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  1. kawtel

    I envy jalen rose hairline. No shame in admitting that lol

  2. josh chigurh

    My morning was as good as yours because my Eagles still in it! For some godforsaken reason!

  3. Daniel Tayong

    The Knicks are like my Redskins. The owner and the front office are the problem.

  4. Caleb roy

    Yo they keep that Rachel chick she baaaaad

  5. x 1tach1 x

    I mean when you play you get to the point where you aren't thinking about dribbling, especially if you are focused on play making, and since he saw something and it changed his brain defaulted back to dribble.

  6. Bilal Qureshi

    .....or it could be just the 🐻 being good

  7. Jvfresh

    Link to the video they're referring to please ?

  8. First name Last name

    Jacoby look like he sleepy ASF. He was whooped today

  9. Sanny Kranny

    This ...... Irish joke sucker punches an old guy with all his power and the guy didn't feel anything, the old guy was like who the .... Is this kid! After khabib made him tap like a little girl he lost his mind

  10. Salam Ajisefini

    I’m pretty sure as all cowboys right now, we just want this nightmare to fucking end and know there is gonna be someone whose says it never gonna cuz y’all trash but idc I just want this Season to end already

  11. J R

    When u have a usage rate any bad game can look good. Y’all comparing his bad games to other players who only get 6 to 8 shots a game. Get off luka’s sack and admit he just plays for a solid team. I think he’s good too but please don’t overhype

  12. secrecy silence

    I feel what melo said about getting your mind right that's very true that's the best thing every...

  13. Abraham Rodriguez

    MOLLY shut up 🤐

  14. Alyas Linda

    Fizdale is trash .

  15. Optiima

    Why haven’t I heard Stephen A. talk about the REAL reason that Max’s “cliff” theory of the theory was wrong? It’s not about Max being one year late, it’s the fact that there was never a cliff, and at this point, it’s too late to say that there still will be a cliff. Max is wrong because he said there was gonna be an immediate drop off in Tom Brady’s talent, not the slow decline that we’ve seen over the past two years.

  16. Jose Herrera

    Colon Papernick is liter than Max !!

  17. Arda Yousefi

    I hate that about NFL playoff seeding. Wth should the Seahawks go to Dallas, if their division’s mediocre??

  18. UCON

    Lebron would have not been great.

  19. Analog Clock

    Meanwhile the Warriors are the worst team in NBA next to the Knicks

  20. オレンジ-フゥードゥゥー

    Of course, there will be a Negro that comes forward to defend some fuckery of a white person.

  21. Slick Nick

    This is all on Mills. Mills should be in the entertainment side of msg and Perry in the basketball side.

  22. Thom Anderson

    Can't defend the indefensible. No validity here whatsoever. Statement was blackface in ad hominem attack on Lamar Jackson.

  23. Brian Niemeyer

    No more please

  24. Michael Carlock


  25. Johnathon Curatolo

    Steven A just grew to hate the Cowboys from Skip Bayless and it just never went away😂

  26. Mike Scott

    is Richard Sherman a sellout too??

  27. Anthony Tinaj

    it doesn't matter who's on the roster, who the coach is and the GM! As long james dolan is the owner, nothing will be fixed!

  28. Larenzo Harrison

    pelicans can use him

  29. Transpecies Grolar Bear

    I remember during Melo’s rookie season seeing him come to town to play against the Trailblazers. Some of the crowd taunted him with chants of “Bron is better”. It was an unfair comparison then and now. I hope Melo thrives with a fresh start in Rip City!

  30. Carolyn

    They need to take their own co-host Molly for example, she is married to a blk ex-pro basketball star..What if someone said Jalen Rose success with ball handling was because he was black and the ball blended in with his color giving him an advantage? I, like her will be offended. I think if we said the same for Micheal Jordan or Micheal Vick and the other black ball handlers it will be offensive because this game been played for years and this is the first time I ever heard of this dumb as comment. That was a very questionable comment which imo does reflect some racist belief the broadcaster was harboring. Who says that kind of sh**?

  31. Pac Meez

    Idk why Knickerbocker fans still go to the Garden to watch this kind of “basketball” ? I’d boycott if I was a fan Loyal fans they got I must say

    1. IamGkid

      Pac Meez LA did it they should too

  32. Thaddeus Waldner

    Just unbelievable, basketball is so soft it makes my stomach hurt, wow, go watch hockey

  33. Cris Alexander


  34. ForrealForreal

    When you do play action you’re pretty much playing hide and seek with the football. If the ball was white and the player had a white Jersey on who would the ball show up better on a colored person or a white person?


    This was awesome love the love shown here

  36. shawn taylor

    I'm curious when the Knicks continue to collect those (L'S) who then Knicks fans are going to blame.🤔

  37. Don Won

    Fux dogs


    That man ain’t mvp he can’t hit a thing

  39. Tyler F

    No one can win with that roster lol

  40. Football22

    The Knicks will keep going down until the owner changes.

  41. Mr Smith

    Kendrick Perkins looks crazy with that jet black died beard

  42. john doe

    "daks not that kind of player yet" maybe in another 4 years?


    I’m sick of flopping

  44. Poppa Wheelie

    If "if" was a fifth we'd all be drunk...

  45. Don Won

    Crazy how media twist stuff around. All this time thought he got sentenced for dogfighting

  46. The Vanilla Godzilla

    @1:00 OH SHADDAP! I gotcher pillar hangin' right here....

  47. Noc4ball

    Lakers shouldve picked him up. Would've been low risk, high reward.

  48. The Captain

    She said after the game the will drink wine together, no more Colt 45 😂. Being rich makes you forget about everything you did in the hood. Wish we traded Irving for Carmelo. I think the King would’ve never left Cleveland if he had Anthony on his side.

  49. Keli Junior

    Melo would already been an NBA Champion. No one would have stopped them, both in there prime, same team, game over. Still my dudes to this day. Still hoping to see Melo and Bron together before it's all said and done.

  50. Luke Da Lunatic

    If his ego Wasn’t so big he would’ve played with LeBron N Wade because they did not want Chris bosh he would’ve had at least two rings right now

  51. babylon souljahs

    Every time Lebron moves to a new team you guys says the same thing about everybody from the coach owners ,other players and even the water boy 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

  52. Jason

    These people don't watch the games. He's an absolutely horrible coach.

    1. Nate Cruz

      Is that your excuse for the last 20 years? Because it is clearly not the coaches problem, it is the GM and the Owners problem as to why they suck.

  53. Sandeep Singh

    Took em look enough

  54. That Dude

    Why is he gloating? The cowboys going to win the division gloat when they get eliminated from the playoffs

  55. Samir El Hachem

    It's only a travel....

  56. T- Mac

    Keep perk, tmac, Pippin and get rid of Pierce

  57. Joseph Gilbert

    When you feel you're less than you make comments like this. Pure ignorance

  58. Fotosynthesis858

    Utah folks are just butthurt because they were projected to be a lot better than their record says they are. Especially after acquiring Mike Connelly Jr.

  59. R C

    I only watch Detroit because of Rose and I only watch Portland because of Melo.

  60. Detroit Sports247

    Once again Max Kellerman shows you why he's a f****** idiot. Let me put it to you this way Max, there is in no way shape or form a valid excuse to imply that my skin color gives me an advantage as a football player, defending that in any sort of way shape or form is idiotic and shows just how out-of-touch you are. I don't care that Richard Sherman came out to defend this dude they work for the same company so that means absolutely nothing to me. His comments were retarded and stupid and the punishment was well deserved.

  61. Kevin James

    the 3rd down thing is what pisses me off. I'm tired of seeing the punter come out. While the good teams are converting, the cowboys are staying sub par. Not to mention those bad a recievers cant even catch a ball...

  62. Daniel Blanton

    I think Dak loves the garbage time more than anything

  63. Esther Manik

    Perk and Ramona needs to lose some weight

  64. rcasagranda

    Great interview, keep you head in place, put the work in and let the chips fall, nice thing acknowedging your coaches!! Congrats to you Trae!!

  65. DrewDecks

    Stephen “Neigh” Smith

  66. Matt Mueller

    When max Keller man forgets Carson doesn’t play defense

  67. Rgomes 0411

    I like how media lets fizdale get away with everything his record as a head coach is horrible but since it’s the knicks media could just say it’s cuz of the knicks or that they signed 5 pfs whatever he was a horrible coach if u actually watched the games u can see that. We were getting blown out constantly because he’s a horrible coach


    If this was a black coach everyone would be saying racist

    1. Trump looks like a red Shrimp

      Lucka needs to leave and pull a Lebron because he is wasting his good early prime years. The unicorn is a regular player they will not win a ring and you know it. Now back to grabbing Vjays and getting my 3 mins in with porn stars. I have hush money to. Vote for me folks. MAGA

  69. salamander337

    C'mon now you just give Baltimore Ravens another advantages. Now the wheel in their head is turning. 🤦‍♂️😂

  70. wrightterence680

    The Knicks are an absolute trainwreck!!

  71. Tom Ross TV

    Lamar is better than any 2 year QB in football history.. Dont compare him to ANYONE!

  72. Pain Killer

    firing the wrong people. knicks fans should be firing DOLAN and MILLS. It's not fizdale who acquired 5 powerforwards. It's not fizdale who didn't sign KP for an extension as a cap saving measure thinking he would surely re-sign anyway when his contract expires. It's not fizdale who trade KP for dennis smith jr. Not fizdale who blew up their roster thinking they'd get BOTH durant and irving. Fire these two clowns and knicks will immediately get better.

  73. Kevin James

    He got fire

  74. john doe

    I don't understand how this is a controversial statement. For you intersectional SJWs, I'm not white saying this. So here i go. This isn't controversial. If your sink pigment matches the football, it camouflages the ball. Would it be any different if your team's jersey matches the color of the astroturf, wouldn't it be difficult for the quarterback to spot a receiver down the field? I honestly look at it like that.

  75. Slim Dunk'n

    It's strange to me how Paul Pierce ruined how we remember his career with his mouth lol

  76. Lee Kautz

    Media made it racial....not ryan. Ryan stated a fact. Blame yourself media

    1. Lee Kautz

      And blame yourself those that suspended him

  77. Remedy This

    odell may not be balling, but he is bawling however.

  78. Aber Sabeel

    Racism is embedded in the American psych, what ever black is always labeled and called for being “different”

  79. Trump looks like a red Shrimp

    Nice little rack Rachel. You cant fire me for sleeping with a porn star. I only lasted for 3 minus. Vote folks. Great show. Nicks are trash not the coach why spend 70 million in this trash team. I am out people. Nice to see you Mrs. Whaleborn. If yhe Kicks win a chip i will invite them to the white house and don't worry i have plenty of whoopers with fries but you can bring the purple stuff. P.S. i might even let you watch my impeachment trial and videos of me cheating on my cat face wife. I only last 3 minutes folks it will not be that long. Thanks

  80. base ball

    this world is way to sensitive nowadays...

  81. Rob Smith

    Steve Mills needs to get FIRED!!!!

  82. Wayne Huston

    Ohio State can never be above LSU! Ohio never plays anyone good or rated

  83. Ced Benz

    Fat people have the biggest opinion! STFU fatboy and eat some healthy food.

  84. Samuel Muriithi

    Richard Sherman is going to get roasted from an optics perspective, given that he is of color and "Should" have been offended by the comment. However, the commentator covers the 49ers and as a PR move felt compelled to have his back, due to perhaps the relationship he may have with Tim. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves to further explain their intent, but the comment was just ignorant and shouldn't have been uttered on the telecast.

  85. MyNinja Djibril

    Where th is Will Cain ?

  86. Ben Mcintosh


  87. KLUV

    It's the Knicks....they still will be the top valued team by Forbes

  88. Trey Dee

    Sometimes its best not to say anything at all! 🧐🙄

  89. Detroit Sports247


  90. Kai Sommers

    Lamar by a mile... Russel isn't consistent against good teams like Lamar

  91. Paul Charles

    Speak up Stevie, we can't hear you over in Europe!


    Tell Clemson fans to stop crying someone

  93. Joe Schatzley

    The truth has been spoken! Well done Stephen A.

  94. LeeTravius Mckay

    The Knicks traded away KP lose out horribly to the Nets

  95. Rob Smith

    One thing Miami Heat lacked was a CLOSER. Prime Melo would’ve been that guy in 4th quarter when you need that bucket.

  96. Mannix T

    LOL 😂 the PROBLEM is & always has been ... THE REFS 😂

  97. Antonio


  98. Actions confirm Words

    If you talk about a black athlete in anyway, you will soon be a racist or sellout. Just don't do it.

  99. Gerard Parker

    I prefer the other Molly substitute.

  100. Laura Knutson

    They are brothers from other mothers . Bigger than sports. Just great people.