Can Men Handle the Pain of Giving Birth?! (LABOR PAIN SIMULATOR)

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    I bought a device that makes you feel what women feel when they give birth and saw if men can endure what they go through...
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    1. Ty Do

      Dont they freeze it ????

    2. Its CamoOCE

      My belly watching this bro

    3. FNaF Adventures

      Send mental help

    4. HawkBoys 246

      So happy to be a boy right now

    5. Max Byrne

      My mom hate to give birth to four children

    6. The 4 Wolf packs

      And ppl say men were built stronger than woman 🤨

    7. Is 아미미치은

      Why do I feel like the simulation doesn’t even simulate giving birth. I feel like it just simulate having period cramps🤨🧐

    8. Austin Childers

      Honestly let the girls get the hot in the balls sinulator

      1. Austin Childers

        Hit in the balls simulator

    9. Liamm DXD

      I think its more effective when your doing it on a skinny person

    10. Bradley Durant

      But girl have no idea of what it’s like to bee kicked in the nuts lol

    11. Sarah Lee

      when you said shout out to the moms I paused the video and told my mom

    12. Unknown anonymous

      Intro- no one was harmed during making this Faze Rug- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    13. Asherz 2 Asherz

      At 4:40 when I heard the knock sound I thought someone was knocking outside my window LMAO

    14. Urban Gaming


    15. Urban Gaming

      Who thought the knock was real

    16. AkaSengamin YT

      Lol same I support women because we wouldn't be here without them

    17. Jennifer Herrera

      I know that moms of all ages give birth to all of us and I think every time a mom gives birth should get the whole worlds kindness. -One like equals a kind heart to give And to be honest I don't care how many likes I have all I care about is moms getting what they deserve for having birth.

    18. Alex Lara

      You should at have done it like each level is 100

    19. Cloudy Ari

      Wait I thought Amanda was pregnant.

    20. Pascal Gagnon

      I forgot u were in faze

    21. galaxy cat

      Men say women are usles me: try living without us . Oh wate you can't lol🤣

    22. shamira sotomayor

      Break in the hype house

    23. S_ouvlakias.TV.

      I love Noah .He is so funny "WAIT WHERE'S MY BABY"😂😂

    24. HandsOffStalker

      I think we all should just accept it. God have made woman and man well, different... We have different function, different hormones. God made woman to be able to endure pain more than man.. That's just how it is. God made woman the one to give birth.. If that makes sense. I just don't think every man should experience what it is made for's enough for them to just appreciate us and understand us..

    25. Minions Falkenburg

      Rugs honest opinion about chucky chesse that will hurt

    26. Breanna Howe

      Imagine some women are in labour for hours.... days!!!!!

    27. TayloRiley

      so random but play back the beginning of the video and notice that Rug looks bald in the car because of black on black. comment if you can't unsee it now (lol)

    28. Thug Mama

      I'm 21 and I have a two year old daughter ... Now I'm scared to get pregnant lol

    29. Azariah

      ALL LATE... but I'm a mom out here!! Birth is no joke 💀 I wonder if they actually feel relatable pain to giving birth?🤔 Obviously no. Maybe cramps Should probably post as feeling a menstrual cycle (cramps)

    30. Daisy Diaz

      Yo noah is 😍🔥 wish i could have him

    31. Casey Gholson

      Well done!


      I'm Watching The Video And An Ad For Child Birth Pops Up Like Plz

    33. Cehbin black

      After watching this Respect to my mom🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and to every moms🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    34. Nayma Dominguez

      And also remember woman’s have to go through that more then two hours

    35. Brenda Vasquez

      Who is watching this in 2020 like this👍

    36. Kendall S

      Mom if two 1st one normal birth 2 c section

    37. ALEX Rodriguez200008

      By the looks of Anthony it is worse than a tattoo

    38. Oswaldo

      8:25 well damn

    39. Nor Bob

      To the airpod users: did anyone feel like some1 was actually nocking on ur window at 4:40?

      1. WARRIOR 88

        Nor Bob yeah 😂😂 I kept looking

    40. Noobeiii Boi

      Anthony: I’m having a baby Rug: really, is it a boy or girl Anthony:Chipotle

    41. Anyela Aonso

      I just want to adopt a kid when i grow up now

    42. Martin Prince

      Man I respect mother's 🤳🙏

    43. super mango

      You only have 7 ribs on each side women have 8

    44. Abby Austin

      Teen mom!! I love my babies I’m now 18 and had my first baby at 16 and her name is kathrine and I had my two twins boy and girl walker and Christiana in December 11th

    45. Lukochi11 aka Luko

      baby rug incoming

    46. Aragon

      Holy shit the knock door effect got me scared there for a sec

    47. Alexisxolos619 l

      It say 10 And he say 5 in 1:44

    48. Hungergamesnerd

      LOL, and girls are considered weak. I've literally seen women give birth with basically a straight face. And not make a single sound, they essentially just look like they're pooping. Not that I know what people's poop face looks like

    49. Autty Sifuentez

      Lol after like the 5th contraction I got the epidural😭

    50. TheMainVillain Music

      Anyone know the name of the beat or music used in the background ?

    51. TheMainVillain Music

      Anyone know the name of the beat or music used in the background ?

    52. maxi dejesus

      How does it goes from 6 to 8

    53. Ariel Chavez

      Amanda said that she wasnt going to have a baby but she is having a baby boy 👦

    54. Beba Reyes

      I am 10 and I have cramps,😭😭

    55. lacey ramirez

      Watching this in 2020 and Amanda is pregnant soooo

    56. SoraOfSkye

      I use that exact machine to lessen my period cramps. I go to about an 8 normally.

    57. Mexica Mayo

      FYI: some of the moms die from giving birth or sick and they said it hurts and yea.

    58. Svmuel Lee

      Lmao this shit was soooo funny

    59. the epic gamer UvU

      "Dude just give birth already" 🤣

    60. KazyMati Toledo

      That's was funny 🤣🤣🤣