Baby Shark (Trap Remix)

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    Baby Shark Dance Trap/Club Remix
    Remixed by DedeSabunge
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    Artwork by Lilibz
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    1. Jackson Wiseman

      It do be like that sumtimes

    2. Gamer

      woow you to be good at montage

    3. Anna Silvas

      My jam man!

    4. Cade McDowell

      I played this song so loud, my neighbors called he cops. The cops arrested my neighbors.

    5. my live

      I Love this song my Brother watch it every day!!

    6. Анастасия Князькина

      Ахаха 🐬🔥

    7. Esther Rose

      I things your music is better than the original

    8. pancake destroyer

      .-. 🔫 kill me . Wanna die cause of my poor decisions

    9. Moonlight Wolf

      Ooo no boy a good dog

    10. David Santiago


    11. Square Jellyfish

      The sounds of chickens in the back have disconnected my brain

    12. kino five

      Funk town

    13. Maestrul Geimsurilor


    14. Terri Goodman

      its great

    15. Raven The Goddess of All Heauxs

      Badass 👍🏽💯

    16. Samuel Garcia


    17. Pancho507

      This remix is everywhere in my country

    18. lisasteedsman

      Showed this to my baby He is now a mature kid

    19. ITZantonioRT


    20. GAMER BOYZ 21

      I danced to this I’m 19 years old listening to baby shark

      1. larbi 2014

        im 20

    21. ANIQUA Jones

      My baby sister love this song

    22. Everley M0164

      Pfff hilarious but amazing

    23. daniela jaquez

      The reason why I can't listen to this song is because my mom gets annoyed

    24. Ethan Howe

      Cool hell and heaven combined.

    25. FIMIE 49 GACHA


    26. Ashlin Sanchez


    27. Erin Weekes

      My baby sister loves it so much

    28. ღDianita Becerritaღ

      Holi ;3

    29. Said Boina

      ❤🦄🦄hfhjf DVD avfbb fejsk

    30. jennifer sanchez

      I love it is cool

    31. Mandarinka 07

      Я Валера туруруруру

    32. ༺Ngân ۣۜツ༻

      _l'm Hello_

    33. Zaime

      Baby shark shit? 👍 - Yes!! 💬 - No!

    34. Samary Estremera


    35. Viveka Soonachan


    36. Gabi Badea

      Pornache sarc

    37. Sydney Tran

      Song: *exists* TikTok: Hippidy hoppitdy, u are now my property

    38. Dymere Guischard

      Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo, gonna burn you you you you you you, baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo, killed ur troops... :)

    39. Chara

      This is like an adult version but a kid version at the same confused

    40. Abbey Berven

      This needs to be longer

    41. Estela Velasco

      Hola seño mire señor del baile que mire los comentarios yo yo soy yo José

    42. Laura Reyes

      Yo poner 💯 likes😀😀😀😀😀😀

    43. im blender

      Stop it Get some help

    44. Jake McMullen

      Good song to cum to

    45. Максат Серик

      Казахи туттттт

    46. blakegamer7000 2

      My brother just found this song lol

    47. Christine McGarry

      killed it.

    48. Pac Man

      I think this song need more than 50.000.000 views like 4.6b 😂😂

    49. Maria Maria

      Baby shark is not baby anymore

    50. Vincent

      I made it 50 mil views

    51. Michelle Bigham

      One of the Only songs that stopped my baby brother to stop crying

    52. Gael olvera

      I don't know y but my classmates use this song whit tick tock

    53. Ocean Rose

      Cops:ugh this is boring* after hearing the beat* oh yahhhhhhhh Meh:bruh

    54. Averee Shelton

      Wow this is stuff they play in heaven!!!!

    55. Anselmo Dinero

      When the kids find cocaine.

    56. connie universe

      I bet my cousin carder will like this remix better than the original version

    57. Bdjdbdjdjd Dldjdjdndnd


    58. Supergirl

      Ugh that freakin’ beat boxTik Tok....

    59. Delka Delka

      Because this music.....

    60. Delka Delka

      I like this music