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  1. Fabio D

    Questa canzone provoca quella sensazione di attrito tra lo scroto e le mattonelle del pavimento davvero fastidiosa

  2. Andre pietro Lattuga

    Roma tales Ep 7

  3. Jamilet Nathaniel Almeyda Huanca

    esta casion me en camta

  4. Elif AKBABA

    Sonunda buldum seni ❤🇹🇷❤🇹🇷

  5. Bye Felipe!

    Ok now do a remix with Fergie

  6. Ionut. Puca

    Any one after the Coronavirus pandemic here ?

  7. ruby Garcia Gonzalez

    wyAtt Smith 👼🙏🙏🍋🍋💋🍉🍉💗🍎🍒🍒🍒🍒🍉💗🧚😍😍🤯

  8. Cana Dude

    uggh. The sample "Rhythm of the Night" was a great Euro track, and this song would be SOOOO much better without the repetitive annoying chopped up sample.

  9. Liam Scheer

    Love this song

  10. Feitan


  11. Frederic Jean Pierre

    Remember playing this on cd and singing fergie part mostly trying to sound like her and not knowing the lyrics 🤣🤣

  12. Niklas Fröhlich


  13. Der Erenosch83

    Parker 900 Baltic

  14. Aka Aika

    I love it 🌹 Mamacita ❤️💐

  15. Jordy Alegría

    bad boys es mi primo

  16. Silvia Boschello


  17. Lisa W

    Damn I love this song!? ❤️🔥

  18. priscilla Mariana Jiménez

    Que dirá Corona de este Remix m quedo con la original ✌️😊

  19. Ángel CMa

    Que asqueroso se volvió BEP 💩💩

  20. Fibo

    when i first listened to it on spotify, i thought fergie was singing the female voice

  21. Itamara Borges

    Amo ... Amo ... Amo (2020)

  22. KM_392_NC

    This needs a 2020 remake.

  23. daniel lazaro

    The little that Jaden did he made this track super wack

  24. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Bebet ( Official musica Video ) 📼💿👄

  25. Bubble ATA

    Arruinaron la canción de Jacob Tillberg :(

  26. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Don 't Lie ( Official musica Video ) 📼💿👄

  27. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Where ls The Love ? ( Official musica Video ) 💿📼👄

  28. bibi Otero


  29. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get lt Started ( Official musica Video ) 💿📼👄

  30. chirayu gohil

    The beat is there in GTA V radio

  31. Mohd Syafiq

    Cause it's covid19

  32. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    The Black Eyed Peas - The Time ( Dirty Bit ) ( Official musica Video Ra) 📼💿👄

  33. Piedad Correa new new new new 🔥🔥🔥🖋



  35. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - l Gotta Feeling ( Official musica Video ) 📼💿👄

  36. Claudia Avellaneda

    Mayo 2020 y lo sigo escuchando!!! Levanta el ánimo!!!

  37. WƎ SS

    It's GTA man, GTA....

  38. Slash Virto

    Feel the beat😍😍😍 make me shaking my buttt!!!Mamacita!!!

  39. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow ( Official musica Video ) 📼💿👄

  40. Larissa barbosa

    esse esse virus ta de mais o de mais o gente olha pra porta e pra janela esse esse virus ta de mais

  41. Stela Ferraz

    Haters para la tumba..nosotro para la rumba.....

  42. Leo Aguilera

    Me encanta. La cancion😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😅🎅🎅🎄🎄

  43. Hayden Wilson

    Hi I'm a fan

    1. Hayden Wilson


  44. DMan

    Here's what they stole for the song

  45. Elizabeth Olvera

    Ya vieron la pelicula

    1. Elizabeth Olvera

      Si si le dan like

  46. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Block Eyed Peas - Pump lt. ( Official musica Video ) 📼💿

  47. Mary Medina

    Hola que hermosa música 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆❤❤❤❤❤

  48. Sou Eu

    Quem mais veio pesquisando : agaro file

  49. Noelia Quispe Gómez Gomez

    Mix : The Black Eyed Peas - Don ' t Plunk With My Heart ... 📼💿

  50. Paula Estefania

    se parece mucho a la isla bonita call me mamacita la isla bonita ahi se parece el ritmo o estoy loca?

  51. Beknur Qurmanuly

    2020 may> hello COVD-19....

  52. janeth enriquez

    La amo like si tu tambien

  53. Juan Ramirez

    like si te gusta ritmo

  54. Depressed Neega

    Quarantine got me coming back to these oldies

  55. Mert DEMİRCİ


  56. Alien Engineer

    I f'n love this Song! And also Amazing video, every time I Watch It I spot something I like even more

  57. Arman Kuzembaev

    0:52 Name

  58. Steven Lopez

    ,Fergie jest zajebista💖

  59. Yousf Alzaroni

    This song u can say its song not like now 👍👍🔥

  60. Mayhem yahuasca


  61. Edil Josue Escobar Thomas


  62. Maulwurf Swift

    I just have to think about Pulp Fiction when I listen to this song xD

  63. Leonardo Basile


  64. tia da cantina

    2020 someone? 2020 alguém? ❤️

  65. Makeup By M

    We love some woke queens

  66. Aiden arkensaw

    Este Remix lo hizo tito music silva que fue

  67. Jonás Martin Galaburri

    The black eyed peas

  68. Emily Brro

    i am

  69. Ladjane Peixoto


    1. Ladjane Peixoto


  70. Sadan Rana

    Can someone tell the background beat of jaden

  71. Kimberly Vazquez

    I’m that English comment your looking for. Echo de menos el horario de verano 2020 fue un año muy malo😭😭

  72. Alex

    It must have been years since I've last heard the Peas. I did hear about Fergie leaving, didn't think much of her, or the group til I heard Shut Up on the radio recently. Then I heard this and their pre-Elephunk stuff. Damn, the more you know.

  73. Anne Lima

    Essa é a minha favorita ❤️

  74. julie lemire


  75. elizabeth parra


  76. Zisan Cift


  77. Só sei que nada sei


  78. Joshua Cazanave

    Joshua Cazanave

  79. Joshua Cazanave

    Serge Alison

  80. iHaveNOclout

    welcome to the radio station: Non Stop Pop!!!

  81. Joshua Cazanave

    Patrice Rossi

  82. Joshua Cazanave

    Maman Cazanave

  83. nayade palmero barreto


  84. nayade palmero barreto

    DIS IS LITTT BRO eto esta muy litttttttttttttt ONG the most top song omGGGGGGGG

    1. SlimeSisters sisters

      I know right it just makes me dance

  85. Alessandro Preci


  86. Garic Kwok

    Not 😾😾😾😡😡😡🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵decent

  87. tyler sauvion

    judge judy full episodes

  88. the guy who alone

    I'm watching for see to Will Smith sjsksks

  89. el mega flygon 777

    ya estan tios los black eyed peas y ozuna parece j Balvin

  90. Rekha Charles

    ♡♡♡♡ Miss u sapu and komal♡♡ Our school memories wala song♡

  91. MAD LATINO ماد لاتينو

    #Reggaeton# Abonné vous sur instagram official 💖💖💖 Abonné vous sur page Facebookofficial 💖💖💖 Reggaeton 2020 (Official Video) MAD LATINO-Sahbi-2020

  92. Hermès-stan LV U

    i usually remember them as techno-ish or upbeat pop

  93. 이나라

    I wish every music is always like this

  94. fuck de globalisten

    This is strange about america. You can buy a gun everywhere. But bullshit cant? Even like you can drink at 21. What a joke

  95. gifista 2020

    soy la única que no entiende más de la mitad de los comentarios

  96. Luana De Lima

    Eu amo essa música da vontade dançar é show.

  97. ezequie Davalos


  98. Moises Geremia Hipolito Flores


  99. Avizor indy

    11 years..? :O

  100. Pilar Martinez Gómez

    Me encanta