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  1. Roy Andrada

    Ja Morant and Montrezl Harell -the duo nobody thought about

  2. Mar2Wavy

    Yes but actually no

  3. Jp Trece

    Iggy go to Houston

  4. carlos andres gonzalez torrez

    Stephen is a clown.

  5. TyStar

    The most bland analysis on television... this show used to be way more one said anything you wouldn't expect them to

  6. George1720

    Smith's comments are shameful and pathetic. Eli's career stats are better than many other worthy quarterbacks in Canton. Many fans of the game will disagree with Smith and it's not only Giants fans.

  7. Mrclassic7

    Kyrie it won't hurt you to shave that beard and get a nice bald fade

  8. KingSlim X

    My man iggy been everywhere today✊🏽😂

  9. Yussif Dakelbab

    That’s some cheese If this isn’t tampering

  10. Scotty B

    My man Stephen A with the fresh leather jacket

  11. Dominick Service

    He said he's not stupind at the end but he said the cowboys haven't won a championship game in 1995 but he said 1985 he's 10 years off he is stupind

  12. razis henry

    Houston Rockets!

  13. Victor Bugarin

    Poor max lol

  14. smoking corvette

    It's very rare to see Jordan in front of the camera again but so cool

  15. Dylen Worthington

    Is.... is this Tampering

  16. J Can

    MJ doesn't get old looks like his prime years

  17. gtepp031387

    Eli being 7th all time in yards and tds, as well as him being 6th in completions and being the franchise leader of every stat possible for the biggest market team in the NFL should be enough for HOF in the latter voting. Add two superbowl mvps, and two of the greatest underdog postseason runs in the history of the league to that and you really have to have some kind of really messed up incident (I.E baseball type steroid use proven tests) to keep him off first ballot imho.

  18. Derick Lewis

    Brady, Manning, Drew, Rodgers. In that order. U can’t be the most accurate Qb in history and not be top 3, and he is even top 10 QBs all time list for me. And Rodgers is simply not even in that discussion. Still respect the natural talent he was born with but he has simply underachieved with all that talent she was born with. His natural talent has actually hurt him in this argument Bc he is so talented and he should have been able to achieve so much more than has. Drew on the hand us was born short for his position and overachieved in spite of his natural talent. So I say he is 3 for 20 and number 9 on all time Qb list

  19. Aidan Kearns

    "There are more than 300 busts in the Hall of Fame" I had no idea manziel was inducted lol

  20. CT MFB

    I can hear shannon sharpe saying OLE GGOOAAAT GAMES 💯💯💯

  21. Ian Ford

    The NBA legitimately thought they could bribe players with more money to stay with their drafted team. When 18 of 30 franchises don't have rings, there is reason. There are a lot of mediocre run franchises but the players get the blame. We are in the "championship or bust" era, and players will sacrifice a supermax to join a team with a chance to win titles.

  22. Wyze Vuta

    Jumpman himself!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. nathan layman

    I don't think you can say one is better than the other, I would say they are pretty equal just because they are better at different things. They also play different positions, and like Jordan said, different eras

  24. Afif Abdillah

    Tong kosong nyaring bunyinya😀

  25. Brian Jackson

    Being loud does not make you right.

  26. Marcus

    rockets, the end.

  27. siy1414

    also infected her with the corona virus

  28. Kapables

    What I don’t understand is if I’m a guy who sits on the bench wouldn’t you be happy that they sit out so you can shine when you get yo chance ? Ion get it

  29. Nav


  30. Zee Man

    He deserves it man

  31. L3GACY_31

    Dance all the way around that question, Cha Cha slide style

  32. Jacob Gonzalez

    the NBA is trying to usher in a new era... keep an eye out for a change of style within the next 3-5 years

  33. For Kids By Kids

    Mike mouth gives compliments but his heart is clear I'd eat this cat alive

  34. LA Clippers

    Ray Allen joined LeBron in 2012 when LeBron was going to turn 28. Kawhi is 28 and PG is 29. You join the superstars still in their prime. LeBron's wheels can fall off within a year or leas. Clippers have a longer title window..

  35. last Call

    Stephanie A Smith is taking boxing lessons I guess a girl got to learn how to defend herself nowadays

  36. Scott ??????

    How many times do we have to hear, these are good kids, when they turn to extreme violence. This is the problem I see all the time. A black guy, well liked, then like the flip of a switch, turns into a totally violent, no rules, willing to use whatever they can get their hands on as a weapon, kind of guy.

  37. JUS_ 031017

    Their best basketball will come April and beyond just a dumb topic

  38. Moisty Mitts

    When guys like this speak, especially about their time in the sport. I’ll listen . All day. Everyday & twice on Sundays

  39. Shane Humphrey

    Lebron.... A moose on the loose.

  40. Trump24

    He needs to go to the bucks

  41. Julian Velasco

    Zo n melon look like pelicans

  42. TheSameYosef

    Thats fake. Kobe dont pass

  43. Ty3 Roblox

    Why they talking in 3rd person like he not sitting right there

  44. The Future Is Here

    If the Clippers are still this inconsistent in March, then there's a real problem. Outside of PG's hamstring, everything is going according to Doc's plan Their goal should be get the #2 seed and that shouldn't be a problem


    TOP 4 all leading scorers played for the lakers

  46. Ed Jim Jim

    Why does everyone hate on him? No problems with the law, stays to himself and has been improving. I guess people just show that hate because his dad

  47. awhat206

    Send him to the lakers for kuzma

  48. Jay Lucot

    Michael Jordan can be an NBA COMMISSIONER someday..

  49. lord chungus

    1:20, football is the biggest sport on the far

  50. Maxmillian200HP

    Scottie is starting to look like he's undead.

  51. Edgar Lozano

    I'm glad SAS called it like it was, everyone that paid for that PPV cant be happy with cowboys abysmal performance.

  52. Consistently Random

    Might as well ask LaVar Ball to comment on the fight. Stephan A should stick to talking about the NBA and A.I.

  53. Master U

    He will be a LAker🏀🏀🏀🏀. Flat out

  54. jbonegw

    Ewing will never, NEVER, be able to live this down.

  55. flightjam

    Man good to see Jordan talking

  56. Reef

    McNabb has always been wack and corny for that. The media turned on TO and pushed the idea of "the distraction" & that birthed the "locker room division" angle of story telling. TO got treated like Dennis Rodman and McNabb didn't want him being the star.

  57. Micah Maggio

    Lol yes weve seen him with a depleted team and he still came on top. But when that team also got two-three other stars(some all time) it's pretty easy to not feel depleted when you got about 30x more ammo than every single team heading into the playoffs. I'll give him credit for the first finals though. But he isn't Jordan on making his average teammates into stars that's why he can't win when he Dont got a first ballot hall of famer on his team

  58. Damon Dolezal

    This would have been funny if he legit didn’t try to trade everyone on his team for him

  59. gregthesplintercell

    Stephen A Smith always speaking the truth. White people just can't accept the truth.

  60. LA Clippers

    Iggy won a Finals MVP for his defense on LeBron like Kawhi did. His award will look a little more hollow if he decides to help the guy he guarded who won him a Finals MVP and was the victim to LeBron's "The Block" in 2016.

  61. wrestlingfan87

    A 50/50 split is the only thing that's going to get the fight made, and that's the one thing Joshua says he wont do. That's code for "I dont want the fight"

  62. Crim3 STAY WOKE

    Stop hyping everything. Why would it be special just because he’s a Laker? Nah not in my book🤣🙅‍♂️

  63. Nate Pruitt

    Bruh Eli had Cruz Manningham barber had one of the best defensive players ever to top a great defense.

  64. KripS

    Sorry, but I find it so disturbing that after so many years MJ has never expressed his opinion about Giannis... and once AGAIN no one asked him... GJ asking him AGAIN about Lebron and gj Malinka asking him about Zion.. u blew a rare opportunity..

  65. Ball Hog Elite

    Todays black men go to therapy and have palates sessions before brunch 😂😂

  66. God Father


  67. Chuan Liu

    Ms. Qiang Wang, good work. Keep fighting & never give up.

  68. Angel De Pena

    6 championships, 5 MVP's, 10 scoring titles, 10 NBA First Team Defense. There is no comparison. Michael Jordan is the GOAT

  69. Rob Young

    Him and Allen Iverson 🤜

  70. Hassan Haulcy

    They’re winning with players hurt rn why be concern?

    1. First name Last name

      Hassan Haulcy because they need a story to talk about

  71. Agustiawan Agustiawan

    2020 but i still laugh for this 🤣

  72. Niko Gambino

    Who here cause he got locked up ?

  73. Frankie G

    The GOAT

  74. August Muratovic

    Stephen if you are reading this, stick to arguing with idiots about football. Joe almost murdered you.

  75. Jose Vala

    They got this

  76. SonsOfHERAKLES

    This guy is clueless about mma and a cocky malaka too

  77. plAYBOY5042256

    So far beyond basketball that he never wants to play with him again

  78. Bright Star

    Beware of the quiet ones !!!

  79. Will Kretz

    Stephen A Smith is the guy I look to for NBA news and hype me up to watch their championship. But he has no business commenting on this. I've only fought in the street and took 3 weeks of kickboxing 10 years ago but have better insight.

  80. iBreed Fitness

    Max: throwing slick shots at Brady throughout his entire debate. He really dislikes Brady for whatever reason. He wasn’t a game manager against the Chiefs, nor Chargers on the way to the SB. Brady has been so legendary till the standard of his performance is held to winning every game and never having a mediocre game. Max is a A. Rogers fan and will go to battle to justify his every flaw. A. Rogers does not have a killer instinct in the playoffs like Brady. He’s another great QB who struggles in big games. He will not be considered legendary with all his playoff loses and 1 SB.

  81. The Blue Gorilla


  82. Jay Lucot

    Adam Silver can play a role of well-developed ALIEN..

  83. Supremewunder 1

    He was just smarter than Kyrie with that answer.....he want someone else over there....maybe K Love..D rose or JJ Reddick

  84. Aleandro Mirabal

    Stephen A doesn’t believe this but believes Kawhi said lebron is afraid to guard him 😂

  85. Stephen Meh Smith

    2016 was such a legendary year for both of these legends. Kobe retired in the most spectacular way possible. LeBron led a historic comeback to win the championship.

  86. Nina R


  87. 1Armed Sword

    I really don't like that a team can keep you from playing just by paying you not to play. It's just not ethical, no team should be able to hold a player hostage, especially when he wants to play. I didn't like it when the did the same thing the lueall deng, the lakers made that man lose three years of his basketball life. Yes, he got paid but you cant get that basketball time back. He should be able to sue, or the labor union should make them make a decision.

    1. Boi the Boi

      He doesn't. Before the season he agreed that he won't be playing this season for the grizzles. He had a choice to play.

  88. Lorth Sopree

    This whole Basketball fan culture is about getting men to say they are better than other men. Very narcissistic and selfish. This explains why the NBA is so focused on individualism instead of the team concept

  89. Phenom Esquire

    Andre or Rose is what they need!!!

  90. PG's TIPS STFC Holodeck

    fire this no mark dude. Keep MMA for experts in fighting please.

  91. Lat Aim Hiyabu

    This is tapering if this was a player he would be fined

  92. Tiger Hoods

    This ain’t tampering it looks so weird 😂😂

  93. LA Clippers

    Clippers don't really need Iggy but it would be a luxury to have considering he's an upgrade to Harkless and Kawhi does load manage and PG13 has missed nearly half the season so far.

  94. 1993MJ

    We all know Klutch leaked the story just like they leaked all of that dirt on Uncle Dennis. It’s hilarious this happened right before they play the Lakers like the last time.

    1. Christopher Williams

      Lol cmon man. The Lakers know mind games don’t work on computers

  95. tweek 3531

    Nobody gets on her when she interrupts with her opinion. Just saying atleast be consistent trolls

  96. SwankyStill

    memphis FO gotta come down hard on him he’s trying to force his way out he gonna get boo’d crazy when he steps foot in the grindhouse

  97. Chris Paul point god

    Dude they're 2-0 vs L.A... there's nothing to be worried about. And by L.A i mean the bronners

  98. Chris Macy

    I think Connor went to detox

  99. 1Doobie

    Mj was a point god with a 46 inch vertical, literally did everything bron is doing now before he was even thought about😂😂 Bron still tryna beat mj and Kobe records at this point

  100. ericimi

    Dwight's my second favorite Laker after le 🐐