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  1. 洪維辰


  2. Maya Septian

    This is how it will be when somebody has taken your deep down pure broken heart soul💔💔💔

  3. Little Much

    She got me relating to something I've never experienced 😢❤

  4. TT natxc

    *My parents told me about Selena Quintanilla and I telling my kids about Selena Gómez*

  5. Diana M

    I love you 💜💜💜

  6. Lucianaalves Souza

    Te amo é muito linda essa música me surpreende muito 😘😘😘😭💋💋

  7. Reky Hidayat

    I never bored to listen this songg Who's here listen this song again and again 🙋🙋

  8. chester Jim

    Ajjaajjaajajaja que asco

  9. Zoe J


  10. Omar Hadzizekovic

    Anyone else here after listening to lose you to love me?🙁

  11. Kamily Costa

    Meu amor você venceu ❤️

  12. Abhiram Abhi

    Hey guys don't judge Justin Bieber

  13. Janina Vogt

    Since I listen to it the first time I listend to a lot of covers but nobody can top here even come near. She sings it with so much feelings. We can try to understand here but in the end we never totally understand. I just know how it is to lose somebody and never understand why what was the difference the letting go was and is still hard even after a year but to lose him helped me to find myself. Finding is the price of losing. But that was hard to understand for me. But this song makes it so much easier to me.

  14. TL3 Mercy

    This song should be in a movie like Frozen!!

  15. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Il y’a 6 an

  16. Rob Morales

    Selena, thank you, Sincerely <3

  17. Jaya Suriya S

    Raise your hands if you have noticed #shotoniphone

  18. Ghost Whisperer

    It was BEAUTIFUL!

  19. Skellington

    What is this song..



  21. Empty Cups

    I love you and your voice ♡

  22. Sweet Piano Instrumental


  23. Roshan Singh

    Top Dua lipa try alike fails :

  24. रोहित मिश्रा

    Selena fan for India like here👇

  25. Denise Wow

    Selena .. your time has gone

  26. Shilu Venuh

    Ok so this is 100th time seeing again I Love This soooo freaking much 💯💕 Gooooooo Giiiiiirrrrl 💯

  27. Kundan Singh Rajput

    First comment who reached 1million likes

  28. Katrin Winchester

    TLC ?

  29. Putri alya Davina

    Forget all about justin bieber you can have the others because you can move on

  30. Ludmila Genrikh


  31. GAMER X

    Justin Bieber is hiding in the toilet to avoid the Selena's song 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Oliver Moore

    Bieber is a prick anyways. Selena is to good for him honestly

  33. Brandon Oberg

    Producer Credits? 🔥 beats

  34. Алексей Колтунов

    What's app 89246438762

  35. rashda asif

    Vote for selena ⬇️

  36. Anshu Rawat

    we all love you and support you and understand you and keep inspiring us love you selena

  37. Shane P

    One of the strongest human being I know ❤️

  38. Sarah Candy

    Why do i get the Indian vibe here 😵

  39. ryszard klara

    Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video) fragment in Selena Gomez Remix 2 1080p klara

  40. Lauren Sanchez

    This just goes to show you never really know what happens behind closed doors. I’m so happy she got out of this toxic relationship that was obviously taking a toll on her. Now she can focus on herself and when she’s ready, if she wants to, she can find someone who will treat her like the irreplaceable queen that she is. ❤️

  41. Family Obien

    0:14😂🤣 sorry Selena 😂🤣

  42. JayJohnson

    I wrote a song and it has almost the same lyrics like this. I didn't release it so don't come to my channel

  43. Dimitry Mordeo

    No one: 9 years old me: *pipipipipipipitptpt*

  44. Elçin Vatansever

    Kuşum bu şarkıyı dinleyip çıldırıyor djfjxj

  45. Weare Saranghes

    This can relate many stories...

  46. Shabina Nazeer

    Girl Selena your amazing no matter what we all love you❤️

  47. Sara of Isla

    *"i needed to hate you to love me"* *"in two months you replaced us"* *“i saw the signs and i ignored it“* ugh this song hits you right in the feels💔😩 i made a cover of it, would love for you to check it out if you have a minute

  48. George P

    I’m crazy about her, I love her from from her feet to her head, Her voice , hair everything What she has is really special , She Es mi favorite singer and she’ll be for life .

  49. nizar rehan

    Selena Gomez : lose you to love me Justin Bieber : what do you mean? Billie eilish : Duhh...

  50. Tənzilə Tağızadə


  51. Catherine Springer

    It's amazing that with technology we can actually make it look like someone can dance when they are horrible! Sorry but Selena cannot dance! I wonder if she can really sing? Justin is laughing his ass off right now lol. Wow she really got lucky in life with such little skill. I do like this song though ;-)

  52. JRL TOG

    To talk to you would enlighten both of us. #FaithfulChurch #FearNot #TheresNoNeedToFear #UnderDog is here #LadyAndTheTramp

  53. Marelize Templeman

    We all had that one person at one stage of our lives...

  54. Devil's STrike Gaming

    Justin is Gay

  55. jpmd2011

    Beautiful. Perfection.

  56. skawngur keys

    I can't just stop your mv ..!! Every line is getting into my head..just love it ! As a shipper of Jelena, I cried listening to this song. I fully support her in everything..I love you Selena.

  57. I'm army Bts

    l love you girl❤❤

  58. Renzography

    Evening gown for Miss Universe 2019 Selena Gomez should perform this song! 💕

  59. Omi Akter

    After 2 years of this beautiful song release! I am here today ♥️♥️

  60. Bruno Henrique

    Justin watching this secretly

  61. Chiara Tinelli

    Like i love You Selene Gomez

  62. Bruno Henrique

    Nessa época nos Selenators éramos bem alimentados

  63. Limouna Limouna

    love this song😢

  64. Laura Bićanić

    She looks so happy 😍

  65. DominicZone

    Its Raining im at my window looking through woods listening this song

  66. Lâm H.

    2019??:)) only me???=))

  67. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Bref elle me soûl

  68. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Elle veux quoi elle

  69. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Ptn elle casse couille

  70. Bruno Henrique

    Mais de 6 anos PQP

  71. amine laksantini

    Great song,love you from Morocco.

  72. Kelly Adaeze Daniels

    She didnt lose Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber lost her.

  73. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Mais qu’est ce qu’elle veux

  74. Space Husky

    Holy dam selena prob has the most liked comment, it has 900K likes XD

  75. Ilham 'Digits_15

    C’est qui et C’est quoi elle me soûl

  76. Rafael Padilla

    I love her so much👸🏽 But I don’t like the lyrics mmmmmm is to annoying 😬

  77. vandeilsom de jesus

    Selenaaa gomez Love

  78. Kinan Audy

    this song not for Justin, but for The Weekend

  79. Ilham 'Digits_15

    C’est n’importe quoi finir abandonnée

  80. Subscribe me pls 30

    Opposite of lose u to love me

  81. Ilham 'Digits_15


  82. Saniddhi Dra

    She knows she will find love........only🤭....if she wants it🤫

  83. Jesse Bowman

    this might be the worst music video ever. boring, boring, boring

  84. MF LP

  85. Fareesmw Mw


  86. The Invincible

    Any Indian here.....I know there is some Hindi song or beat going on in the background of this song.....

  87. Northeastern TV


  88. Ilham 'Digits_15

    Oh oui bravo

  89. karyl baclayo

    before I don't know that this is one of selena's song but after Lose You To Love Me here I am

  90. Liz Apolinar

    ¿Quién en noviembre 2019? 🤔

  91. Ива Бу

    Как пожаловаться на субтитры ?

  92. Manoj Singh

    So sexy

  93. Ali khaled

    سلينا جوميز I love you💜🤩

  94. افنان عبدو

    ي عرب الاغنية تجنن♥♥

  95. P Pantawan

    😚love you so much

  96. Iveth Cerezo

    No les entendí ni vergas nose ingles 😂

  97. Ка ри на

    I watched its every day. Is it normal?

  98. Blerina

    Queen of music👑

  99. Louis Hudson

    1st time listening: What a shit song Now: OMG this is a masterpiece. What was wrong with me in 2017 ....