I wish you could make me some shoes

    35. Oje Ewalefoh

      Doesn't the paint wash off?

    36. Adriana Sipsey

      Best edits I’ve ever seen on SVsel 🔥🔥❤️❤️

    37. Xavier Roca

      Those vans... Can I have? I'm a size 9 btw

    38. John Medina

      Yes because I like how it looks

    39. laura aschenbrenner

      how does he manage to be talented and good-looking at the same time?

      1. Jack Doff

        It's a struggle believe me

    40. John Iglesia

      Hey! Please do a video for customize shoes for Nurses and Doctors. Thanks!!

    41. Spencer Landers

      bruh them are fire!

    42. Lillianne Ulibarri

      Can you do me some shoes

    43. 뀨쮸쀼쮸

      You have gold hands ... 👏❤️

    44. Loverzz Bii

      Noone... Not even a single soul.. Tape : am i a joke to you

    45. K Dwayne

      Dude you’re amazing I’ve been watching you’re videos for along time and you and my girlfriend have inspired me to start designing and customizing shoes and other things as well.

    46. Simen Haugan Marcussen

      00:07 he said hydro dipping, but he didn’t hydro dip the shoes🤨

      1. Eli Edwardson

        on rugs video him and marko hydrodipped things

    47. Reni Bicaku

      Marku you are gay

    48. Muni Das

      Are you love to eat water melon If you are agree Then like Here

      1. Ned Struzziero

        Muni Das what English class

    49. Laisr

      Faze rug likes hugs

    50. Bikey Alex D'nath

      I want this

    51. Hirwa Chris

      Can you do a custom steph curry 4

    52. X Savage

      I wanna but this shoe March Will u sale with me

    53. Cabin Comix

      New Shoes on your table is bad luck

    54. ANIS sir

      انت افضل واحد في اليوتيوب😍😍😍

    55. Lil Kayak

      Where do you get all of your art supplies

    56. Eli Marshall

      You the best

    57. Elwin Yang

      Can make mine Christmas trees and Rudolph

    58. Isaac Yael Escamilla Muñoz

      3:46 song?

    59. Eff DC

      This is one of the best you've ever done. What style is this called?

    60. Kla'pudit RKJ

      Fan club from thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭