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  1. Logan Hale

    Hot wings. OWO. (get beaned)

  2. Lordcreeper Gaming

    If Charlie was Michaels sister wouldn’t that make him Sammy?

  3. Tithalis Octane

    OK, so if were closer to being Jedi than we think that doesn't really matter you may or may not agree but something we all agree on is that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell

  4. Abyder


  5. Aya Saber Saber

    2018 2018 past and nothing wow

  6. Nicola Phillips

    Don’t drink water for spicy things!!

  7. TealWolf- Mj

    Sooo.... is the recent game Scott did for the charity stream suppose to be this 58? This game that’s a joke and with secret lore meanings ? Or is it really something he did just did for the stream ?


    Baklava is a turkish food

  9. jackie dawn

    I swear, I remember this being in my recommended

  10. Font


  11. James F.

    I think of this as a dart board. A Creator aims to high they get demonetized for inappropriate content. They aim to low they get 10-20% of what they used to get. They aim for the middle and risk being sued 42,000$. To get standard monetization they have to hit the bullseye and exactly the bullseye.

  12. Aya Saber Saber

    Wow I love them

  13. Starry Shot

    The fish is controlling the gardion

  14. Thiccmunch2019 Kid

    It’s the puppet

  15. KirbotheBirbo


  16. kairon156

    I'm speechless in the worst possible way.

  17. T.Beep's Crazy Video World

    The holy religion of Islam: exists MatPat: Izlam, Muzlum, qabaaa, koran Also MatPat: MINECRAFT IS ASSOCIATED TO ISLAM!

  18. Tyquon Jackson

    What is the music being played in the background??

  19. Justin Chill

    When its the weekend and you think you aren't learning but you're learning about Minecraft

  20. subgorb

    Wow this guy ls just amazing he started with a simple game but it has SUCH a BIG story like woooow

  21. Casper UwU

    wait so if we take this logically... this is all the Puppets fault because The Puppet gave them the souls? :p

  22. Allyson George Martins de Lima

    pena que nao tem legendado pt br

  23. Emmett Clarke

    matpat gets killed awwwwww heres fredbear huh

  24. Pringle The 3rd

    Duck them hitched

  25. littlelilly cupcake kitty

    A gamer will never be top tier... What about pewds

  26. Just Ice

    Thx for using metric system

  27. Joseph Stalin

    Matt:we are doing a 9 hour stream. Me:Guess ima watch 1 hour

  28. Amberee

    Oh, No, What if SVsel wipes @DanTDM from the internet?!

  29. Shane St john

    Freddy and Boone are brothers

  30. The Sweetest Cookie

    Stop saying buggs has a buzz cut he doesn't he has a bugzzzcut

  31. Monkey Puncher

    i definitely cannot

  32. Rock girl

    Someone: Avengers: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover! MatPat: Hold my Coke

  33. Modern Dagamer

    Ayyy,Who Is Islam Here? Leave A Like

  34. Sparkle girl Kids

    Ok we have two days quick make a 2019 your rewind

  35. Vanilla Quesadilla

    Anyone heard of the game called No Players Online? it's very interesting

  36. Sparkle girl Kids

    Y’all we have two days

  37. BioGameWare


  38. Sithmi Kannangara

    Okay but Petscop

  39. BurnV06

    Actually, they are in japan so us advertising law do't apply. nice try though

  40. Carl Johnson

    Just had a thought, if they don't wear seatbelts, how are they not falling out of their karts when they go upside down

  41. MoltenFreddy627

    If this can be accomplished SVsel has got to do something about this Coppa thing because if We can accomplish this then we can accomplish great things

  42. Sparkle girl Kids

    I’m calling dr. Phill

  43. Goubie

    SVsel in 2017:doesn’t give a crap SVsel in 2018/19:adds want kid friendly content SVsel in 2020:if your for kids NO ADDS!!!

  44. Gigi Ginger

    Okay stay with me for this one. Tape girl was adamant that glitchtrap couldn't be killed... Until the last tape where she instructs is that he can be killed and how. Glitchtrap managed to convince her into the 'cult', and so she betrayed us the player so glitchtrap can be released or give him more control, explaining two of the endings. The mind meld ending and the door ending.

  45. Christi


  46. guiltytreasures jewelry

    What are the origins on the Ender dragon? You only find one in the end like it's the last of it's kind, how and what are the end chrystals? Was there other dragons before?

  47. Maxime Lafrenière

    19:38 The power isn't complete, there is a number missing...

  48. Kingdom Rep

    Yall tripping. Kreekcraft already got it. Don't think bout it.

  49. Giga Boi

    That was a long intro

  50. QueasySkate 4869

    It's funny how Logan cheated and still lost 🤣

  51. Reese Lace

    bro I've been watching youtube since I was like 5 or at least I've had this account since I was like 5 and that was around 2009 and now the fact that there trying to take away people we've all watched forever is lame, the fact that next month I might not even be able to watch one of my favorite channels just because kids are on the site is wack. As I'm typing this there's a comment right under me that says "“Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it." -Mark Twain" and everyone else on this site that's been watching it for however long weather that be a year or even ten years like myself it's still not fair to anybody. that's just my peace of mind on the topic, do as what you will.

  52. Kreemsikl

    11:15 that's not nether wart that's fermented spider eye

  53. t

    I’m sorry to say, but you can’t even leave a comment for the FTC. On their website they say that all comments must be in before October of this year.

  54. Angela F

    Man seems hard

  55. Cody comaro

    Matpat I have a new theory for you look at William Afton when he's in spring-trap and spring-trap opens his mouth look inside William Afton mouth

  56. XxAngelixLordXx Gd

    6:37:32 I cant believe that DIO actually help other people by donating 25$

  57. Βαγγελης Μοσχογιαννης

    Sans and Papayrous is not Gaster but they are Gasters sons

  58. overpumpshotty

    And PETA is cruel to burgers

  59. tortilla roll

    Welp. We still have Vimeo.

  60. Brigette Lavalley

    I lost my grandfather to cancer about a month ago

  61. Altro Studios

    Solving fnaf is like solving a really hard murder case

  62. McChimkin Sammch

    For $42,000 it seems like most creators gonna take down a lot of their videos

  63. Nikola Logina

    so...so you ar a virus...well....unsub...beter leave befor its to late

  64. Fabian Feldstedt


  65. shadow Ninja 72

    Thoght what if the freddy ending is the good ending you can stop playing the game but the other two you fall into glichtraps trap and get toyr body stolen

  66. Thot Slayer

    Can u make horror theories less scary pls

  67. Abby Wiggs


  68. Kelly Smith Wieser

    willam Afton you play in sister location.

  69. Delta 6 gaming

    I would like to know how the ancient builders came to the Minecraft world

  70. Redtan Sonyeondan

    Actually muslims don't believe God live in Kaabah. Although it is of great importance in the religion, Kaabah acts as a qiblah or the direction Muslims face when praying. The kaabah is just a medium so the prayer will reach God in the sky. The same as you talking to your friend on the phone. Although it seems like you are just talking to a phone, the phone is just a medium so you can reach your friend

  71. Crimson Venom

    Golden Freddy: *apperes*

  72. Diana Reaper

    I can’t comment on it, has anybody else been having that issue?

  73. NerdzyBoiYeets

    Ff=un lol

  74. algı ışık


  75. Glory Gaming


  76. junetron gaming

    new theroy kirby is advanced x virus

  77. Dry grape Daily

    It’s about lizzy_winkle’s situation roblox player suffered from dementia

  78. Īnçūbūß vłøğš

    Hi I'm ur biggest fan

  79. Rob 326

    The world being polluted from every country: Not a problem at all Kids watching SVsel: NOW THAT'S TOO MUCH!

    1. Rob 326

      Also another question. How do you categorize let's say Car repair videos? Can I child understand? No. Can it be categorized as child friendly because of no swear words? Yes. BIG LOOPHOLE!

  80. Noah Vries

    Do the better pkmn theory Do pikmin please

  81. A&A Productions

    im under 13

  82. houston story

    Mat Pat there is one thing you have not touch base with and is HEROBRINE

  83. Temmie

    ter ar days til pate (translation) There are days till the party

  84. Rob 326

    Soo...the FTC is american? Simple fix. Nuke the USA. Problem fixed! I live on the other side of the planet and wouldn't give two damns about it. Hey! look at the good thing! The fallout events will happen and there will no longer be big pollutants on the planet.

  85. Zayd Qureshi

    I know this sounds weird but what if fnaf world got pulled from steam to go along with the story?


    One thing I don't understand is if Michael is Henry's son, why didn't he recognize him when the building burnt down, in Fazbear's simulator when he's speaking to the player which we presume to be Michael. This is confusing.

  87. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Bear

    Could we lose our franku daddy

  88. GamesJay 1

    13:21 ...or Toadette, right?

  89. Amanda Grimm

    I looked up Freddy fazbears pizzeria and its real

  90. Pushed Racer

    Yo Someone should make a youtube like clone thing but it "isnt for kids" so coppa and this boolshed cant actually do anything because kids arent even supposed to be on the site

  91. Patrick The Cool Karafotias

    My classmates don't believe me about what your talking about

  92. Amanda Le

    There is multiplayer mode but...

  93. DAGG kitty

    coppa don't worry children we will protect you children why u ruin my life coppa ???


    Oh my goodness, Hahahaha those makiplier wannabes

  95. KRKEN13 mobile

    It's kinda weird how he says ka'bah but it's aight

  96. Eurekify!

    *Goose Willis*

  97. BurnV06

    link, by the way, is around 212 pounds. (96.5 Kg.)

  98. Ruby Crystal

    Also if nether watt is a fungus, it needs to feed off something and soul sand, as you mentioned before, is made of souls of the "ancient people" and the nether wart could feed off that.

  99. That weeb Potato

    That story was awful and sad like... WHO'D DO THAT TO A CHILD???