1. Gerda Ivanauskaite

    I am depressed bicause I can't go to Harry Styles concert 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😱😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Beautiful enough for me

    i wanna see all those tattooes for sure

  3. Mayela Moctezuma Salinas


  4. Christina Kozmas

    I'm really excited for the release, but I have two comments: 1) Medicine and Anna are missing. 2) The album art he chose is disgusting.

  5. Angelica Armenda

    Dios mío que hermosas nudes digo uñas bellísimas le que hermoso el amarillo

  6. Eloi Puig

    ni leyendo el texto...el inglés de rosalía por mucho que me la quiero es LAMENTABLE

  7. Aelin Winchester

    It took me way to long to realize that"Edora" is "Adore" backwards

  8. Crissytina

    So ...Serious Question Is he dangling his naked body inside and outside of a 1) Heart 2) Vaginal Opening 3) Up for interpretation

  9. Lucy smith

    Woah this would be such a good movie

  10. Sophie F

    What‘s your worst habit? Harry: I get naked all the time.

    1. Deep hug

      "this is a family show" they said...

  11. Name Last

    harold i was asleep

    1. Deep hug

      No one: Not a single person: Harry: painting his nails yellow and a smiling face on it

  12. Name Last

    oh dear god

  13. WhisperingJane ASMR

    What a wise and deep young man. What a magical spot on earth he is blessed to be.

  14. lynne gilies

    Lindo meu bem💖

  15. Lesly Perlaza

    Can we talk about how beautiful this shot is? Like the lightning and how it suits the beautiful background so great despite the tone changes. Plus Harry. Amazing.

  16. lila

    Harry's accent has turned like english-american-australian

  17. Emanae Emanae

    Harry: *Breathes* Me: 🥵

  18. Hina Sak

    Harry is such a beautiful soul. He’s the type of person that you can just sit and have deep conversation about life. He’s genuine and walks a path in life that will lead him to happiness. He has lived and learned and applied. I wish I knew people with personalities similar to his. I feel like I knew the facts about him when he was in One Direction but this interview made me feel as if I’ve never known him as a person at all. The way he talks gets you to listen and you’ll be like that’s exactly how it is. I can definitely understand. I want to see more of this side from all of them.

  19. V Ahuja

    I love Harry’s smiley face nails...but how y’all noticed the nails when theres literally a photo of him naked up there is beyond me....

  20. Monserrat Llanos Fuentes

    LA ROSALÍA? jsjsjs

  21. Nilyy

    That was the most beautiful 37 seconds that in my life and it will be like this forever...

  22. Kupid

    See the boy that played young Harry, he goes to my school lmao

  23. Day R

    Ну шо за порнография хд

  24. V Ahuja

    Brah it took me wayy too long to realize Eroda is adore backwards

  25. Justin Hobgood

    I really enjoy how the sun gradually sets over the course of this interview

  26. Ashlina Lopez

    #ZARRY is real and perfect its a #ZARRY song. Im in love with the song 😘

  27. Flower Girl

    Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love most.

  28. Carla M

    for becoming hugely famous at a young age, he's remained remarkably down to earth.

  29. Ashlina Lopez

    Its all about #ZARRY. #ZARRY is real and perfect 💋💖💘

  30. Lyna Thi Truong

    When you realise Eroda is adore backwards.

  31. Ravyne Augusto

    hot, i love it

  32. Carol QR

    Aún no supero que Harry entregará un póster de él en pelotas no jodas

  33. Carol QR

    Aún no supero que Harry está en pelotas joder

  34. Carol QR

    Aún no supero que Harry está en pelotas joder

  35. Dani Santos


  36. Jane Schauland

    Adore means eroda backwards

  37. Austin C


  38. shellzy

    I love him so much 🥺

  39. sabahat mallick

    Dude you naked!

  40. L.O.G Fauzan

    No one will talk about the ads for this that made the whole arg community went crazy?

  41. Freddie__ 22180

    I love you

  42. Helena

    This is actually such a great interview compared to most interviews these days, and the interviewer was really nice and educated too

  43. zoe zaikos

    his voice has changed so much, its deeper but his accent and tone have also changed. its less apparent compared to when he was first on x factor and joining one direction. i guess living in the US has changed his pronounciation

  44. zoe zaikos

    why did you pick california? because everyone else chose california.

  45. Barbara Como

    Am I the only one who noticed that ‘Eroda’ is ‘Adore’ in reverse?

  46. Anita Kalathia

    It’s Taylor Swift’s Birthday on December 13th!!💜💜

  47. Paula Vergara


  48. Marianna K.

    This interviewer guy is great. I love how this feels like a real conversation like I'm just sitting there observing and listening. So amazing.

  49. Lucia Olivera

    Es la voz de rosalia

  50. Bdoor

    The way he says ‘London’

  51. My Serendipity

    I adore you too 😘

  52. Sabrina Suarez


  53. Ingvild Svendsrud

    Honestly, the most calming thing about this was the sun setting. I almost didn’t realise😅

  54. Hey Akemy!

    .. Oh

  55. nino sotzelo

    If you listen carefully Rosalía is the narrator

  56. Ange Da

    Fish out of water (idiom) reference.

  57. Rollingstoneboi

    Is this a toothpaste ad

  58. MMM

    Harry:saying it’s a family show every single concert Also harry: releasing a photo when he is naked 🤦‍♀️

  59. k

    Harry Styles is really out here living his best and most authentic life and I could not be happier for him.This album is gonna be great.

  60. Victoria Colombani

    They made tourism advertisements and even a website for Eroda. CONSPIRACY THEORY channels were even making videos about how the island doesn’t exist 😂 I’m actually shook by their buildup to this music video.

  61. MMM

    No one: Not a single person: Harry: painting his nails yellow and a smiling face on it

  62. stich :v

    "this is a family show" they said...

  63. stich :v

    I'm crying 'cause I can't have it :( ...but in a cool way :')

  64. Marianna K.

    When Harry was talking about losing a friend, I started to cry I haven't lost someone yet, but all I could think about was my mom. I don't want to lose her. She is my best friend. I'm just really emotional. What Harry said about his mom is how I see my mom, she means a lot to me, and she is the kindest woman I know.💕

  65. Amelia Matthews

    It's already on my wall!!!

  66. jjj hey


  67. – Yee.

    Hazza. :0

  68. Deep hug

    The way he's presenting it with his hands is so cute, he looks so proud of it

  69. Damnn Honey

    Lann cokiyi

  70. Vinícius Ferreira

    Muito apaixonado por esse clipe! ❤️

  71. Sophia Kussel


  72. Matheus Hens

    mind blowing after realizing Eroda is Adore backwards

  73. Valeria Laurino

    I have so much respect for Harry, he's truly the most creative and honest musician that came out of 1D, he could've taken the easy way and just release common pop music that would get him to the top of the charts without effort and instead comes out with fucking Sign of The Times as a first single, I mean... wow. And now we have this new album and out of the songs we have out so far, he sounds so free. I just love that he doesn't follow the rules, he spent so much time being in the mainstream, so it's nice to see him make an effort to sound different, unique and true to himself.

  74. eduarda pm

    la Rosalía ekdkrkdkkkdm

  75. Ashley Sanchez


  76. ryana row

    i started listen to harry only a week ago and now i see that and i feel attacked

    1. Deep hug


  77. Ella Katherine

    What’s his accent now???!!! Such an American side to it now 😍😍😍

  78. One Direction Edits

    No one: Harry: Hi everyone welcome to my famous yt channel, in today’s video i’ll show you how to get the internet crazy with nudes :) His Naills: Smile to the camera 😝

  79. Johany Cascavita

    Rosalía 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💃💃💃

  80. Leslie M.

    Umm ILove that ROSALÍA is in this🥺♥️♥️ (I hope it’s her😂)

  81. Ricardo Torres Corona

    i love Rosalía’s voice 😍😍😍

  82. Ralkindi 16

    So umm, how am I supposed to convince my mom to buy me this?

  83. Wintry Mix

    World’s only ASMR video with no sound

  84. lica

    I want this and I'm saving money for the tour...crying not in a cool way:)

  85. Randy WV


  86. Angella Mst

    So you tell me that I am able to pay for Harry's nudes? Is this a fanfic or what?

  87. Haley Faragalli


  88. Estefi Hoffman

    No puedo creer que JD panochas está en tendencia y este dios no 🙄 Se están perdiendo valores 💔

  89. Desconocido


  90. Vanina Orellanos

    Harry, you should be a model of hands! 🙌 ♥ ️

  91. Nico Rønning

    Its sp hard to ignore u right now cause i cant handle it tbh😩With u keep being amazing omg

  92. Laura Carballo Sigler

    harry must know i am gonna get loads of orgasms from this picture #sorrynotsorry

  93. milliebb styleees


  94. Kimmy Fangirl

    Was Harry’s hand tryna do some ASMR shit

  95. ilomilo directioner

    Did you all remember when he was naked in a plane when he was in 1d?? And now..............

  96. S S

    What is this??

  97. ilomilo directioner

    Did anyone notice those smiles in his nails?

  98. valeria poveda

    The fact that ROSALÍA narrates this clip makes me watch it again and again. 😍😍😍

  99. Bhakti Chaube

    I hope you know I love you . ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  100. Agus //-//

    I don't want to this.. I NEED IT💥