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  1. Wafa Adnan

    💜mal 💙evi 💚 carlos ❤ jay very best friends

  2. David Gregory


  3. Pickle The Dinosaur

    Before zombies2 came out, I had a theory that Addison was a werewolf! 😂 I couldn’t believe that I was almost right!!! Also this is how many times they say “call to the wild” 👇

  4. M. k

    I physically can’t take this 😍😂 know what I mean

  5. Mi'eko Bell

    This is the most catchy song throughout the whole movie I love it😘😘😘😘😍😍

  6. Chrisha Alberto

    Is this my new favorite song ever it's so good

  7. Onetia Hall


  8. Rachel Ludlow

    It was a bad idea to sing this with a soar throat because when I sang I heard “I gon’ take it to the top” but when my mom hears it she hears tooooooooooooooooop and nothing else

  9. Winnyfer Lemuz

    SONGS first place this one Second we own the night Thrid place the rest

  10. isaque braga

    Os vocais da ariana saíram perfeitos 😭😭😭😭

  11. Esteban Juan

    Fav.songs: Zombies: someday Zombies 2: do it like the zombies do

  12. Andy Briggs


  13. ريتجFrtgm 1٤٧٨٩١٠١٠2

    Whats my name Whats my name Moona Say it louder Whats my name Whats my name Moona feel the power We wont stop ruling the world until it is ours Whats my name Whats my name Moona Say it louder Whats my name Whats my name Moona feel the power whats my name Whats my name Moona was it was it say it say it Edit: this is so Long xd

  14. Sacratus

    More new age cringe

  15. kiko Rivera

    The water scene it's like descendant 2

  16. dope cubans

    this was a slap, it deserves the love flesh & bones getting !!

  17. Noel Brown

    This is from the 2 frozen

  18. Mousam Tamang

    Zombies are nice nice every person is nice due

  19. Soso Rocha

    0:44 AURORA:oooooooo ooo aAaAaAAaa

  20. It’s Valeria & Galy

    I love this song so much I would watch it for a living🥰😍💖❤️ and please trust me this time

  21. Joshua

    Mans rlly got paid to lie on the ground

  22. Hanae Fujiwara

    I cried both time when i watched the scene with her nother in the cinema... and now hearing this song again, I just..... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Mia Ross

    Ben Dus not live on the isl he did not now how to be evli

  24. Cintia Campos

    Moro na rua Antônio Teixeira o número da casa 1130 eu chamo Davi Lucas

  25. Cintia Campos

    Áudio eu te amo venha na minha casa não que eu vou te falar o endereço

  26. Bethany Tate

    Disney: “We’re PG” Descendent’s: *casually grinding*

  27. Kendall Evans


  28. Alani T Foketi

    Me nola

  29. Cintia Campos

    Al eu te amo vem na minha casa um dia eu te falo o endereço agora

  30. RhaenysTarg

    This was the best new scene and melody in new movie, just perfection, loved it!

  31. Vanesa Castillo

    I l0ve

  32. Lia Habeth Castro Lopez

    Me encanta la canción tiene buen ritmo muy chida

  33. Pizza ist Geil

    why is this so satisfying

  34. Nimmy Nguyen

    I’m so sad that this song isn’t in the movie!😭😭😭

  35. Agostina D

    Esta mu buena

  36. Siktou22 MamY

    I love cameron boyce😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😚😚😚

  37. Sophia Rose

    What role does baby Ariel play I know who but forget the name

  38. Kayla W

    Addison called zed baby

  39. Lol Dude


  40. Mia Ross

    Dove cam run has a butieful vous

  41. It’s Valeria & Galy

    I love this song it’s so good I can listen to it all day❤️💖🥰😍 and I’m not lying so trust me

  42. ashnbeck88

    No one is caching me inlets I what to be caught

  43. Pamela Jordan

    I think he was a little flat on that last course

  44. Mia Ross

    I love Aubrey but I love her nice

  45. Katrina Updyke

    Was that Jay from descendants?!?!

  46. *Firelol summer 2019*

    I thought if HSM after the tilted

  47. Jayden Equihua

    Me: "sees the name Baby Ariel" oooooooo Me:What Baby Ariel doesn't even sing the song

  48. Ruby Crone

    Love it

  49. LandanStudio

    Sonic: you can't win Eggman Eggman: this is my island and this my destiny

  50. ashnbeck88

    They all have a little white hair and she has white hair

  51. Mia Ross

    Do searBrook only wear pink and blue can they wear diffrint colars

  52. Maggie V

    67yyytmk0 6

  53. Dia Balamurugan

    I'm sorry but who else ships the wolf and Addison.

  54. Ninelle Mutokambali

    Rip Cameron boyce 😭😭🙏

  55. ron naz

    Choreography was way better with the first movie.

  56. Vanilla Brown

    139 that's the numbers of all of the people that got eliminated and all their numbers combined is 139

  57. Jackie's K-Pop World

    Where was Ms Darbus (that was her name, right? 😅) at this exact moment? She would have immediately recruited them all for the musical 😂😂😂

  58. Javier Ruiz

    My fav song

  59. Leire Arza López

    { }{ } (> <)

    1. Leire Arza López

      i love zombies 1 and 2

  60. Clara Stubicar

    Ong vašoserijostokrat sem še gledala in šejo gledam tako dobra jezagleda

  61. Ytdrr Uggfff


  62. Vanessa Franco

    There is literally so much foreshadowing

  63. Meka Roberts


  64. precious payne

    I love this song

  65. Prophetess kalisha

    why did the zombies run when zed became a true zombie also why did they run when the werewolves showed up their already dead

  66. Carla Correa

    Hello 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  67. カマボコ

    i love you!!!!

  68. Muskan Singh

    Why was this not in the movie it’s so great

  69. Sylvia Rice

    Love it

  70. Meka Roberts


  71. Ireneo Salinas

    i love the video 😃

  72. Clara gonzalez

    We can’t chil like a Villain without Cameron 😔😔😔😔😔😔

  73. Masked Dove

    Technically she is the great alpha. She did say where the moonstone was and she was right. Edit: And she could still be a werewolf. Just half of one. Genes can skip a generation. They never have mentioned her grandmother. Only her grandfather has been mentioned. There could be a reason!

  74. ashnbeck88

    I think she is a wolf because if she has white hair that has to mean something

    1. ashnbeck88

      And zeds z-band might of made the power go down so

  75. luis enrique valecillos valecillos

    Me gusta este vídeo soy la fan numero 1 de zombies

  76. Eszter Kovács


  77. Story Cacou fr

    .. Gaiys are you okaay

  78. Sarah Rose

    Is it just me or does Ben looks like Peter from Narnia?

  79. Maria Palta

    Like Si ablas español😅😅

  80. Hope and Blaze

    Am I the only who like the dance after Bucky says “Wanna battle with the best good luck”? It hit me in a different way😂❤️💕

  81. Einhornglitzer Cattiecorn

    Das Lied ist wirklich schön.

  82. Shawn Yazzie


  83. Liyah

    my theory is Addison is a were wolf because at the end they found the moon stone without knowing who the alpha was, and Addison helped them find it when they thought it was her, and also, the necklace was probably drained of its power when it locked onto Zed's Z band, so thats why nothing happened, and her hair turned blue at the end which is the color of the necklaces they were wearing, and how on earth does anyone just turn into looking like a were wolf by falling? and for my last theory, Z for Zed the Zombie, W for Wyatt and Willa and Winter the Were Wolves, and A for Addison the Alpha

  84. x JoseyGrill x

    Omg such clean runs

  85. Darra O'Connell

    Who told him he could sing 😭😭. I know this is supposed to be bad but stillll

  86. CW CUTS

    The Original Cover Had 30million views And how much did this one have

  87. Eszter Kovács


  88. Sam Hussain

    My Parents: Why do you start studying a month before exam every year? Me: *CAUSE SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE*


    I don't know a shit about the movie but this is a good song

  90. Charla Bland

    Here's all the proof we need that Addison is an alien Z for zed the zombie W for willa,Wyatt and winter the werewolfs and A for Addison the alien

  91. Sufia Akter

    If you love zed like this

  92. Naty Sousa

    I lovely this music😍

  93. Sufia Akter

    Best of the best

  94. chloe x


  95. River Mapper

    This song is stuck in my head...

  96. Remi03

    力強くて美しい各国のエルサ 感動です(⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)。.:*✧

  97. Chaerose _

    damn, the nostalgia

  98. Isobelle Grimshaw

    I wish the same but still single Xx

  99. Eszter Kovács


  100. Riyanca Majumdar

    What's the name of the werewolf that was singing in the beginning?

    1. Sachin Amaliyar