Being a Personal Assistant for 24 HOURS... **worst idea ever**

FaZe Rug

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    I decided to quit SVsel and become my brother Brawadis' personal assistant for 24 hours, and I regret it so bad...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

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    1. Miniminter

      This was jokes lol, also I wasn't the first person to do this idea, appreciate the link in description though

      1. Jose Fraire

        Miniminter hi

      2. Erick Rebollar

        Miniminter why

      3. Daniel MartinezDelgado

        Free clout boi

      4. Enjoli._. xoxo


      5. Dwayne Lopes

        Miniminter Merry Christmas

    2. Qkrt_playz X

      10:57 why is he’s legs like that isn’t he a boy lol

    3. TwX Clan

      He have to pay 🤕🤑🙃

    4. shadow v09

      And other ship just started to sail

    5. Supremebeast87

      Rug: "I'm going to war with this thing A year later He gets drafted😂

    6. Dale Ann Hawkins

      16:06 brian:that wasn’t attitude me when i’m arguing with my mom

    7. Ellerie Tutty

      Why did you say yes

    8. Rosa Valencia


    9. C J

      Was he the monster under the bed? I'm not sleepy anymore, I'm scared. *Oh no, you're sleepy.* 😂💀💀

    10. Sheza Saleem

      Poor Brian

    11. Random Occasional Content

      “Wait, You don’t put cologne in your eyes???” I’m dead 😂 btw small yt trying to grow

    12. Harper Brooks

      that car was like a jeep and a hummer mixed together

    13. Adrian Rodriguez

      Lol I fell bad for Noah when he was showering

    14. Terrance Hillaire

      Brawadis also puts She in his titles 😂

    15. Forest Flint

      Guys i feel sorry for faze the way most of the time his likes arent reached to where they should be

    16. puff Raysuk

      i love the “ayyyyyy!!!!” 😂😂❤️

    17. Mackensie Finch

      Brian shirt looks like Charlie Brown shirt Brian’s Charlie Brown

    18. fun place to be

      was,ent fun for rug

    19. Emilio Cardenas

      Poor Siri

    20. Ben Can Shoot

      brawadis has a big nose

    21. BaseballKing4461

      What happened to brawadis nba

    22. Mike Buchan


    23. Mike Buchan

      I want a watermelon 🍉 now please that are good typed it in 10 secs NIT KIDDING

    24. Mike Buchan

      Umm 🧐 are you doing something wrong yes you are um you aren’t eating pancakes 🥞

    25. Twi Dash

      He’s treating you like a slave not an assistant lol!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Michael Ovadenko


    27. Fabian Hernandez

      Dude like arent u supposed to put colone in ur eyes? pretty sure u are

    28. Alina Zamora

      I love y’all videos me and my brother watch y’all we are subscribe and we have turned on post notifications I love y’all so much y’all are so funny I love how y’all made y’all dreams come true

    29. Dylan Duncan

      Yo I hope Sir Brawadis did keep boxers on. Otherwise that's disgusting

    30. Briannaa Nicole


    31. Caden Paleczka

      That was so crazy

    32. Yousef Franso

      I thought it was being my brothers personal assistant not slave

    33. Johnatan Munoz

      The end part 😂😂

    34. Ruby Mata

      This is funny

    35. Ryan McIntosh

      Why is brawadis kissing Bryan so much

    36. Reilly Papenleur

      “ this isn’t yellow it’s marooooon yellow 😂😂”

    37. Brie Butler

      How is the g wagon motel 2020 and he posted this in 2019

    38. Mina Raafat

      Guys you are so fuckin cringy😂😂😂

    39. Sayn Clapz


    40. fhhh gjlgh

      a personal assistant does this Duties, responsibilities and functions. An assistant helps with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and note-taking. The role of a personal assistant can be varied, such as answering phone calls, taking notes, scheduling meetings, emailing, texts, etc.

    41. Tanner Burkhart

      got the ksubis on

    42. Bhupnder Singh


    43. Leon Nguyen

      He lives in that hunted house alone

    44. Julian Whatley

      Hi you is so cool

    45. Lenart_ 321

      Rug when are you gonna continue this vid pls

    46. Pastelbear

      Is that his old house ?? The place were his bro is living at ?

    47. Manuel Hernandez


    48. Jason Gonzalez

      At 19:03 it’s the wild Anthony

    49. Alkaline3Squared

      The end almost made me cry

    50. Kenslee Taylor

      I thought it said personal ass

    51. LilE 101

      16:04 imagine having to tell your brother that

    52. Twitch3422

      You should do it but he your assistant

    53. Mom Hart


    54. Johnjoe Mccabe

      Where is your lambo at g

    55. RoutineClient 77

      I have that sofa when you were the footrest

    56. YTGref

      What style is Brandon’s hair called?

    57. roman macias


    58. Reactive

      Rug pulling up to WW3 in his Rug Wagon lmao

    59. Nataflu 5000

      Boy nerver say natalie again cuz that is my name

    60. not.vanilla