What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. Laini the puppy lover

    Adam/Something Else YT is... Amazing SVselr Amazing rapper Amazing animator Amazing singer Amazing beat boxer Amazingly cool guy

  2. MeMe StEaLeR !

    To be honest,...I @$#/!?-+ ALSO LOVED BANANAS AS A KID

  3. Raichous

    Sounds like a great concept for a horror movie tbh

  4. dark steve

    i already eat paper ur such a lier

  5. Nate The Great


  6. •cinnabun cakes•

    2:07 something angel dust would do

  7. carmen corona


  8. gemma Shield

    I don't dream or have nightmares

  9. Charla Kahler

    "Mama seaks" seaks? *IT'S SEEKS*

  10. S.S Artificial

    Man U changed

  11. Mr Raptor

    Im Batman

  12. Randomations

    You inspired me to make my channel Adam

  13. TxgerLxlly

    "Okay bye love you-" my *hEaRt*

  14. Gray Kay

    Adam when the audience says awwwwwwww: NO NO DO NOT DO THAT Adam when the Audience cheers: * sounds of excitement*

  15. Rex the dog

    ChipFlake: Well, I will just say, YOU STOLE MY CONTENT!

  16. Conor Colclough

    I did it just because it sorta worked but I stabed it and it oof

  17. Jessica Elgie

    Good song

  18. Mr AceUniverse

    Main Question: What Inside the box??!!!

  19. Mega Ascension

    It’s not too late. I had no money to get any cards and I was never allowed to have a DS to play the games because it would take away from “family time”. I started collecting the cards when I was fifteen in an attempt to live my childhood before I went off to college. I now have watched about 200 episodes of the tv show, played several of the video games, seen six of the movies, and have about 5,000 cards. If you want to play Pokémon, do it. Half of the people at my local card tournaments are older than me and I’m a senior in high school.

  20. Gray Kay

    Creators of dsi : REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. TTV_Youtube-skull brea

    Adam:I like her Shoe: I like her Adam:I like her Shoe: I like her Adam: @*$#&* You

  22. Jgaming Cod mobile

    The poop part was hilarious 💩

  23. Jaidan Brashier

    3:59 sounds like nasal JaidenAnimations.

  24. Seth Folickman

    I have the common sense shirt

  25. Lorna Davis


  26. Mike

    I can already see someone out there being like "OH WAIT I REMEMBER $MANGO$! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" I hope there is someone at least

  27. TTV_Youtube-skull brea

    Adam: I like her

  28. Mark St. John Erickson

    Play luigis mansion hears noise hopes it’s not a ghost but then out of closet odd1sout says bills are coming

  29. Rex Torres

    Was waiting for the probing part. Disappointed!!! Unsubscribe!!! JK. I love your stories man.

  30. Janelle Bressler

    After 8:13 the style changes? Is it just me??

  31. JokeTest50


  32. Karson Andrew

    That banana one tho

  33. RKM Squad

    I also had my jaw grow out slowly

  34. MyRobloxNameIs- GodOfGames1100


  35. neelbeach218

    Hey Adam u should of just said tomato soup is poop

  36. T -800

    Great song Adam, #SomthingElesYT and #theodd1sout are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE

  37. Christian Kinglee

    I feel u

  38. JokeTest50

    SoandSo = Markiplier just so ya know guys... :/

  39. Jayden Lalihatu

    Duck tomato soup It suck Adam:i Love tomato soup Me:reee!!

  40. Joshua_DATGUY

    This is so true

  41. gacha life lol

    Adam: *sees chocolate milk* Me:*drinks it* Adam: NANI!? THAT WAS THE LAST OF THE GOD DARN CHOKIE MILK! *Im not allowed to swear in comments dont judge me >:(*

  42. Jack Lachman


  43. avocado god God

    I almost got arrested once for prank calling

  44. Josh Morales

    It happened four days ago

  45. Blue_DaCrazyAnimator

    Adam: HAHA! Stahp it...they're watchingg ME: AAAGH WHO?!!! Oh Wait..... *face palm*

  46. SuffrrPVP

    if im gonna be myself im gonna be kicked out of my school

  47. Josh Morales

    But the creepy thing is I didnt watch your channel till three days ago and this just scared me to death when I found out I couldn't speak

  48. JokeTest50

    I thought you were terrified of demonetisation. Or not.

  49. Josh Morales

    Somethingelse you remember mama seeks I had a dream of it and my brother couldnt see and then I threw a towel then she ran and killed me

  50. Maximo Hernandez


  51. Jack Bowen

    You son of a bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu

  52. Lucas Long

    I like Naruto too

  53. Lucas Long

    My imagination is wild too.

  54. gacha life lol

    "Soon my imagination was going HAM in my newly-kid-formred-body, WHAT?!" LOL

  55. gacha life lol


  56. Jack Lachman

    17k dislikes!?! All who did deserve a free ticket to hell 😡

    1. Kangaroo Fam

      Yeah ok dude

  57. JDX

    A - A D - Depressed A - Angry M - Man JK

  58. sexyspirit63

    I have 80-hd too

  59. Cturdle


  60. boba T

    I luv The Beatles

  61. UnclePinky’s Memes


  62. SnekBoi124

    Wtf man now I feel bad about wanting to meet you. *You amazing asshole*

  63. gabeit uptothesky

    My scariest nightmare has two parts the good thing and the bad thing. good thing: my brother deletes fortnite. Bad thing: he doesn’t install minecraft

  64. Angel Da Tiger :D

    my left ear is enjoying this

  65. Liam and Zooey's Dreamland

    4:43 wait you did what,so i guess u wasn’t only the kid that did this XD

  66. Zero Hero

    No one liked me so I got bullied

  67. Mottlecloud

    Is no one going to question the fact that two humans had two bagels for children?

  68. Tamika Dawg

    2:59 bakugo be sneaking in

  69. Tyler Blask

    Love the Megamind intro 😂

  70. jeffrey francisco

    I Love my hero academia❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. boba T

    I’m 8 and I play pretend

  72. R0Z Holmes

    wait... do all animators live in Arizona?

  73. Myself Included

    Super Adam, Super James, Super, Jaiden ASSEMBLE!

  74. Sonja Jerome

    Grocery List Eggs Milk Cereal Bagels Pasta Cheese Butter Coffe creamer Rice Cream cheese

  75. It’s your Boy

    Would you guys agree that watching him play games and commentate is a little bit better

  76. Denice Cruz


  77. Itz_blue razzbeary

    dont steal my shyit

  78. that one nerd who has a puppet

    Hows your lizard

  79. BFP_ Bull

    I have dreams were people tickle me all the time for some reason

  80. Leah Johnson

    i LOVE aventure time too!

  81. Normal Hakim

    When the heck adam had a rapper voice (it's so cooool)

  82. HP_games Potterhead

    I might be able to give you a discount for your ikea table

  83. Samurai Genji

    There is no perfect son- Adam: *HOLD MY BEER*

  84. - b a s u r a -

    Jaiden: **makes a song with boyinaband** James: **makes a song with boyinaband** Adam: *im aboutta end this man's whole career*

  85. Fluffymiyster

    My brother and I moved out together initially but I'm quite ready for full independence. I've made a list of about seven different apartments in town and ranked them. I have my number one pick and I'm hoping here in 2020 to move out. Last thing I need to check sounds silly but it's something many might not think of. Does the place accept my current internet provider? Lol, I know, sounds dumb. But I didn't think of that being important until my mom moved into a complex that has a contract with a smaller, slower and yet much more expensive internet provider. She literally cannot get the same provider I have because of the apartment's contract with the other company, which sucks. Even if the place doesn't allow my provider, I love everything else about the apartment and probably would still move in but it would be the bee's knees if it accepted my current internet.

  86. Farah

    White bored 😐 LOL

  87. James Webb

    4:17 am I the only one that noticed the TeamFourStar Dragon BallZ Abridged reference to Vegeta vs Frieza on Namek

  88. Ciarán Kiely

    Like who found the article

  89. Fluffymiyster

    Oh no, you made the same mistake my sibling and I did when we moved out together...not previewing the apartment before moving in! Thankfully, while the place we stay in was initially very dirty and I kind of wanted to cry myself back to mom, it shaped up well with some elbow grease. This said, try your absolutely hardest, kids, to actually VIEW IN PERSON the place you're moving into! Don't just look at pictures online because those bastards will always show the showcase apartment which of course looks nice! Ask to see your apartment that they're selling you and if they say no, or if they pressure you to sign quickly or you'll lose the opportunity to rent, you should probably run. That's not how you want to start off living on your own. This said, if you're moving to another area entirely where you can't easily drive over...oh, I am so sorry for you and I hope like hell you don't get ripped off. See about getting pictures from the rental company for the place you're moving into or something. Read and heed reviews, especially ones in places where the apartment managers can't remove them. Read articles, ask your parents and friends who have moved out, just...don't rush it, lol. There's a chance you'll be fucked over at some point during the moving out process but let's try to minimize it :)

  90. Lucas Long

    I do that too. I have to be entertained. And if I dont.. I start daydreaming

  91. Roand3r

    I hate chocolate milk

  92. Jennifer Griel

    God. Why aren’t utilities covered by taxes? Like, water and electricity are damn essential for living life on this planet, why are we billed for it instead of taxed for it?

  93. ill lift your soul

    my child self got really scared at 4:13 edit:im still scared

  94. Annia Cruz

    Why isnt this on trending 1#

  95. Ghian Carrillo

    Thia bring so many memories i remeber when you wanted to play mariocart with friend you need to press the little button that turns yellow

  96. I AM A NOOB

    Is this a death stranding reference 4:19

  97. Sophia Brecht


  98. Lynn Johnson


  99. Lynn Johnson

    NOOOOOOOO pls its awesome btw do u play roblox if u do wuts ur name mines lilhoneybear10 can u frend meh?