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  1. Vicky robloxer

    This music is cring

  2. Biel ._.

    Eu esperando os brs pra fazer funk

  3. Raquel Melendez

  4. Jessica Meslard

    Mon père et moi nous adorons cette chanson j'espère que tu pourras lire mon commentaire vu que je pense que tu n'es pas français

  5. Rebekah DeVault

    I love Dance Monkey so much I am doing it for my school Talent show!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Aesthetic Babe

    This is an absolutely rancid song that should immediately be removed from all media solely because of the vocals and you can NOT change my mind

  7. ychy

    I just play this to annoy people

  8. Cutest Kittens On The Earth

    I love this song!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. leojjackson de jesus

    Alguém veio por causa do cara de terno branco?? Ele tocando parecia melhor! Kkk

  10. Everton Moura

    1:04 ;-; repita isso algumas vez q vc vai entender

  11. Eusebio Montoya Gonzales

    Que bonita cancion to la puedo cantar

  12. Jamille Lima

    BR 👀

  13. Minecraft Gaming

    This song makes me want to fight my elementary school HOES

  14. Chkililta Vlog

    Chkilita vlog

  15. Cecilia Visitacao

    2:16 muh fome muh fome muh fome muh fome muh fome aaaaaah

  16. Claudine Jimdar-Rowe

    It’s time to graduate yourself from the chump change, student lunch money boss! Otherwise no matter how intelligent you are, you can intellectually isolate yourself.

  17. Tatiana Mansilla

    I love that song, without a doubt it is the best song of 2019🥰🥰

  18. Matheus Francisco

    Just one thing: she is a Loli Apenas uma coisa:ela é uma Loli

    1. Matheus Francisco

      Os br comenta aqui na moral lkkkkkkk

  19. أسطورة ضائعة بين الانمي

    شحال نحبها نموت عليها😍😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Inas Baba


  21. Ernő Péter Hordós

    open.spotify.com/track/6LkUaa3vT69MeWbuqJ51U0?si=xz9zRIzURW2_3oIUeGTerA even better

  22. Mia Gadd

    My favourite song

  23. alex velez

    Hola mi amor 💕 me voy a dormir 🛏 que estoy aquí 👈

  24. sonnyswyatt

    1:27 ooh i sink u sink u sink u every dime andomy eye eye eye i like your style

  25. Marina Pagan

    I love this song


    Orang indonesian like

  27. Cayla Simpson

    wtf wtf wtf

  28. Marianna Victoria


  29. Priyam Kashyap PK

    I've heard it 8 years ago already ,listened 1000s of time💕

  30. Mon Perez

    They say dance

  31. JindaTuber

    The tik tok thing begins at 0:55

  32. Lucky Ardrianto

    Fahmi-Duit Talak gay

  33. phillip nurse

    This is for Kobe and gg so sad I’m littered crying they were so young

  34. Marcelo Drone

    Sucess in Brazil!

  35. Camila Jara

    At the end it sounded like he said" I'm not gay"

  36. Star Cauthen

    Cool song and I cannot stop dancing

  37. As Ponaru

    fahmi fahmi

  38. Laylah M

    I love dance monkey and if you like dance monkey leave a like

  39. Beatriz Farias


  40. Gundbat Batbold


  41. Lgyo Fryj

    That funky monkey...

  42. Alice De Lima

    Ameiiiiiiii amo para sempre

  43. Jacky Bedar

    I' am 68_ and still on the beat !! This is fuckin good !! Wherever I go I listen to this in my car!! Greetings from France folks !!

  44. Rahul Leo

    Malayali undo ❤️

  45. rosma sudaryono

    gw kesini lagi gara-gara "duit talak gay" 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Tergelsaran Tumennast

    i like dance monkey song

  47. mrserickson32

    I like this song and I also like the Beat.

  48. Abdullah Ahmed

    svsel.info/video/video/yWGQf3vSiNqy1Wo.html Egyptian remix on this song, which is better than the original

  49. Rita Pollak

    Du bist toll. Love you love you Kussmund

  50. Alif Syaban

    Fahmi, duit talak gay😂

  51. boof

    Me: move for me This song: moo fa me

  52. mundo das amigas

    love this song

  53. Coco123 Coco123


  54. Ade Supian

    love god💕

  55. Katherin Quintero

    me gusta el pipi

  56. Səfanə Mahmudova

    3:24 Im not gay 😊😊😊😊❤ Who listening 2020?❤ 👇 👇 👇 👇 +1like ❤

  57. Kristopher Martin

    Good job mr shades

  58. Shïnìgâmí _

    The lyrics just cascade, The beat is Soo peaceful, the voice is to smooth.


    Tiene un parecido a la canción de Adele - Rolling in the deep



  61. candy the fox girl

    Like chi è italiano

  62. Agus Zulfan

    Saya ke sini gara" aduhfm😁..mencari Fahmi dan duit talak gay

  63. Cohovi Ben

    Aye dance monkez 🐒❤🔥🔥🔥

  64. jose madero

    Tomes and i

  65. jose madero

    Quiero conocer a la cantante

  66. jose madero

    Mi canción favorit

  67. Josue Lindo

    quem gosta dessa musica deixa o likeeee

  68. marko tucakov


  69. iPastelixii

    I came here because of TikTok 😂

  70. Victoria Becerra

    dance for me

  71. Navjot Singh

    are you doing viewbot. Seriously 350k views and 150 comments only wtf. bro!



  73. Wayne Cui


  74. Silvana cristina Cartagena surco

    Like an LOVE miusic an dance monkey 😍🙏💋😘😻💘💗🐒

  75. Charlene Taylor

    I love this song if u do 👇🏼

  76. Irvandi Mangunsong

    Kimak kw

  77. amalyn batrisya

    good lycris

  78. annalyn LP1

    why is this song always on trending every time

  79. Faiz Suhaimi

    DUIT TALAK GAY 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  80. Luzcherr

    Tarde 3 días pero al fin pude cantar esto completo

  81. Nawal Malak

    I hate this song it's so lame make it more interesting and fun and more action then maybe then public people will like it laaaaammmmmeeeee

  82. EdenBuckets11

    Why this sound like Marge Simpson singing this?

  83. DR0BR01


  84. Kiko De Gamer

    last Part I Like Gay... hahahahaa move fahmi fahmi

  85. Corn

    2:56: 2x speed Eminem: Try to rap like a Flash Me who watch this on 2x speed: *dead instantly* Everyone who watch this on 2x speed: *dead instantly*

    1. debu


  86. Hibah

    This song is a legend in english-speaking countries, french-speaking countries and spanish-speaking countries!💕✨ (Probably more but that’s all I know) 💖✨

  87. Jonatan Frasek


    1. Jonatan Frasek


  88. K 2912


  89. Livy Clarke

    He sold his soul 🥵

  90. Aria Dolphinsand

    Please don‘t argue me, but I like this song😅

  91. Yunakiro_

    Duit talak gay

  92. FPK Hunter

    This song is so bad, why is it popular?

  93. HeX Clan

    My favorite part starts at 1:38

  94. R A Y A N

    Trending on Malaysia 😶

  95. Um no thanks

    Crazy horse don't hurt me please

  96. Sandra Rios

    Me gusta

  97. dre d

    ამის დედას შევეცი მე

  98. Maheshika Panditaratne


  99. smith Duque

    Que ingles tan melo

  100. Wafaa Alraife

    A nice song❤️❤️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️❤️