For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. idontwantthiskc

    My daughter came to my room to see what i was laughing at, she said it’s the most I’ve laughed in a long time. @:+>

  2. Favio Jimenez

    Get joe rogan on here dude

  3. 写輪眼

    2 seconds. *2 seconds later* 2 seconds please.

  4. Ceci N

    This channel is the best. I love hearing Kristen talk about the way she acts on interviews.

  5. Kai Pak

    we need tyler the creator in this shit

  6. Aaron Palacios

    Hearing for the thousand time that the questions and research are good... Warms my heart...

  7. R Russell

    lil dude but handling that fire

  8. Taylor Blair

    weekly jason momoa ask

  9. PetiteDoll

    Kristen :'I belong next a dog' Same Kris.

  10. Maxim Dion

    the forget Mr beast on the list🤣

  11. Natalie Perilli

    You know, I dont like his music. Like, at all. But he seems like tje kinda guy I wanna smoke with.

  12. Xiao Ran Li

    Rappers are the real divas tbh

  13. Mr Plow

    15.20 tits and nipples

  14. bigvladi

    i really like this guy

  15. Wilson Mathias

    Feeya feeya... WTF

  16. enter a name here

    so shake shack steals from small business innovative people and makes their shareholders rich. never eat corporate food.

  17. o0squid0o

    Looks gross to me.

  18. Beee Arrr

    Fav 💙

  19. Sharkoutlaw

    When it's your first time hitting a blunt 18:45

  20. Slightly More Asian

    He's V I B I N G

  21. Hulk Smash!

    She should bring them to see that crappy new movie. ITS BOMBING! who would have guessed?? hmmmm....well, get woke, go broke ha

  22. Crystal Cooper

    Neil is a very smart person and it would actually be pretty cool to just sit down and have a conversation

  23. Brandon Maraj

    22:21 when your dog wants your food so you throw it to him

  24. Young MA 420

    I don’t like this vid because the crowd. Wong move puttin him on stage

  25. Jeany Gomes

    She is more her in this interview and she seemed more comfortable

  26. Tiffany Moore

    He had some good fucking action movies stone ❤❤❤

  27. blue weew

    when the music starts getting epic, we know it's getting there and

  28. jeff huber


  29. blue weew

    good to see her comfortable and having fun.. she seems down to Earth.

  30. Muzzic Muzzic

    Hes wearing latex gloves while eating finger food? My man really

  31. Mike TeeVee

    Bwhahahaha! Feminist SJW Woke remake of a sexy feminine 70s TV show - $8M dollar opening weekend BOMB! I'm laughing myself silly! Good job Kristen! You should've slept with a better director that could landed you in a better role!

  32. Jose Ramirez

    15:21 👀

  33. Carlos Martinez

    I would like to get high with her one day.

  34. Naturally Danielle

    Guest recommendation: Shay Mitchell She loves spicy stuff and she’s funny. Win-win 🤷‍♀️

  35. Stephen Cotton

    With black lives matter - if the contents of the package is acceptable to the republicans, then what is wrong with the package? Could it be that it is changes to make it more fair for people of color? So as soon as they hear that it is a movement for people of color, by people of color - then a wall goes up? Or is it something else? Maybe the Republicans could sit down with the leaders of BLM and try to adopt some of the things into policy? Find some middle ground?

  36. Redskins 11

    She seems so unhappy.

    1. Joana Lobato

      She Always seems like that.

  37. Chicken Legend


  38. Juliette


  39. Tracy Mustin

    I freaking love this!!! When he put lime on his ass ☠☠☠

  40. hunter jones

    When Gordon drank that pink fluids, I thought it was that stomach medicine stuff for kids.

  41. Hisdudness2

    More people need to be drinking during this experience. My opinion of course.

  42. Abberron

    With more than 20 years experience in the movie industry and within the first 30 seconds, I lost track of how many times she says "but like", .. "like"... but like.... omfg just go blow some more crack and go back into the 20 year slump you crawled out of, just nasty....

  43. Aidan Fails

    For some reason juice's hair is awesome as shit

  44. Nico Belic

    "Is that the snowflake generation again?" - Gordon

  45. Kendra

    Shia is a MAN. I love it when he says Pretty.

  46. Madelynn Mesker

    Paul Rudd is fucking amazing

  47. Cool, Okay

    Damn, that forehead tho

  48. Brad D

    Love the show...hate this [email protected] Seems to be a terrible person

  49. Sofía

    I think im gay...

    1. Cool, Okay


  50. Fee

    Sucking air through your mouth does not help. Future celebrities don’t do this.

  51. john sticks

    Lol.. this guy is awesome... Luv him in The Fly. Amazing horror flick at it's time.

  52. blue weew

    Gordon insults 1st wing wings am I a joke to you wings makes Gordon cry with the nuclear spicy sauce Gordon shit shit shit shit shit... fookn hell

  53. Moques

    To bad her movie bombed in theaters

  54. Cookie

    From an extreme chili head myself, one advice to everyone please don't drink milk when your mouth is burning hot because it makes it worse. Drink ice cold water only and spit out the saliva as much as needed. Cold blue cheese helps in between sauces too.

  55. blue weew

    holy fuck that's hot.. careful he has a god tounge palate

  56. 3spy1rex3

    Jimmy Fallon is definently a closet homosexual according to the vibe of that answer

  57. Maya Robinson

    this video makes me wish i LiKeD bUrGeRs

  58. La Bolden

    You guys should get Megan Thee Stallion and Jonathan to come on the show!

  59. Matthew Anderson

    When are we gonna get LA Beast on hot ones

  60. Charlotte Mills

    I thought she was vegan

  61. Dr. Banter

    isnt she like 40 years old now??? why is she dressed like that?

  62. Long Live

    I think every person personality pops on this show regardless of how they are elsewhere

  63. Sweaty Welder

    George Motz is't a Douche Bag!He is the real deal Ron Po-peal!!!!!I live in Austin Texas and he came over to my house and taught my whole family how to make Smash Boigas.......I Love you Gearge you re sooooo coool thanks for coming ya'll come back ya hear!???????

  64. DJ Squirtnasty

    Russel brand should be the lgbt community's spokesperson..hes so good looking and well spoken..who doesn't want to fuck him?

  65. MiiSS AM3RiiCA

    Wait isn’t 2 Chainz married !? Lol .. Tyra so crazy 😂😍 Sean is so cute!! PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT TYRA!!! 😂

  66. Shane Ortega

    Someone should tell fluffy the police know it’s him before they pull him over and maybe he should try pretend to not be himself and see what happens

  67. Victoria Salinas


  68. TheShadyOne

    I love how they make the sound effects in almost every video 😂😂

  69. jim Gould


  70. Braver Leech

    So it’s a crappy cheese steak

  71. meggiefisher

    Shia, if you’re reading this, call me.

  72. Andy 15

    She's cringe as hell. Her whole personality is all fake. If you guys can't tell you haven't lived.

  73. In_The_Kitchen_With_Katie

    All the years of viewing Gordon Ramsay chewing people up and spitting them out like a cheap cut of 🥩...then coming across this episode watching him get his arse kicked by chicken wings. BRILLIANT!!! KUDOS he made it all the way through. That first one would have taken me out, lol 😂

  74. Me

    Let's give it up for the smooth jazz background music also Tom Hardy and Shai do remind me of each other

  75. Reginald Williams

    shes a cheater...nobody should be with her exclusively

  76. CheesecakeLasagna

    She's legit charismatic, I can't explain it. I also resonate with her quote being true to what you care and don't about.

  77. fitrin yurensia D.D.S

    Wtf is up with that outfit?

  78. DJ Squirtnasty

    Still my favorite episode to this day.

  79. Violet Energy


  80. ReaperDust Online

    I would love to be on this show I love hot stuff as I review hot products and am learning new hot things everyday

  81. Adrienne Ray

    First time I saw this, there was no audience..oh well..I was just here for Baby..

  82. CJ P

    I went to college in DE and interned for Biden, many years ago. I was in Rehoboth Beach in line at Capriottis behind Bill Cosby. Cosby turned to me and said "I suggest The Bobby, it's my favorite!"

  83. John Huffington

    I really wish verner troyer was alive to be on this show before he died.

  84. Yhan Bundaon

    "you motherfucker" 😂😂😂

  85. The Danielnator

    One if his favourite movies is WHAT???? WITHALIET EYE???

  86. Kam

    Could David Tennant get on here???

  87. classic milk

    Th city suck a lot of criminal rate and Chicago sucks

  88. werdle92

    i NEED spicy sauce on my penis.

  89. jacky Boy

    Heh, ah classic Gordon

  90. Dajion Williams

    Me: at home alone eating in the kitchen 3am Door: opens then footsteps Me: 21:56

  91. Daniel Kintigh

    this dude is racist as fuck. google the crazy times he's lashed out. Always black people, always dropping the n word. I'd rather you interview richard spencer because at least he doesn't try to act progressive while actually being a cunt

  92. Cody LockX

    Might be buried in the comments but love how David read every bottle. No other guest has done that

  93. Das Luluk

    Respect to the host for being such a badass and doing his job perfectly while probably dying inside