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  1. James McCabe

    White car with gun metal defo my fav combo

  2. jasmin vanbrakle

    I think the bronze gold will look good🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. DG Filmz

    10:30 E92 M3 the next project build?

  4. Brent Gumbo

    Bronze all the way for the wheels ez decision

  5. Finan 7

    Why not get the wheels finished the same colour. Then add your plastidip after.

  6. tailzblah

    Is it not just mineral/calcium build on the roof? Will need a proper cleaner / wheel cleaner (carefully) to remove it

  7. Clayton White

    What happened to the Mustang. Locked down in AU and the mustang was keeping me from going insane

  8. Jonathan Jennings

    Bronze get my vote.

  9. Bill Holmes

    Bronze slaps.

  10. asiboy29

    Bronze please

  11. David Evans

    please dont buy a 34 GTR

    1. Chris Allen

      Inner Guards are required

  12. Gabrielius Valikonis

    wait yeah thats true what im confused

  13. teamidris

    White car, gonna be cleaning it all the time anyway, so bright metal wheels :o) - dark car, everyday drive, dark grey wheels every time.

  14. Colby Weeks

    Bronze wheels for sure.

  15. Luke Conley

    Real shame about the mustang. I was looking forward to seeing it getting completed. Hope it makes a come back.

  16. Vegas The Trucker

    Gun metal

  17. von jones

    I like the gunmetal look. The polish aluminum to look good too, but my vote is for gunmetal.

  18. Jesse Xaivier

    100% bronze baby!!!

  19. Keith Hudson

    Bronze is sexy but raw is classic. Can't go wrong. I like bronze though.

  20. Lhex

    bronze is cool

  21. Lv Gaming

    Gun metal

  22. Zaron Raymond Goveas

    I think so Cooper weels also looks sick and awesome 😊

  23. James Hughes

    Well that was an episode full of disappointment 😌

  24. reaperdeath667

    What ever happened to the supra?

  25. Zach

    B is for build. The only man to lift a GTR with a jack.

  26. Seba 3584


  27. Seba 3584

    Every one like this coment if you like “chrome color for those wheels

  28. Uncle Earl

    gunmetal all the way

  29. Ben Hooper

    The wheels need to gunmetal

  30. Holieocorneious Gerhart

    Rims need to match the black on the car

  31. robert vargas


  32. Brandon Tran

    why not have both of the wheel colors by having the spoke bronze and the barrel aluminum

  33. Supratt001

    Thanks B

  34. Arvas20

    Bronze rims look better imo

  35. MurderinkAustralia

    What happened to all the mustang videos??????

  36. Digital Driven

    Man ohh man I missed watching this build you should bring back more cars and update them

  37. mccutchphil

    Bronze all the way.

  38. Steve T

    I miss the Mustang! Best build so far!!! I cross all my fingers and toes that You solve the issue...

  39. James Lang

    Hey Chris: I can figure out why you can't say anything about the Mustang videos. But that doesn't stop me from saying this: what a bunch of ***holes. The lawyers must be churning out letters by the thousands if they're sending out warnings or cease and desist orders to everyone on SVsel or the internet that dares to use the word 'Eleanor' when referring to a Mustang. Geezus! You'd think they would welcome it because it must generate a lot of interest and therefore royalties as people want to see the movie again or those that haven't seen it want to see it for the first time.

  40. dad_of_4girls

    I personally like the brushed aluminum.. Gunmetal 2nd.

  41. Duck_Poppa

    B is for Boat°° where is the yacht we haven't seen in almost a year.

  42. Maze 275

    Always funner rwd

  43. Maciej Cymerys

    brushed alluminum for me..and i dont like silver/chrome

  44. Pablo Hidalgo

    Gun metal black! Love the 2 tone black and white combo!

  45. Ryan Griffith

    Black but those tires need white or yellow lettering

  46. Johnmichael Quinlan

    It sucks that they made you remove the video of the mustang was great watching you all problem solve the living day lights out of it. you could name and shame the company and then we could all mail drop them our thoughts :D

  47. eric_diaz88

    Bronze all day....then gloss black

  48. Cody Burns

    It’s so cool seeing a SVselr from my hometown! That drifting clip was the closed Kmart parking lot off of sandy right?

    1. Johnmichael Quinlan

      nah it was mexico apparently :P

  49. Mark Dixon

    What happened to the boat ?

  50. Ernest Strickland


  51. Garry Valle

    Bronze for sure

  52. luckyfusion

    I would go Midnight Black on the wheels, but if those were the only 3 choices, i'd go with gun metal to give it contrast to the white.

  53. klicker89


  54. Aubrey Bradford

    Bronze is the way to go. That car is showy as is and really only bronze wheels would do it justice out of your options. You could go wild and get them in red!

  55. BillBoard Hits

    Raw aluminium wheels for sure

  56. Kurt Parkin

    Bronze wheels



  58. Balam Linan


  59. Austin Currier

    What happened to all the mustang videos?

  60. Joey Sweet

    Bronze man them bronze wheels would look killer on the GTR! And are you going to finish the mustang build? Screw them gone in 60 seconds whimps did they put a patent on that particular name or something because I really loved tha build!

  61. ryan ritchie

    Go with the raw love that look

  62. Anthonyk

    Go bronze!!!

  63. FTLChristian

    Please keep the raw aluminum look

  64. Tomas Lobo

    Bronze of course 🤦🏻‍♂️

  65. AYO MONT

    Bronze look

  66. clayton burgin

    The raw finish is 🔥 definitely +1

  67. Jacob Arendt

    Oof that brushed aluminum is amazing

  68. Victor Olmos

    Raw aluminum looks amazing!

  69. Manju Vaishnav

    Silver is looking good

  70. Avery Railer

    Gun metal or aluminum

  71. Todd Scott

    Why don't you let Kyle or oscar talk on camera? They do so much work we'd like to hear from them also.

  72. alex criollo

    I like the bronze

  73. Ricer_forestersti

    Please continue with the GTR uploads.. I think I watched all the GTR vids in 1 day 😂 also new to the Chanel

  74. Kirill Galenko

    Raw or bronze. Black wheels are pointless - can't tell what the wheels look like if you're standing a few feet from it.

  75. T Lawrence

    Bronze imo



  77. That4Chan HackerGuy

    I hope those are not harbor Freight Tools jack stands if they are there is a recall on them I exchanged mine

  78. joe 212

    Polished wheels are where it's at for that car

  79. Riggin Thorniley

    What aerosol vinyl wrap did he use?

  80. 0711boomer

    Def Gun metal for the rims

  81. Nathaniel Thomson

    Gotta be the bronze

  82. King Of Darkness


  83. Stef

    Natural metal look!!! Oh my gosh that’s so nice

  84. Oleg Obukhov

    Gun metal for the wheels. Sexy, classic and stylish. PS> Hope all is good with Mustang. It would be disappointing to see so much effort go nowhere.

  85. Mike Falter

    I vote black wheels.

  86. dwdiecast 503

    Raw aluminum

  87. MotoTaco

    I've had superwrap on my wheels for almost a year and very impressed by it They're purple :)

  88. Dixon Doherty

    I would love to see a Mercedes on this Channel, the w220 body especially

  89. Frenetic

    B is for Bronze!

  90. Mark Givens

    Gun Metal

  91. RUD3Y

    Bronze centers and raw silver barrels, your forgetting that three piece wheels look awesome two tone😊

  92. Bnccty

    Carbon fiber is the right material for those wing mounts. Those were poorly engineered. Start a gofundme for the legal stuff. We're here and ready to get B is for Belanor back on the road!

  93. Matt K.

    Definitely the raw silver finish 😫

  94. Todd Barnett

    Love the brushed aluminum looks so good bro.. But, It's your whip do whatever you like!! The haters are always gonna talk smack.. Do you brother!

  95. Marc Concepcion

    Bronze 100%

  96. Ocin Nick


  97. Fisher Harris

    Raw Aluminum!

  98. Brew_WY

    Bronze is going to look great on that car.

  99. Brian Ferreira

    Raw aluminum will look so clean

  100. Adam Corntassel

    Gun metal!