2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night

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    2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night
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    1. Shain Rutz

      When I was 13 I decided to play basketball. I used my left to layup instead of my right hand so the coach made me sit out and said just watch the rest of the practice. So the next day it got a little better. By the end of the year I was the top scorer. In high school I made All State and went on to play college and after a lot of hard work I finally made it to the NBlol I’m kidding I quit after the first day.

    2. Daniel Nielsen

      I liked Connaughton first dunk more than DJJ first dunk

    3. rova zuc

      Aaron Gordon wasn’t as graceful as Derrick jones and has too much power.

    4. The Big Jackpot

      Damn, what's it take to impress these judges!?

    5. VINCE Grine

      Love you god and Jesus

    6. Boogala

      Pat showed people white people can jump

    7. FODA-SE YouTube

      Aqui é Brasil Porã foda si os Americanos adoradores do McDonald's🇧🇷

    8. Harkins

      This reminds me of Will in Fresh Prince, "Hah hah hah. We was robbed!" 🤣

    9. Henry Destroyer


    10. noodleneck buckaroo

      How does he jump over a guy who is 7’5 and not get a 50

    11. Angela Greene PHD MD


    12. Henry Destroyer


    13. Henry Destroyer


    14. Angela Greene PHD MD

      People : wake up This is much more than BASKETBALL 🏀 THIS IS SHOW TIME This is Entertainment You need what ?? LUCRATIVE NBA CAREER WHAT??? WHAT ??? √ MVP √ State Championship √ TV & radio PERSONALITY √ A top PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT √ NBA ALL STAR RECOMMENDATION + Basketball skills / stats + More ... THEN YOU HAVE A REAL CAREER

    15. squadxtreme

      On my moma ima like this you put it on your moma so you have to. I will be gifting my next 50 subscribers

    16. Kyle Packard

      Jones Jr did the same dunk every time...no creativity, just different angles

    17. Koua Vue

      Jones did same dunk n won. He also jump over a 5ft guy n got 50. Gordon jump over a 7ft n got 47. Seem corrupted.

    18. Erik Sanchez

      Damn Aaron Gordon got robbed

    19. Chicken Nugget

      Aaron: jumped the whole court and made the dunk Commentators: that’s a 40

    20. Paul Cimijotti

      Why is WNBA player judging a dunk contest lol

    21. Arnold K

      Would’ve preferred a tie but like they said at 12:00 AG did the same dunk DJJ, but DJJ did it off an oop

    22. Ron Emmanuel

      That first dunk Dwight did was everybodyhateschris dunk

    23. Furqan Asif

      Rip Kobe was a legend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    24. Ardargared boy


    25. Johnny

      Lost even more respect for Wade after this

    26. Tiara & I

      This was highway robbery.

    27. Kadir Işık

      Trend 1 de ne işin var amq

    28. Sick

      Finalmente qualcosa di decente nelle tendenze. Ce l'abbiamo fatta

    29. plyfe24

      211 in progress..

    30. FunWithWunky


    31. nicole arrieta

      Good job guys i wish i can go to your game but im moveing to Arizona so i will watch you on tv

    32. Araf nature's love


    33. Logan Nixon Productions

      “We need an 11” how about not giving a 10 to everyone?? Make them earn a 10

    34. Alex Chang

      I don't know anything about nba nor do i watch it, but heck this is entertaining

    35. Черный Бетмен

      Лайк если против волейбол

    36. Common sense dog training

      You dunk over Taco, you WIN!

    37. Survivor Türkiye

      Are you BITCHESSSSS svsel.info/video/video/sKTdl2fUc9zXros.html

    38. cheree Connaughton

      Toys Chreeee Form Hi Love. Form Ko Yuo. Chreeee Me Don

    39. Bhenzi

      This man is probably broke he’s been robbed so many times

    40. CP The rock band fan And roblox fan

      Aaron: jumps over Mount Everest Judges: that’s a 47

      1. Erik Sanchez

        Aaron: jumps over a car with his hand behind his head. Judges: yeah that's 47 in my eyes. That's none of them have dont have a dunk contest under there belts.

    41. EvanP30

      Talk abt a load of sh*t. I wouldn't have taken the trophy if I was DJ.

    42. G Spot TV

      Awesome game! keep it up😊

    43. fr4n4s

      Aaron: Jumps over Machu Picchu Judges: That's a 47

    44. Rito Luis

      Aaron Gordon got robbed again. That's why he won't be in it again. What Kenny say Gordon is the most creative in the dunk contest in history and has never won it. Rigged

    45. Garrysmod Vids

      Got pulled over by racist cop then pointed at in Houston svsel.info/video/video/mWGaom3OZdPVzH8.html

    46. TIM Aldridge

      I dont people realize that Howard did all his dunks with a dildo in his ass

    47. Shandon Millett

      Derrick Jones jr dunks were all better than Aaron Gordon's besides the taco fall one

    48. Keanu Pitt

      The right man won, I have spoken.


      Subscribe me please i basketballist

    50. Stephen Gumatin

      gordon does not have new dunk exhibition all that he did was already been done in the pas

    51. Digz the Swag King

      Why is this Robbery Still Trending

    52. Harm

      This nigga Derrick Jones Jr was deadass doing the same dunks over and over getting straight 50s

    53. etherious natsu dragneel

      Everyone says Ag won but generally Derrick jones was better

    54. Nicce _

      The superman dunk is fucking overrated. Imagine getting a superman wear and do the most banal dunk ever and get a 49

    55. sealand000

      He almost took out Tacko's head

    56. Anastassiya Designer


    57. Survivor Türkiye


    58. Survivor Türkiye


    59. Survivor Türkiye



      Sorry, but Jr was better! Ps. Great dunks both.