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  1. JnzGrinds

    9:15 camera man grabbed anthonys tittie

  2. savage king FORTNITE GOD

    Going live remix lil rug fituring lil pump bluface cardi b

  3. Sun Flxwer

    Lemme play!!

  4. mthacker1969


  5. Haruki Matsui

    Yo rug my birthday is today ( 2days before yours)

  6. Cindy N

    Is your dad mexican?

  7. JustARandomNobody

    And then you smother it on your face -Anthony 2019

  8. waterpuddles

    But rug didn’t come up with the flow...👀

  9. Game News Gaming

    Try to put me I could probably spit some bars into ur song

  10. Nana williams

    I have little hair so ok shave my head😃

  11. Riley Hoover

    Who looks at their back in the mirror first thing in the morning.

  12. Tatum Ramil

    I think you should name her Suzie or bella

  13. yostin franco

    i coulden't breathe when i sod brian's big boobs

  14. Donalyn Palaña


  15. Ice Bear

    Get your haircut from 360 jeezy

  16. CrazyGamerAngel

    Is this considered self harm?

  17. Nicholas Akl

    I would rate the second one a 10/10

  18. C i t i x

    Who watched this a year after on her bday Lol i dont want likes tho sooo

  19. Gaming With k the king

    I was crying 😭

  20. KAIPO DJ4 100


  21. Rod Seth

    9:50 oh ya don’t eat on the black inside eat on the white hood that makes sense

  22. Arlene Cornejo

    the 15th of november was my birthday if u wanted to say happy birthday leave a like

  23. Nicholas Akl

    I would rate it like a 5 or 7

  24. Drizzle Up

    2019: Richest kid ever In the future: The richest man in the world

  25. Jeremy Payne

    Y that look like a drug deal but with shoes straight up

  26. peter wasiewicz

    The song is so trash on my opinion no hating just saying but you can make decent music in a longer time for 2 hours I give it a 7 and a half

  27. Sincere Siv

    That knock made my heart drop I lol I’m home alone 😂😂and I hear that knock

  28. savage king FORTNITE GOD

    I love the song

  29. Alisina Kazimi

    Love you RuG

  30. Ricardo Rodelo

    God bless you and Mike and I hope you make more videos with him

  31. kindon T

    This challenge is kinda stupid. TBH. SO cringy!

  32. Rob Jr.

    Create a vlog here in Cebu Philippines. Surely you'll love it...

  33. Nasty Brxndo

    What deodorant was that, Anthony gave Brian?? 🧐

  34. Gaming With k the king

    Hay I was going to grow up and help homeless people and this is so sad and I like doing needs like this to 😢😌

  35. Nick Cambareri

    you can really tell by listening to the song it was made in 24 hours..

  36. Shrek Big

    5:55 at this time its day they say there gonna start a challenge. 5:58 its night first challenge started like wtf

  37. Ava Crozier

    My mom had 6 on the 4th one she broke her butt butt I’m the sixth child so she had more I love my mom so much thank you mom🥰🥰🤗

  38. Curtis Schmidt

    In would have of never of done anything even like that

  39. Game News Gaming

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 This is the new jam in my playlist

  40. Boom Tube

    Fuck you rug

  41. 21twocool XD

    The day this video was out it was my birthday

  42. Brittany Mcnamara

    FUCK U!!!!

  43. Shadow Why

    The little giveaway is because your famous and I love your video 🙏🙏🙏 hope to god I can be in faze one day ut I know I won't because I litterly have no friends 😭😭😭

  44. HyperTheWolf142

    I like the song but he used as much autotune as blazes song

  45. Conor VB

    I’ve watched Marko since 200k

  46. Isa Hart


  47. Alicia To

    When he said November 17 I’m watching it on November 17

  48. Shadow Why


  49. Jeremy Gonzales

    My name is jeremy

  50. Funkz Bombz

    Girls would be smarter if they could make it to Jupiter

  51. Dat Nigga

    Yo this shit cringy 🤢🤣

  52. Shakeel Tokhi

    you literally showed the whole in the beginning lmao

  53. Aj L

    U are kinda mean and not thinking about others you should not keep that house give it to people who need it not someone who has a 3 million dollar house

  54. Los Homies

    What the background type beat in the beginning?

  55. My Names Billy

    What’s Christians mw name

  56. lollo Lol

    No disrespect to babies I mean we like you guys

  57. DurtyChungus

    I do this everything time I take a shit, damn amateurs

  58. Toxic_firettv Add me on ps4

    bro i swear im not a fan no more ............. my mans said nigga in the 21 savage song bro ..... oh and im black

  59. Fabian Nunez

    What's Noah's Instagram?

  60. cold dino

    My man Riley with the flow

  61. Jose Cervantes

    Sheman is winning

  62. lewis drums

    Molly's dad: do you want to go to the gym with me Also Molly's dad: eats pizza

  63. John Santos

    thank god you have a grate famely that s allso rich

  64. Exzph

    I was really tweakin when I heard the knock at 4:41 with the window to the right of my gaming setup on the second floor lol

  65. Mars On Earth

    Watch the next video be, my internal organs are messed up.

  66. Yuxaii YT

    I'm 9.5 and in the 6th grade

  67. brittany camarillo

    I give birth three times I got three children my bf grandmother have 12 children all girls I belive

  68. Gaming With k the king

    More music videos please 😏

  69. Apolo0180

    New faze member lol faZe Noah

  70. John Santos

    he has mad grils i bit you faze rug

  71. Sum Cloudy

    I like black licorice so heck off Brian

  72. Gaming With k the king

    That was tuff yo 😎

  73. Blaze Llama


  74. Jessica Conrad

    Do more vids with Noah

  75. TommyPro

    young NAV right here

  76. Cole Judge

    Dose anybody think this is wierd

  77. Killbot724_ YT

    I Feel bad for them RIP😢😭

  78. Elisha's Repair and more

    She's a very positive soul and makes me so happy.

  79. Toriell Simon

    Ricegum and Tory Lanez

    1. Toriell Simon

      Add Kylie to that

  80. rockyfrank 12

    No hate

  81. rockyfrank 12

    Rug u know that song that u put out I wasn't the best not hating by the way but u acctually spit some bars 🏆

  82. catchanopp lackin

    there are not friends if they keep hyping him to make music this is trash

  83. Hunter Gatons

    You inspire me so much my wish is to me one of my favorite SVselrs like you

  84. Garnik Meliq-Karapetyan

    In my country (Armenia) average haircut it's like 4$ but quality is very good, and most expensive maybe like max 15$ but they way better then yours 100$ )))

  85. spike sanchez

    Who was holding the camera won cuz he didn't step out of the house

  86. Ever Man


  87. Elvis Chilel

    Faze rug is soft in his challenges 🤦‍♂️

  88. Jacob Blanco

    Need to try this 😂

  89. Jasvir Kaur


  90. TNB LeonelCOAT


  91. arrxyo heh

    i moved HAHA

  92. LoveForGaming

    I have hair to my stomach and would shave my hair for the iphone 11


    You should start inviting faze members to your challenges

  94. cool dark l.

    2 things 1-to much autotune 2-to robotic and bad ad libs amd its not to smooth but its still fire

  95. Travis Lungren

    Hey faze rug this is Travis Lungren from the brand Gucci and we want to do a partnership if you are down

  96. Biviana Zamora

    10:53-11:56 like if love this song

  97. Jon k


  98. Jon k

    Lol is that boslet

  99. Catthy Nguyen

    Who is this house cause you should give it to mark

  100. Xavier MendezAlmarante

    I feel bad for papa rug.