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  1. angry carrot


  2. Sawyer Hampton

    I have two moms and one of them is a cop😆😎

  3. Gameknight 995

    I thought this was going to be an actual movie comparison

  4. Lexiunknone Gacha

    2:22 so who want a McRib

  5. Landon’s Chanel

    Cow zone or calzone

  6. 5 lat temu

    Hello 2019 👋

  7. Ultimate Gacha Gamer

    God dammit

  8. Ray Ray

    Glad they removed the cringy singing part

  9. Emma Gray

    2012: The IPhone 5 is the best! Meanwhile in 2019: Introducing the IPhone 11 pro

  10. Emma Gray

    2012: The IPhone 5 is the best! Meanwhile in 2019: Introducing the IPhone 11 pro

  11. Ryan Friedman

    1:46 Darth Maul: Ironic isn’t it?

  12. Joco patkovic

    music playing fun lyrics

  13. Luis Valenzuela

    Best lesson ever

  14. Jordan G

    No key and peele jokes? YOU DONE MESSED UP SMOUSH!!!!!!!

  15. Annemiek Hovenga

    Pls have Jenna Marbles, Julien Solomita and Shane Dawson all on pls

  16. Mohamed Irzuan Ibrahim II

    How does unique new york word can call out ghost ? Freaking amazing and weird in the same time

  17. Jacco Appelman

    Come on, this comment section can’t be dead

  18. Ruzgar The YouTuber

    1 like for this comment = 1 prayer for Anthony

  19. 2cutelivi !

    1:13- the girl in the back..

  20. Slimey Annihilation

    Haa you should see my cousin she does tiktok for 24/7 hours even if were on a rush

  21. legoy alex

    🌞🌞🌞 🌚🌚🌚

  22. legoy alex


  23. Juanita Morrow

    5:31 he holding his own hand and saying why my arm why my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!! bruh got you😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  24. Susanna Sjöbloiisdididididm

    I ❤ sonic

  25. mario iobagiu

    Every SVsel Gamer Ever

  26. Kimarion Padgett

    This is how many times Ian said frick nuggets 👇🏻

  27. Jackob Logothetis

    You trying to show us the before is better NA🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. MsFeliciaRene

    Love love love

  29. LionsRule TV

    🕴🕴🕴 🌝🌝🌝 🌚🌚🌚

  30. an c


  31. an c


  32. Hannah Jones

    Can we just appreciate that they pretty good voices? Like I didn’t expect that. And I know they use some autotune but like damn they should sing more

  33. jillian h.

    the second one is the main one that my classes get

  34. HYPE001

    I cried..for real

  35. Adam Kamer

    Why does Smosh only have four cast members?

  36. Red_Shadow 58

    Hentai girls be like: 0:00

  37. Herobrine gamer


  38. Iplayzgamez

    4:52 murderers: oh yeah its all coming together

  39. LionsRule TV


  40. M3M3R

    im the 1,930,000 th viewer

  41. Torri Barth

    Who else wants Matthew Scott to make a “boys boys boys boys boys boys boys” shirt now?

  42. Zozo Zozobim


  43. Camila Andrea

    8:42 is that the merrel twins in the back?!

  44. Khanjue

    1:50 Not enough mayonnaise.

  45. TheOfficial _PotatoPleb

    Mr Grub: "when I was your age-" OK boomer

  46. hey tayo

    I laugh like I never laught at 3:38😂😂

  47. James

    The last i watched this sinxce 2015 😂

  48. Mathieu Farago

    Do every jokes ever

  49. Zozo Zozobim

    I togth it said 2050 xD

  50. FaZe_GhostYT2

    Is this a parody of a diffrent song? If yes which song

  51. Justin RB and YT


  52. Legitness Dab Turtle 72

    Mr grub looks like my math teacher

  53. Alex TheDonut


  54. No

    24.9 Million subs now... u lost subs Smosh

  55. dustin playa3000 2

    I came back after 5 years

  56. Athena Mak

    1:17 the boy who is pretending to be a hurl did not wear a bra

  57. hard rocker

    Whose watching this after Anthony quit smosh

  58. Maarten Groen

    I miss the old movie actors they are the best

    1. Maarten Groen


  59. Канал Семена

    Who is 2019?

  60. Mahrooz Rahil

    Crush on him=gay

  61. RU2TO F

    My sister 1:31

  62. Moviesman8

    Did you notice how similar Josh and Ian are? They both have a skinny co-star doing something on their own, disappointing many fans at first before everyone came to accept the change and now nobody really cares.

  63. Tired Chickano

    Roommate: hey can you guys plz keep it down Friend: shut up your not invited

  64. Gabby Burks

    2:28 is me

  65. Ármann

    2:19 i meen you could just unplug it

  66. Boran Sanik


  67. Nadya Rizhskaya

    Кто с 2019?

  68. Vaimer Gamer


  69. m8_mxie


  70. Aravind Menon

    What if your robot was the terminator

  71. Dane Mory Demabildo Lumapak

    It is Stevie

  72. Hamza Kiani


  73. Sparkzy

    Still waiting on Hawkeye.

  74. Unicorn Knight

    Ian:Are you a bad guy Anthony:idk

  75. Jessica Messica


  76. hackz H4ck37

    3:22 look at the bottom keep pausing it do you see something black

  77. Cookieplays GD And More!

    cant you just close the door.

  78. John MacTavish


  79. Pranav Athavale

    wait can't Shyane knock olivia out with just 1 punch??

  80. AbdulAziz Saud

    Someone please tell me what is the name of the song at 2:41?

  81. John MacTavish


  82. KingPenguin

    The more videos there are the longer the names get Tune in next week to “Every time you wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t go back to sleep Ever”

  83. Leon Moses Vlogs

    i can't stop replaying 1:43

  84. Unoriginal TM

    You missed one. The foreign substitute.

  85. Cameron Muir


  86. Demonic Rooster


  87. Buster The Dog

    This video is kinda demeaning towards gay people.

  88. cruz dominguez

    Ian has chage alot

  89. Lol Lol

    4:13 *Let me out of the ball motherfucka* 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  90. Opera Phantom Face

    I just got a pokemon Go add on here XD

  91. Pummie Nè

    EVery commercial ever might be a good one ahhhh

  92. Lol Lol

    How 'bout à harden?? 😂😂😂

  93. S D

    I remember when this came out... How has it been almost 12 years?! 🙊

  94. Mary Grace Fernandez

    Ian and anthony+other people

  95. Carlos Moreno

    I see scary people

  96. trampoline_princess

    nobody : a soul: Ian: Okay Talk to you Later Obama.

  97. Shad Aso

    Idea: make a video about 1889 vs 2019

  98. itz_baconsoldier Plays

    *B A N N A N A R A M A*

  99. Sanabil Wajid

    The merrel twins

  100. Sally Hall

    Hey my name is Carson