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    Bowling + all sports + hampsters & horses = NEXT LEVEL AWESOME!
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    1. Ninja

      *Great video, cool videos, visit my friends channel*

    2. CCH Sports

      I’ll always be on the twins team

    3. Q Zaman

      Hi my 7 year old son loves your channel thanks for keeping your language ( as far as ive heard)clean and sensible! So far I think your channel is appropriate for him i hope it stays so!!!

    4. Bruno Vidoš

      team coby 4 life

    5. Alan Reichenbach

      Warn a guy which balls have living things in them. Panda!!!!!!

    6. Vijay atluri

      Dp editor's in games!! Will be dope!

    7. Janus Wahner

      now i want a hamster

    8. Kids Hamelinck

      Go to Corys team ty

    9. Afrah Ali

      All sports archery battle

    10. Ali - K

      4:19 But no one on that side of the world cares about the second most popular sport

    11. Dr.Okkar Htun

      Is Cory a lefty?

    12. Alex Fernandez

      “I never really onside kick anymore” Garrett 2019

    13. The Squad


    14. Hanzel Bryan Henson

      I don t like cody

    15. sarah lilaanne

      The finale was my Wii fever dream

    16. Hans & Birthe Eliassen

      You like tik tok

    17. 123 let It rip beyblade

      Hate garret

    18. Jared Morrow

      This is amazing

    19. Henri L

      I don't like you because you lauschend absolut coby You're really bad

    20. Caden Boehm


    21. TNG VLOG

      Anyone who sees a Vietnamese rice harvester, please come here 👇👇👇👇👇👇

    22. FAT_ BOI

      Hamster kinda cute doe 😳

    23. Parth lm10

      9:04 RIP handshake part 2...😂

    24. Carrie S.

      I loved when Tyler rode the horse!!!!!!!

    25. Ian Friswell

      Bowling is my favourite sport!

    26. Dom S

      When I saw zorb I thought they would be inside it. I was disappointed

    27. JaduaPlayz

      Anyone notice on round one each of the guys scores were all two apart Ty:1 Cody:3 Cory:5 Coby:7 Garret:9

    28. finally out fishing

      11:18 the score should say 20

    29. LevelUpGaming Î

      Ty should join team panda

    30. subinay adigopula

      they did the math wrong for Coby

      1. subinay adigopula

        he was meant to get one more point in the last one

    31. Ужасы 666

      Ребята.. Вас русские смотрят... Делайте субтитры пожалуйста!

    32. Kana Beats

      seems strange every sport was shown....

    33. -1 subs with no videos???

      The stuffed up Cody’s total they didn’t include the baseball

    34. Inspiredboy90

      19+1+18 is 38 not 37

    35. Grace Crafts

      rip in peace Coby

    36. Madhin Prassana

      Coby lose the beard man. You look better shaved

    37. Code Lazar

      Peda is angry

    38. muhammad hasnain

      Who is jalase he dislike

    39. Rinzler

      *Всё видео смотрел только на рекламу Amazon*

    40. HAHAHAHA hahahaha

      11:52 his score should be 38 not 37

    41. Thelazypenguin 115

      Team coby all the way keep playing your way man you’ll win again soon

    42. Cubic Castles Roblox fortnite gaming and more

      My dad worked at Amazon

    43. MZC Playz

      9:22 nobody; me : starts getting wii sports bowling flashbacks 🥴🥴

      1. Julie Knight


    44. purplewolf red

      At first IWas like what do you mean by hamster and then I saw O it's an actual hamster

    45. Haylee Hickey

      What friends are for 11:51🤣

    46. Madelyn Motes

      I’m not even lying I said Garrett would win in Tyler would only get a little bit And that is what happened

    47. Madelyn Motes

      I’m not even lying I said Garrett would win and he won

    48. Charlie Menzel

      Spells agent wrong and messes up the score on cobys final. Requests to be in battles. The editors might be fired😂

    49. TheGamingWizzard

      11:40 I think 19+1=20 and 20+18 is 38

    50. Alex Safford

      Current standings: 1st. Tyler - 22 wins out of a possible 48 - 45.83% win rate 2nd. Cody - 10 wins out of a possible 45 - 22.22% win rate 3rd. Garrett - 10 wins out of a possible 46 - 21.74% win rate 4th. Cory - 9 wins out of a possible 48 - 18.75% win rate 5th. Coby - 3 wins out of a possible 47 - 6.38% win rate Runner Ups: Coby - 18 Tyler - 14 Garrett - 13 Cody - 8 Cory - 6 Seen as I thought people would be interested to know, I have created an excel spreadsheet containing all the wins (and runner-ups) from all Dude Perfect Battles! I will continue to post what the scores are after each episode is released. PLEASE NOTE: I have counted any team wins as a point for both players in that team. Out of all 50 battle episodes, I have only scored 48 of them (removing dude perfect vs power rangers and go kart soccer battle). Hopefully you all find this useful!

    51. Vaijesh Kotwal


    52. Cupz Sauccy


    53. Kylo -Yohammer

      Every sport was shown by some “coincidence lol” they set it up so every sport was shown 👏

    54. Jamie Hay


    55. DRIVE UZ

      Cool video . I recommend our channel , we have a lot of interesting videos about the car .

    56. AllahuNonkbar

      The universe is against coby, there's no other rational explanation for that! LOL

    57. J Bone

      Purple hoser nation

    58. All-Purpose Angler

      All sports hockey battle next

    59. Welvis Mendoza

      I felt bad for coby I wish he could win his 3rd battle win

    60. Austin poole768

      Sub to my youtube