Are Random Strangers SMARTER Than a 5th Grader? **WIN $1,000**

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    I went up to random strangers at the mall and asked them 5th grade trivia questions. If they get it right, they win $100!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      Would you guys win the $100 if I came up to you?

      1. Jacinto Hernandez

        hell yeah

      2. Typical Rub3n

        Yo what happend to Michael the homeless man?

      3. Teresa Van der Merwe

        FaZe Rug dah

      4. Danny Fansangler

        FaZe Rug the cookie one was true chocolate chip has Been around longer

      5. Luis Ramirez

        A big yea

    2. Fifa king

      Which is closest to the sun pluto

    3. Jin Bro

      *Title 1000$ video 100$* its Like In His Every Single Video

    4. Luis Oliva

      umm.. what is a "basic planet" lolll

    5. Rayven E

      Dangggggg jay answered those questions fast 💨

    6. Roger Gamez


    7. Coco Loco

      Its ma nigga faze rat

    8. Minecraft Kid

      10:30 that’s my name!but I’m not him

    9. Mama Goclon

      I am in 5th grade

    10. laura matos

      9:17 is it just me or did he give her $200

    11. Lego Unknown Voltage

      Him:How many states were there in the United States before Alaska and Hawaii? Just like subtract Other guy: 52 Me: *ANGRY CONFUSION SCREAM*

    12. pfguo87

      This was good, but when asking the rugrats you should ask them what grade they are in. If they are lower than 5th grader maybe they should get more than $100 for being smarter beyond their years.

    13. Mark Javellana

      I am still on 4 grade

    14. Mark Javellana

      This is ez

    15. zaid 123


    16. Jamama Raar

      There are only 6 continents

    17. epicmegacore

      Name a country that starts with the letter U? Anthony: yUgOsLaVia

    18. Aidah Manja

      Nigga all ur viewers should know that u copy jiDion content fucking shit bruh who is reading this go unsuscribe this stupid ass channel and suscrube to jiDion he is thr man🔥🚒🧯

    19. Str8rocket

      You are very dumb

    20. Kryptonite_ Dragon

      Counties, states, cities and whatever I know starting with U United States Of America United Kingdom Utopia Uluru U know I don't know anymore xD

    21. M Alkhanani

      Yooo I’m a fifth grader!

    22. give me taekook

      u cute CUTE tho

    23. give me taekook

      the girls gave me a headache ngl

    24. Slime Life

      you waled up to my sister

    25. Narahari J

      our society today is so dumb that we pay people if they can answer 5th grade level questions

    26. Adri Marks

      I’m in fifth grade we learned these in fourth grade

    27. Samy Mehra

      I got 1 wrong even though I am 3 grader

    28. Marina Sarmad

      Hi i’m chaldean and today is my birthday December 8 i turned 12 years old and my name is Marina

    29. larrylatte25

      Omg finally someone from africaaa

    30. Yt Omar Fortnite

      what do you know i AM a fifth grader so i am as smart as one

    31. Pure Fun

      Which planet closest to the sun Is not a tricky question. I really don't get it why he thinks it's tricky. Can someone explain?

    32. LolaTheStar 101

      Who else is in 5th grade and is in a super hard school so you think 7th grade decimals are easy cuz like same.

    33. Zayn ivan Virgen

      5:14 my mans really added 2 states and thought there's was 52 states before Alaska and Hawaii

    34. Alisa Derevyanchuk

      Everybody guessed Ukraine and that’s where I’m from (:

    35. Rexkless_ Mendez

      Shout out to you and you make some awesome videos and my name is SELENA MENDEZ

    36. Rexkless_ Mendez

      42 Total dots on a dice is 42 by the way I love your SVsel video I have been watching for a long time and this is Antonio little sister And I have been watching since I was 5 and I am 11

    37. Jorge Gonzalez

      Yooo When I was watching this I was wearing a facemask and when he said pluto I could not stop laughing My mask soon was rugged of my expression.

    38. Miriam Helene W. Prestvik

      Venus is the closest to the sun! It may look like mercury is closest, but it’s not!

    39. Jessie Huang

      Our school systems at it's finest.

    40. Mango Pineapple